Volume 37 | July 10, 2020
Surgical Notes
Passing of Dr. J. Shelton Horsley
It is with profound sadness that we write to announce the passing of Dr. J. Shelton Horsley, III who passed away in late June.

Dr. Horsley was formerly Professor of Surgery in the Division of Surgical Oncology and served as Associate Director of the Massey Cancer Center as well as Attending Surgeon at the McGuire VA Medical Center. Prior to joining VCU, Dr. Horsley worked at the University of Virginia School of Medicine where he was on the surgical faculty for 11 years. He was a favorite teacher at UVA and VCU, winning many awards at both institutions. He was a leader in surgery, serving as President of the Virginia Surgical Society, the Virginia Division of the American Cancer Society and the Richmond Academy of Medicine, and held leadership roles in the Southern Surgical Society and other organizations.

In the words of Dr. James Neifeld, Dr. Horsley was "one of the first breast surgeons, a superb teacher, a world class tennis player, and a true gentleman."

COVID-19 Clinical Trials
"Since COVID-19’s onset, Virginia Commonwealth University researchers and doctors have homed in on several drugs in the hopes of finding effective treatments against the novel coronavirus.

And since Virginia had its first cases of COVID-19 in March, volunteers have enrolled in drug treatment trials that will advance clinical care for all COVID-19 patients. Among the seven clinical trials VCU has activated to date are studies of two types of drugs: those with the potential to stop the body’s hyper-inflammation response to COVID-19 pneumonia or those with the potential to shorten the disease’s course.

Armed with years of research experience and the reputation of VCU as a research institution, physician-scientists recently launched three new studies. Initiated by a trauma surgeon, a liver specialist and a pulmonologist, the new trials speak to the breadth and depth of VCU’s research capacity — and the continued response shown by VCU Health in fighting COVID-19..."

Click here to read more from this story featuring Dr. Paula Ferrada, professor and principal investigator for the CM4620-IE study.
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery & Surgical Urology Graduates
Congratulations to the graduating class of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Surgical Urology!
Uzoma Anele, MD
Genitourinary Reconstruction Fellowship
Cleveland Clinic
Andrea Balthazar, MD
Urology Fellowship
Harvard Public Health
Boston Children's Hospital
Jeremy Powers, MD
Plastic Surgery Fellowship
Beaumont Health
Global Surgery Instruction at VCU
Congratulations to our global surgery team for the establishment of a new online course titled "Introduction to Global Surgery" which was approved by the Curriculum Council as a two-week nonclinical elective.
The global surgery team developed the course with medical students and surgery residents in mind while also believing that any person engaging in international work, including non-clinical staff, should be educated about critical issues related to global health and surgery.

The pre-departure course uses the framework proposed by the Consortium of Universities in Global Health (CUGH) which proposes eight competencies for the "global citizen level" or basic level. These competencies should be possessed by any health professional engaging in international health projects. Our pre-departure course uses these eight domains with an emphasis on global surgery issues with topics ranging from "Global Burden of Surgical Conditions and Disease Injuries" to "Health Equity, Social Justice and the Right to Essential Surgical Care."

The first roster of nine medical students began on Monday, June 8th. 

Special thanks to Nancy Valencia-Rojas for her incredible work supporting this intiative!
Top in Urology Care: Greyson's Story
"The swelling in Greyson’s kidneys (hydronephrosis) was discovered before he was even born.

Our  urology team  has monitored his kidneys since his birth in 2013. His condition can often resolve on its own, but when he developed kidney stones, it became evident that he would need surgery.

Greyson and his parents met  Dr. Tony Herndon  who specializes in this surgery using robotics and were immediately put at ease with his calming, yet straightforward approach. Dr. Herndon used a surgical robot to remove the stones and correct Greyson’s ureter to help prevent future issues. The robotic approach meant less pain and scarring and a quicker recovery – which was perfect for this active, playful 5-year-old. Knowing that their surgeon was using the most advanced technology was encouraging for mom and dad too.

'We were very well taken care of – not just Greyson, but us as the parents too,' said Greyson’s mom, Jessica. 'We were reassured and informed throughout the whole process leading up to diagnosis, preparing for surgery, and afterwards in the hospital and continuing follow-up...'"

To continue reading this story from CHoR News, click here .
The Future of Patient Communication is Now
Congratulations to Dr. Emily Rivet, Assistant Professor with the Division of Colon & Rectal Surgery for her recent receipt of extramural funding for her grant titled, "The Future of Patient Communication is Now: Innovative Telehealth Skills Program for Delivering Bad News."

Dr. Rivet's work on this topic began during COVID where she led an initiative to train providers on how to deliver bad news particularly while communicating via a virtual platform. That work has led to this amazing funding by the AMA. Dr. Rivet will collaborate with several other institutions to train students and interns on this important and very timely topic.

Well done, Dr. Rivet!
Hybrid ATLS Zoom Course
Congratulations to the Center for Trauma and Critical Care Education for their incredible contributions towards the very first hybrid ATLS zoom course.

