Dear Vacaville Christian Community,

My number one priority is to provide our VCS community a safe, healthy Christian environment. I remain confident that beginning August 24th, students will return to regular, full-time instruction on campus . In order to do so safely, we will be implementing additional safety measures, increased sanitation, and enhanced hygiene practices. We also understand that wearing face masks has created quite a bit of concern amongst families in our community. VCS will only require face masks if it is mandated and only to the extent needed to meet minimum county and state requirements. We will partner as much as possible with families who are not comfortable with face masks should this county requirement be in place.

As we move closer to the school year, I’ll share additional details on how safety measures will impact things like social distancing within classrooms, arrival/dismissal, recess, lunch, passing periods, Chapel, and on-campus events. Please rest assured that we can implement these measures while maintaining the amazing, Christian family environment that continues to be a VCS distinctive.

In the event that county health restrictions prohibit full-time on campus instruction, we will be prepared with a multi-phasing plan that includes a modified schedule (Phase 2) and full-time distance learning (Phase 1). If a transition to either Phase 2 or Phase 1 becomes necessary, the shift will be smooth, with prepared systems and clear communication to all families. In Phase 2, our goal will be a modified schedule that maximizes on campus learning, utilizes distance learning as necessary, and accommodates our family’s needs to the greatest extent possible. I will share additional details with families when our Phase 2 and Phase 1 contingency plans are complete.

It remains critical that we as a community continue to pray not only for safety, but for wisdom for public and private leaders here and across the country. Please pray for our school, our families, and our staff.

Thank you for your support!