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Hype Squad collaborates to get the word out on school events & other important information, and is a great way to get involved or help out when time allows. 2019/2020 Activities & Events include Homecoming Rootbeer Floats, Staff Appreciation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, School Dances and other fun activities during the year (quarterly).
Ways to connect: FB page, Group Me (via phone) or reach out to:
 Cynthia Martinez @ (805) 302-9958
 Andrea Trumble @ (412) 370-7474
 Sonia Kuch @ (707) 628-6919

Spirit Store Volunteers Needed

Calling all parents. HIS hours will be given for hours worked.




11:10-12:10 Lunch

Cheryl Dydo-Taylor

2:45-3:15 After school MWTh

N/A Cheryl Dydo-Taylor

1:40-2:10 After school



MS Sports Update

Middle School Athletics Handbook:

Click here to view the handbook.


 MS Girls Basketball Schedule

MS Boys Basketball Schedule Blue Teams

Sat. 12/28 - AirBlair Middle School Tournament   
(All available Blue Team  members welcome to participate)

Blue 1
T. 1/7 - BLUE 1 vs. Victory Christian 3:30pm 
T 1/14 - BLUE 1 vs. Clarksburg 4:30pm in FBC 
T. 1/21 - BLUE 1 @ Sac Adventists 4:30pm  
T. 1/28 - BLUE 1 @ Riverview 4:30pm
T 2/11 - BLUE 1 @ Adventure Christian 4:30pm  
T. 2/18 - BLUE 1 vs. Valley 4:30pm GYM or MP 
Blue 2
TH 1/9 - BLUE 2 vs. Adventure Christian 4:30pm GYM
TH 1/16 - BLUE 2 vs. Riverview 3:30pm FBC  
F. 1/24 - BLUE 2 @ Valley 4:30pm  
F. 1/31 - BLUE 2 @ Victory Christian 3:30pm  
T. 2/4 - BLUE 2 @ Clarksburg 4:30pm  
TH. 2/13 - BLUE 2 vs. Sac Adventist 4pm  

January 14 Chapel
January 20 No School
Martin Luther King Day
January 21 Semester 1 Awards
January 28 5th grade shadow day
February 5 Quarter 3 progress reports
February 11 Chapel
February 14-17 President's Weekend 
Campus Closed
February 23-27 Staff Appreciation Week

Continuous Enrollment

Each January, VCS will publish next year's tuition rates (  and fees. Each student has been automatically re-enrolled for the coming 2020-2021 school year. Continuous Enrollment.means that a student will have continuous enrollment at Vacaville Chrisitian each academic year, without the need to complete re-enrollment forms or pay any re-enrollment fees. Current students' enrollment will renew each successive academic year until the student has completed 12th grade at VCS.  Effective the 2020-2021 school year, any termination of Continuous Enrollment for the following school year will incur a withdrawal fee of $375, except when providing written notice of termination (school withdrawal form) for the following school year to the VCS Business Office, no later than March 1, 2020.

Our priority at VCS is to create a safe environment for your children the entire time they are on our campus.  Our extended care program is one way we strive to provide that safety after our regular school ours.  Students still on campus at 3:20 (2:25 on Tuesdays) will be escorted to the extended care room in the high school building.  When an authorized person arrives to pick up a child in extended care, please call the extended care supervisor, who will release the child to leave through the locked front door of the high school. 

Extended care teacher:
Katya Nelson: (707) 246-6314

Extended Care Director: Dulce Hill: (707) 372-1358

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Falcon Referral Program

VCS is offering a tuition discount for the 2019-2020 school year - The Falcon Referral Discount!  You can earn $1000 credit towards your tuition for the 2019-2020 school year by referring a new family.

How does it work?

Refer a new family to VCS.  When the new family enrolls for the 2019-2020 school year, the referring family (that's you!) and the new family will each receive $1000 credit for the 2019 -2020 school year, towards their tuition.  You can refer up to five (5) families in one school year.  The $1000 credit is off your total tuition, not per child.  

For more details or to refer a friend to visit VCS, contact Maylene Ripley, Director or Enrollment at 707-446-1776, ext. 5300.

VCS Voted Best Private School in Solano County,
by The Reporter for  3rd

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Here to Serve

Mr. Joseph Rowland
Principal, VCHS/MS
707-446-1776 ext. 4050

Mrs. Terra Golden
Vice Principal, VCHS/MS


Mrs. Shannon Bubar
Administrative Assistant
(707) 724-6033

Mrs. Elise Strickland
Administrative Assistant
(707)446-1776 ext. 3030

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