Note from the VCNP President
VCNP COVID-19 updates and resources

COVID-19 is presenting NPs, and the nation, with an unprecedented health care challenge while placing considerable demands and stressors on NPs, both professionally and personally. I know this is difficult time for everyone, and I want to thank each of you for continuing to care for your patients as we navigate this rapidly-changing pandemic.

VCNP is working to share resources and support our members during this time and has added a COVID-19 section to our web site . We will continue updating this site so please let us know if you have resources to share as well as information you’d like us to provide for you.

Questions & Best Practices

We know COVID-19 is causing many of us to re-evaluate the way we work and develop innovative ways to provide care.
  • What is your healthcare system, office or clinic doing to treat patients while keeping NPs safe and healthy?
  • If you’re an educator, how are you altering your teaching?
  • What best practices can you share with fellow NPs?
  • What questions do you have for your colleagues?

Please send your thoughts to us using the button below, so we can share in future communications.

For those of you using or trying to set up telehealth options, we know you may have questions. We’ve compiled some resources for you and will continue to share as we receive them.

Additional resources

Autonomous practice

Although Gov. Northam has waived some NP regulations through June 10, other requirements including collaborative ratios are still in effect. If you meet the requirements, I encourage you to apply for autonomous practice licensure . This licensure allows NPs to work and volunteer without collaborative requirements, ensuring you can provide care when and where it’s most needed during this health crisis.

If you have received your license, we want to share your stories on social media and in our newsletter. Send stories of why you applied, innovative practice models, volunteer activities or other ways you plan to use your license via the button below - and please include a photo!

If you’re not already following VCNP on Facebook or Twitter , we encourage you to do so for the latest VCNP and COVID-19 news. To ensure you don’t miss any Facebook posts, follow VCNP’s page by clicking on the “follow” button to the right of the "like" button and then click the drop down menu to highlight "see first" under news feed. You can also turn on notifications in the same drop down menu so you'll get an alert anytime VCNP posts.

We will continue updating and sending emails to members with valuable information. In addition, be sure to reach out to colleagues in your regions, and let us know how your regions are supporting you.

I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to your patients and healthcare in Virginia. Please be sure to take care of yourselves by getting enough sleep, exercising and eating well. We’re all in this together so please reach out to me or any of VCNP’s board members anytime.
Becky Compton DNP, RN, FNP-BC
VCNP President