Volume 01 | May 23, 2018
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A New Chapter Begins
The Village Club & Preserve now officially owns the property at 2261 SW Racquet Club Drive! Thanks to our supporters, we are launching into the next phase: restoration and rebuilding. For more photos of the current state of the property and to follow the progress, click here.

The VCP directors weren't going to let a little rain (or record rainfall) get in the way on the day of closing or to hang the new (temporary) sign at the front entrance on May 21.
First Community Workday: Saturday, June 2
Thank you to our volunteers! We have over 30 Friends of the Village who have already signed up to come out and work on Saturday, June 2. Click at the below link to register and we'll send you a confirmation with more details on what to bring closer to the date. Can't make it this time? No worries--there will be other opportunities to help in the near future.

Spotlight on the Hale Family
The focus of our Spotlight Series is introducing you to other Friends of the Village--neighbors you will get to know better as we rebuild and in the future, as we open and launch our programming!

Meet Ron, Cyndi, Maddie, & Ben Hale

The Hale family roots in the West Villages trace back to almost 30 years ago when Ron's parents, Dan and Maria Fahey, bought a villa in Eagle Lake. Throughout college and medical school, Ron frequently visited his mom and stepdad on Westlake when he returned to Palm City.

Shortly before Ron and Cyndi married in 1995, Ron's parents moved to their current home on Spoonbill, the house that the Hale family returned to year-after-year with their children, Maddie and Ben. In 2005, while Ron and Cyndi (both Air Force veterans) were stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, the Hale family was displaced by Hurricane Katrina and lost almost everything they owned. The Hales sheltered at the home on Spoonbill for a couple of months while they reconstituted their lives, then relocated to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH.  

One day shortly after Christmas a couple of years ago, Ron and Cyndi took an unexpected opportunity to buy the house next door to Ron's mom on Spoonbill. While the Hales reside in Ohio, they return and vacation in Palm City throughout the year. Ron and Cyndi plan on retiring to their home on Spoonbill when the time is right.

Ron is currently the Director of Radiation Oncology in Kettering, Ohio. Cyndi enjoys running and competing in triathlons. Maddie is studying Anthropology and Photojournalism at Ohio University where she is a member of the Ohio University Equestrian Team. Ben will be a senior in high school and is a member of the marching band and hockey team.  

The Hale family has fond memories of The Village Club--from drinks and lunch at the pool, to both Maddie and Ben's first swim as babies. Ron and Cyndi are deeply committed to renewing The Village Club since its history is so deeply woven into their family story. The Hales are most excited about The Village Club & Preserve renaissance, readying it for new memories for generations to come.  
Maddie Hale
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