Volume 3 | June 8, 2018
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What a Workday! Volunteers Kick-Start Restoration Efforts
The VCP's first Community Workday was a memorable one, held last Saturday, June 2. We were blessed with a beautiful morning and nearly 50 volunteers--all who arrived eager to work, with tools in hand. A huge pile of yard debris was a testament to the many, many man hours of work that were accomplished in one short day. Thank you to all who participated, lent their tools, trucks, trailers, and their weekend hours! It was a special way to get rolling with our rebuilding efforts and make new friends (while working up a sweat).

Volunteer Roslyn Bradford couldn’t wait to get to work and marveled at how great it was to be surrounded by others with the same enthusiasm. “It just over an hour, you could look around and notice a remarkable difference,” said Bradford. “It was a ton of work, but just special to be out there meeting neighbors for the first time, creating community.”

Above: Morning volunteers take a short break in front of an impressive pile of yard clippings.
Interested in participating in the next community workday or serving on a committee over the next several months for a special event, community outreach, or in another area? If so, please click on the below link and express how you'd like to serve. We will be reaching out to our volunteers in the next few weeks and getting them further engaged in the rebuilding of the property and planning opportunities for Friends of the Village to gather, get to know one another, and serve the community.

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