Volume 45 | June 2021
Surgical Notes
A monthly newsletter from the Department of Surgery
Introducing the New Chair of the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Join us as we welcome Tae Woon Chong, MD, our new Chair of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Chong comes to us from the University of Colorado where he was an Associate Professor of Surgery, and Program Director for their Plastic Surgery Residency Program. In addition, he was the Medical Director of Plastic Surgery and the Plastic Surgery Clinic at University of Colorado in Aurora, Colorado.

After receiving his MD from University of Virginia, Dr. Chong completed his internship at University of Chicago, and a general surgery residency at UVA. His plastic surgery residency training was at University of Pittsburgh.

Board certified, Dr. Chong is the past president of the Mountain West Society of Plastic Surgeons and is a member of the American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgeons, and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. An ad hoc reviewer for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, his research interests and expertise revolve around reconstructive surgery as a result of cancer, trauma, microsurgery, and aberrant scarring.
Dr. Daniel Laskin Appointed Member of VCU Health Honorary Medical Staff
At this month's meeting of the VCU Health Executive Committee of the Medical Staff, VCU Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Daniel M. Laskin, DDS, MS, DSc was recognized for his 37 years of service to VCU Health.

As part of the recognition Dr. Laskin was appointed a member of the Honorary Medical Staff for his substantial contributions to his profession, his students, his colleagues, his community, and to the VCU Medical Center, effective July 1.

The meeting itself was held virtually, but Dr. Laskin met in person with Interim CEO Ralph R. Clark, MD for the presentation. Renowned for his groundbreaking research on connective tissue physiology, craniofacial growth, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pathology, Laskin also served as editor of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery making over 900 contributions to oral and maxillofacial surgery literature.

Dr. Laskin received his Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University, his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry, and his Master of Science degree from College of Dentistry, University of Illinois at Chicago, and received an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree in 2001 from IU.
We are fortunate Dr. Laskin will continue to serve and support our students, faculty, and residents in the School of Dentistry as an affiliate Professor and Chairman Emeritus.
Laskin Award
Mohammed A. Quader, MD Inspires "Grateful Hearts"
Cardiothoracic surgeon
After meeting cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mohammed Quader, Susan Craik and Jeff Kling now credit him with saving Jeff's life. When Jeff was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm he was told he needed valve replacement surgery immediately. The couple's search took them to Pauley Heart Center where they met Dr. Quader.

Susan remembers, "Dr. Mohammed Quader took the time to explain every detail . . . and we both felt assured and comforted that we had found the right person to work on Jeff."

Inspired by their positive experience, Susan and Jeff have shared their gratitude through a planned gift to benefit MCV Campus, and making an impact where support is needed most.

Thank you Dr. Quader for the outstanding care you provided to Jeff, and all your patients, you've inspired our hearts as well!

Read more and watch the video at MCV Foundation: "Grateful Hearts"
VCU Surgery Researchers Granted US Patent #11,007227
Congratulations to VCU Professor Martin Mangino, PhD and Post-Doctoral Fellow Loren K. Liebrecht, MD on receiving a US Patent number for your invention.

To summarize, "The present disclosure provides a safe and inert solution that is used to resuscitate trauma or shocked patients, for example, in the hospital or emergency department. The solution greatly improves the oxygen transfer to the patient's tissues, improves post-resuscitation outcomes, and increases patient survival. When the solution is administered prior to a blood transfusion, it reduces the amount of blood needed for the transfusion. Read more
Nicholas Thomson, PhD Awarded NIMH R01 Grant
The $2.5M grant is five years with the goal to understand if biological stress reactivity predicts the stability of conduct disorder during adolescence, and if these profiles differ for males and females. The study includes some great VCU, national, and international collaborators in the field of conduct disorder. Congratulations Dr. Thomson!

Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery, and Department of Psychology, Dr. Thomson is a forensic psychologist and Director of Research for the Injury & Violence Prevention Program at VCU Health Trauma Center.
Guilherme Campos, MD, PhD Lead Author of ASMBS Statement
Recent statement put out by The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and published in the journal Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases in response to inquiries regarding the need and possible strategies for screening endoscopic examination before metabolic and bariatric surgery.

Campos is Chair of the Division of Bariatric and Gastrointestinal Surgery, Professor of Surgery, Program Director of the Advanced GI, MIS and Foregut Surgery Fellowship, and is the Director of the Surgical Weight Loss Center at VCU Health.

Dr. Campos Speaks at Two Bariatric Surgery Meetings in June
The 37th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), "Putting the Patient First" was held June 11–12 with a virtual gathering of the society's 4,000+ members.

Guilherme Campos, MD, PhD, FASMBS, FACS served as Co-Director of the pre-conference CME course, "GERD: New Evidence, Old Operations, and Procedures for Treatment," part of the Virtual Patient Engagement series.

