June 21, 2018
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Behind the Scenes: Progress & Timeline
Your VCP directors and key volunteers are hard at work! While the only physical change on the property at this point is the cleaned-up landscaping, there is much activity on a daily basis as we press forward with multiple aspects of planning. 

We are continuing to meet with experts and vet vendors for all areas of the project: tennis court restoration, pools, roofing, fencing, landscaping, raw materials, contractors, and pavilion structures. Presently, we are waiting to hear back on one final, potentially very favorable, pool bid, and plan to make a decision by the end of June on our pool restoration company.

The Village Club & Preserve is aiming to have our permit applications in to the county by the end of July and will commence our Phase 1 bathroom/community building as soon as we get approval. Restoration of the pools and construction of the community building would likely be coordinated to begin around the same time.
Mark Your Calendar - Upcoming Community Workdays
If you’re interested in volunteering for one of our upcoming summer workdays, please click below to register. We are limiting the shift to three morning hours only in a bid to capture those “coolest” hours of the day. We will follow-up with details on what to bring! 

Saturday, June 30, 8-11am
Saturday, July 21, 8-11am

A huge thank you to Highway 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries in Palm City, who has generously offered to sponsor lunch for our volunteers on June 30! Plan to clean up and enjoy a burger while enjoying the company of new friends.
In the Summer Heat--Meet our Landscape Team!
Thank you to our Landscape Team (currently a crew of eight-- Dave Bassion , Tom Morrissey , Dave Phillips , Mark Ferraro , Matt Saum , Mark Mistarz , Steve Reisner , and Gary Summers ) who have claimed spots on the calendar and committed to working through the summer to keep the property maintained. If you’re interested in helping and have a few hours every other week to spare, please contact gary.vcp@gmail.com and let him know!
Spotlight on the Gill Family
The focus of our Spotlight Series is introducing you to other Friends of the Village--neighbors you will get to know better as we rebuild and in the future, as we open and launch our programming!

Meet Mike & Marilyn Gill

Mike and Marilyn Gill, residents of Quail Meadow, bought their home in 2005 after retiring from a job assignment in Southern California. Today, they live primarily in the United Kingdom, in a small village 20 miles north of London. While they originally planned to spend the winters in Florida, with six grandchildren in England they’ve have found they’re only able to get away to Palm City for around eight weeks a year--and love to share their vacation spot with family.

“We looked at several properties initially, but fell in love with our Quail Meadow home as soon as we saw it,” says Mike. “The big attraction was the pond and golf course behind the house, but most importantly the swimming pools at the old club property.”

From day one the Gill family joined the country club, and then the Sports Resort for the pool, which they described as “essential for an English family.”

“Our grandkids loved to cycle to the pool and we would spend most of the day there,” added Mike. “We were devastated when it closed, to the extent that we had been looking to move prior to the latest good news on The Village Club & Preserve renewing the property.”

As well as swimming, the Gill family enjoys tennis, golf, and a fit and active lifestyle.

“What most excites us about The Village Club and Preserve is that we no longer need to relocate...once again, our family can enjoy the pleasures of cycling to the grounds for a day of swimming or tennis.”

Thank you, Gill Family, for your support! We look forward to seeing you when you return to Palm City.
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