Led by Dr. Alan Rossi, the CTCCE provides comprehensive training programs for medical center and community care providers to include ATLS certification and re-certification. Such courses have always taken place in a classroom but the COVID crisis required quick adaption to ensure providers across the state and nation maintained their knowledge and certification. The CTCCE responded to that conundrum by developing a virtual ATLS course, the first in the nation.

In addition to Dr. Rossi, special recognition goes to: James Gould, Adam Alford, Garret Lewis, Dr. Joel Moll, Greg Neiman, Dr. Joel Moll, Dr. Edgar Rodas, Dr. Frank Zwemer, Dr. Scott Hickey, Dr. Nathan Lewis, Dr. Rick Carter, Dr. Mahendra Shah and Dr. Raj Malhotra. Well done, team!
Bigger Dinner Graduation Awards
Congratulations to the following award winners for the academic year 2019-2020. These awards were announced at the General Surgery chief graduation.
Isaiah Brown, MD
Clerkship Teaching Award
Awarded by third year medical students to a resident in recognition of their dedication to clerkship training
Devon Freudenberger, MD
Intern of the Year Award
Awarded by surgical faculty and residents to an intern resident in recognition of their outstanding performance
Jeffrey Stern, MD
I. A. Bigger Award
Awarded by surgical faculty and residents to a graduating chief resident in recognition of their superior integrity, leadership, teaching, and clinical ability
Leopoldo Fernandez, MD
Faculty Teaching Award for Excellence in Resident Education
Awarded by surgical residents to a surgical faculty member in recognition of their dedication in teaching the principles and practices of surgery
Brian Kaplan, MD
Arnold M. Salzberg, MD Award in Surgery
Awarded by graduating surgery chief residents to a surgical faculty member in recognition of their superior integrity, leadership, teaching, and clinical ability
American College of Surgeons Publication
" To have a positive impact on outcomes for critically injured patients, health care professionals should have an in-depth understanding of the physiology and treatment of hemorrhagic shock and the consequences of massive hemorrhage such as trauma-induced coagulopathy.

The treatment of trauma patients traditionally has prioritized care of the airway first. We refer to this sequence as the ABCs of trauma. However, several physiological effects as well as data support prioritizing circulation before intubation on patients who are in severe hypovolemic shock (CAB).

The trauma patient who has bled significantly presents in a pre-arrest state (Manole and Hickey 2006). Gasping, also known as agonal respirations, is the terminal pattern that occurs after severe ischemia. Some evidence shows that the frequency of gasping can predict the success of resuscitation maneuvers, as it increases venous return and cardiac output (Noc, Weil, et al 1994; Yang, Weil, et al 1994; Xie, Weil, et al 2004). In addition, the patient who presents in hypovolemic shock has a profound adrenergic response characteristic of peripheral vasoconstriction and then tachycardia. This response is a physiological attempt to preserve the perfusion to vital organs, including the heart and brain (Dorlas, Nijboer, et al 1985)..."

To continue reading this article written by Dr. Paula Ferrada, click here .
New General Surgery Residents
Welcome to our newest General Surgery residents!
Adam Beyer, DO
PGY3 Categorical
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Chonn Chadiz, MD
PGY2 Preliminary
University of Chicago
Hannah Gassie, MD
PGY2 Preliminary
St. Louis University
Diyar Omer, MD
PGY3 Categorical
St. George's University
Yannis Reissis, MBBS
PGY3 Categorical
Imperial College of London
Additional congratulations to last year's preliminary residents. We wish them great success in their new journeys!

  • Matthew Brandes, MD – Diagnostic Radiology, VCU
  • Kevin Bolger, MD – Radiology, Wake Forest
  • Stephan Duran, MD – Dermatology, EVMS
  • Alyssa Eily, MD – Emergency Medicine, MSMC Miami
  • Sam Hindi, DO – Interventional Radiology, Detroit Medical Center
  • Matthew Kaluza, MD – Interventional Radiology, Geisinger Health
  • N. Max Moore, MD – Diagnostic Radiology, VCU
Virginia Strong
Two of our faculty members from the Division of Acute Care Surgical Services were recently recognized by NBC12 as part of their Virginia Strong campaign. Well done Drs. Whelan and Procter!
New Faculty
Stacy Street, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Acute Care Surgical Services

Dr. Street received her medical degree from Marshall University School of Medicine, now the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University. She went on to complete her general surgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia and surgical research at the Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics. Her areas of expertise and interest include wound healing, advanced wound care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and research related to clinical practices in wound care.
Monthly Wellness Note
As we near the end of the re-boarding process post-COVID, it's important to remember that things still aren't quite back to normal. COVID has left many of us feeling anxious and stress is still at an all-time high.

Because of that, VCU RamStrong put together a list of resources to help support our team members in areas from emotional and physical wellness to spiritual and financial wellness. Check it out here !
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