In addition, Dr. Campos gave a talk titled "Conversion of Gastric Bypass for GERD after Sleeve Gastrectomy: Technique and Outcomes" where he presented "the VCU experience that is one of the larger in the country."
On June 12, Dr. Campos was a keynote speaker at the Russian Society of Bariatric Surgery. An online event, it's part of the 39th International Bariatric Club Symposium. The title of his presentation was "Is Gastric Bypass still the Gold Standard metabolic-bariatric operation in the United States?".

Publication News: BMC Gastroenterology
Congratulations to Kirsty Dixon, PhD on her recent publication in BMC Gastroenterology.

Dr. Dixon is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Transplant Surgery and notes this study as being 100% funded by Surgery pilot funds.

Post-Doc Loren Liebrecht, MD Invited to Present at Prestigious MHSRS
Loren Liebrecht, MD, post-doctoral fellow in Professor Martin Mangino's trauma lab, was invited to give a talk on her work on acute resuscitation at the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS).

Dr. Mangino explains this honor further, "MHSRS is the biggest armed forces health research symposium in the US and it's very hard to get a paper accepted for a talk. The paper is also being published in J. Trauma, hopefully this year." Congratulations Dr. Liebrecht and outstanding work!
Title: "Prognostic survival in hemorrhagic shock: Microcirculation-targeted early fluid resuscitation using orthogonal polarization spectral imaging (OPSI)"
Presenter: Loren Liebrecht, MD, post-doc in Mangino Lab
Breakout Session Title: "Novel Strategies for Treatment of Shock or Blood Failure: Antishock Pharmaceuticals and Blood Products"
Date: August 24-26, 2021
Place: Orlando, FL
Alex Mayer, MD, Chief Resident, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Begins Fellowship
Congratulations Dr. Mayer on your graduation and best of luck in your fellowship!
Dr. Mayer, Chief Resident in the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Program has been accepted to a one-year fellowship program in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery under the direction of Dennis Hammond, MD at Partners In Plastic Surgery of West Michigan.

Urology Residency Program Announce Fellowship Positions for Chief Residents
Naveen Nandanan, MD
Congratulations and best of luck to Chief Resident Naveen Nandanan, MD on his graduation from VCU Urology Residency Program.

Dr. Nandanan will begin fellowship training in urologic oncology and robotic surgery under the direction of Bertram Yuh, MD, at City of Hope Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Natalie Swavely, MD
Congratulations and best of luck to Urology Chief Resident Natalie Swavely, MD on her graduation and fellowship position.

Dr. Swavely will begin fellowship training in genitourinary reconstruction at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia under the direction of K. Jeff Carney, MD, PharmD.

D.I.R.E. Committee's Path to Discovery Expo 2021
DIRE Expo May 25
The Diversity, Inclusion, and Racial Equity (DIRE) Committee held their first Zoom event on May 25. “The Path to Discovery Expo 2021” was aimed at increasing awareness of diversity, inclusion, and racial equity with the primary focus on minority students and their families.

Rachel Hunley, MA, Community Engagement Program Manager at VCU Wright Center commented, “We hope to provide our community with the resources, information, and connections needed to begin exploring a career in the healthcare field. Through the D.I.R.E. Expo we were able to start engaging students with healthcare professionals and to gauge interest in upcoming events and projects."

There were 15 participants attending, including the panelists. Special guests were Dr. Kevin Harris, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the School of Medicine, Dr. Randy Vince, 2019 graduate of VCU Urology Residency Program and currently a Fellow at University of Michigan Medical Center, and Lorayah Lenore, Assistant Director for Partnerships and Programs for the Division for Health Sciences Diversity at VCU.

The students “had a blast” talking with and learning from SOM faculty, surgery residents, fellows, nurses, and healthcare administrators about the rewards and challenges of working in healthcare.

Plans are already in the works for the next event — stay tuned!
CTCCE Summer EMT Class Now In Session
Jonathan Alford, NRP, Assistant Director at the Center for Trauma and Critical Care Education (CTCCE) reports on the progress of the start of a new Summer EMT Class.

This course was designed to allow college students to complete the EMT course during their summer break — but, notes Jonathan, they have non-college students also attending. In addition, many students are from the Richmond area, he said "with two students driving over an hour one way to attend the labs."

Congratulations on a successful course. Well attended, the enrollees total 17, and began training on Monday, May 17 with a combination of online coursework and meeting together twice per week for in-person skill labs.
CTCCE Summer EMT class
Student learning how to stablize a patient during skill lab simulation
ctcce summer EMT class 2
Skill labs are scheduled two times a week for hands-on training
ASSET Course Held at Center for Trauma and Critical Care Education
The VCU Department of Surgery in cooperation with the Center for Trauma and Critical Care Education hosted its fourth Advanced Surgical Skills for Exposure in Trauma (ASSET) course on June 9, 2021. 

A full course, they had eight students attending, along with one Instructor, James Whelan, MD, and two Instructor Candidates, Edgar Rodas, MD, and Vincent Schuler, MD. The course received high praise from the participants and positive feedback on the training.

CTCCE's Medical Director Alan Rossi, MD, FACS served as the Course Director.
Global Health Seminar — May Lecture
global health seminar
Last month's guest speaker was Dr. Marcel Durieux, Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology at UVA School of Medicine, who grew up and trained in medicine in Europe. The title of his talk, "We've had great fun! — Delivering Healthcare in a Protracted Humanitarian Crisis"

Dr. Durieux's global health activity began in 2008 in Tanzania where he looked at the anesthesia and ICU aspects of a neurosurgery training program while at UVA. Other global health work includes Doctors Without Borders in the Central African Republic, anesthesiology training and development in Rwanda, working with Health Volunteers Overseas in Malawi, and several global health research publications.

Co-hosted by VCU Program for Global Surgery and the Global Surgery Student Alliance at VCU the Global Health Seminar is a monthly lecture series created to highlight the international work done by physicians in the area. Students, residents, fellows, and faculty interested in global health are invited to attend and/or participate.
Monthly Wellness Note: June 2021
Tuesday, June 15th – 11 am 
Understanding Public Service Loan Forgiveness 
(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Financial Success) 
Have questions about Public Service Loan Forgiveness? Who doesn't? Together, we'll review the details of PSLF, including qualifying repayment plans, employer certification, and implications of recently passed economic policies and legislation. Through this webinar, you'll make sure you're on track to have your student loans forgiven. 
Register: Talent@VCU
Wednesday, June 16th – 10 am 
Turn Your Savings into Retirement Income 
(Presented by VCU HR and Fidelity) 
Join Fidelity Investments to learn how to build a plan to generate income-a plan that gives you the opportunity to grow your savings and create a cash flow that lasts-key pieces of a retirement income plan. 
Register: Talent@VCU 
Thursday, June 17th – 12 pm 
How to Read your Credit Report 
(Presented by VCU HR, VCUHS HR, and Virginia Credit Union) 
Learn how to access a free copy of your credit report and the importance of reviewing and understanding the report. The components of a sample credit report will be provided and discussed. 
Register: Talent@VCU 
Tuesday, June 22nd – 1 pm 
How to save for future higher education expenses 
(Presented by VCU HR and Virginia 529) 
Summertime is a great time to learn how to save for future higher education expenses for your children, grandchildren or yourself and considering giving the gift of college. By attending the session you also have the chance to win $529 towards a new or existing Invest 529 account! 
Register: Talent@VCU 
Thursday, June 24th – 11 am 
Rx Impact 
(Presented by VCU HR and CommonHealth) 
The RX Impact program will provide learners with the information they need to make the most informed decisions about their health when they or a family member receive a prescription medication. This program will educate learners on the topics they need to know prior to going home with the prescription, during use, and when they are finished with or no longer need the medication. 
Register: Talent@VCU 
Friday, June 25th – 12 pm 
Deep Stretch with Jess 
(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports) 
A slower 30-minute practice focused on active stretching of muscles and opening of connective tissue. Release built up tension, prevent injury, increase blood flow to muscles, and increase long-term flexibility. 
Register: Talent@VCU 
Tuesday, June 29th – 12 pm 
Vinyasa Yoga with Casey 
(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports) 
Move through a variety of yoga poses in a balanced and systemic way connecting the breath with movement. This class will improve body awareness, mental focus, muscular tension, range of motion at the joints, and an overall sensation of a more balanced life. 
Register: Talent@VCU 
The VCU Health Center for Trauma and Critical Care Education and Division of Acute Care Surgical Services invite you to attend the virtual 21st Rao R. Ivatury Trauma Symposium: "Critical Decisions, Optimal Outcomes"

The 21st Rao R. Ivatury Trauma Symposium: "Trauma Care – Critical Decisions, Optimal Outcomes" is a multidisciplinary conference designed to inform attendees about current clinical challenges in trauma care throughout the continuum, and about current concepts and strategies for the resuscitation of critically ill patients across a range of environments from pre-hospital settings to advance tertiary care centers.

Learn more about this virtual event.
KL2 Program at Wright Center Applications Due July 12
The C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research
KL2 award provides talented junior faculty investigators a mentored, research-intensive experience in a multidisciplinary setting. It enables the development of future leaders in clinical and translational research. Learn more

A letter of intent (recommended) is due May 10, and full applications are due July 12. Applications from women and underrepresented populations are strongly encouraged.

For questions about the KL2 Program, contact Rob DiRenzo: direnzor@vcu.edu or call (804) 628-9395
Research Open Forum
Monthly, 2nd Mondays
4:00 - 5:00 PM

All are encouraged to attend!
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