Hello lifters!
Yesterday, Michigan Governor Whitmer released an executive order stating that starting July 31, indoor gatherings are limited to only 10 people. But no worries, THE MEET IS STILL ON!

We have decided to move the event OUTDOORS. The event has been moved to The Wholistic Revolution, Michigan's only certified USA Powerlifting friendly gym, which is about a 7 minute drive from the original venue. See directions to the new venue below.
Platforms will be placed outside in the parking lot of The Wholistic Revolution, with canopies over them for shade, and athletes will be able to warm up inside on the venue's gym equipment. Bring sunscreen, just in case! All other information for this event remains the same. Scheduling has not changed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring, but we hope you understand. We are doing everything in our power to make this event go on, despite all obstacles along the way!
That's it for now athletes! Scroll down to see information from previous emails. See you Saturday!
Key Points to Remember
  1. Doors open at 6:30am. Please consider showing up at this time to prepare for weigh ins, which begin sharply at 7:00am. If you miss your call for weigh ins, you will be moved to the bottom of the list. After weigh ins, you can check in and get your rack heights. You can also come to EARLY check-in and rack height session on Friday night (7:00pm-8:00pm) to save yourself time on Saturday morning.
  2. Do not bring your whole group of friends or family! Each lifter can bring up to 2 people. This can be 1 coach/handler and 1 spectator OR 2 spectators (no coach/handler).
  3. Wear a mask, and don't take it off... ever! (Except for a drink or bite of food). At all times, every person in the building must be wearing a face covering over their nose and mouth. You will be corrected if this is not being done. We will have masks ($1) and face shields ($10) for sale - cash AND credit - if you need one or if your face covering does not stay on your face. We will also have tape if you need to secure your face covering to your nose or chin to prevent slipping.
  4. Social Distancing. This is important to remember. Although all participants will be wearing face coverings, it is also required to maintain a 6 foot distance between others when possible. Floor markings will be placed at weigh ins, registration, and platform lines. Please do not take photos with your mask down, or hugging all of your teammates. Do not do this ever. Not in front of the USA Powerlifting Banner, not in the warm up room, not ever. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Photos with masks worn and 6 foot distance between each person ARE permitted.
  5. Be respectful. Any discriminatory behavior or language will cause in removal from this event. Absolutely no racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other similar comments will be tolerated. This is a violation of code of conduct, and will also result in disqualification from the event. Please also respect the volunteers. Refusal to do so may also be a cause for removal from the event and/or disqualification.

Say hello to our new Digital Referee Lighting Sytems! Say goodbye to oldschool lightbulbs, because we use TV screens now! If you're not familiar with the DRL system, just remember to keep an eye on the clock. When your head referee announces that that bar is loaded, your clock will start counting down from 1 minute. You must begin your lift before the clock runs out. You will also be looking for your white lights on this screen. If you get a red light, you can determine the reason for the red light from the color infraction below it. You can read more about what each color means in the USA Powerlifting rulebook. When in doubt, ask the referees what you can do to improve your lift on the next round. Under no circumstances will a lift be overturned, so make sure you correct any mistakes early on. Please treat our referees with respect, as they are volunteers, and the meet cannot go on without them. Remember - they want you to get the lift just as much as you do!
The Clock is Ticking!
Final Flight Assignments

The flight assignments for this event have been finalized. If you wish to change your weight class or division, your flight will not change.

Click below to see the current flights.
Weigh In Order

Weigh Ins will begin promptly at 7:00am, and you will be called in order by lot number. Weigh Ins will not be done on a first come - first serve basis. If you are not present at the time your name is called, you will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Click below for assigned order for weigh ins.
First Time Lifter?

Is this your first time competing? If so, take a moment to look at our First Meet Tips page on our website! This will help you know what to expect on meet day.
Weight Class Changes & Withdrawals

If you need to change your weight class or division before the meet, please do so by sending us an email. Please keep in mind that flight assignments are final, and we cannot guarantee that you will be in the same flight as your competitors if you change weight classes.

If you would like to transfer to another event or withdraw from the meet, you can also send us an email. If you are uncomfortable with following the social distancing guidelines below, we recommend taking a meet credit for an event in the future when these guidelines are no longer in place. Please keep in mind that absolutely no refunds will be issued so long as this event is not cancelled.
Spectators & Coaches

To keep total attendance low, we are asking that athletes only bring up to 2 total people with them. This means that a lifter can bring 2 spectators, OR 1 coach/handler and 1 spectator. No athlete can have more than 1 coach/handler with them in the warm up area. No credentials will be required for coach verification. Wholistic Revolution will be selling spectator passes for $5.

All participants for this event MUST wear a mask at all times. You are responsible for bringing your own mask. Coaches and spectators also must bring and wear their own masks. Your mask must:
  • Fully cover your mouth AND NOSE
  • Fit snugly on your face, showing no gaps
Other mask information:
  • Your mask must not be shared with anyone else
  • Your mask can be secured (with tape) so that it does not slide into your eyes
  • Face Shields are also permitted so long as they cover the entire face
  • Cloth masks and even large headbands can be used if they follow the above guidelines
COVID-19 Precautions for USA Powerlifting Events
The USA Powerlifting National Office has released specific social distancing guidelines that must be followed at all meets until further notice. This includes the requirement for all participants to wear a mask and other health precautions. To read the full release, click below.
Final Schedule

To make the morning of the event run more smoothly, we are having an optional early check in and rack height session the night before the event. See below for the full schedule. This schedule is tentative and is subject to change.

Friday, July 31
  • 7:00pm-8:00pm
  • Early Check-In
  • Early Rack Heights
  • Equipment Check is Waived at this time

Saturday, August 1
  • 6:30am
  • Doors Open
  • 7:00am SHARP
  • Weigh-Ins
  • 7:00am-8:30am
  • Check-In
  • Rack Heights
  • Equipment Check is Waived at this time
  • 8:30am
  • Rules Meeting
  • 9:00am
  • Lifting Begins
Meet Day Photo Packages

Chloe Amanda Photography will be snapping photos of your most intense moments! For more information about photo packages, reach out to Chloe directly. You must inquire before the event.
Approved Equipment & Technical Rules

This event will follow the USA Powerlifting Technical Rules. As an athlete, it is your responsibility to learn the technical rules of competition and ensure that your equipment is approved. This also includes following anti-doping/drug testing guidelines. Because this is not a national event, it is not required to have IPF Approved equipment. However, your equipment must follow the specifications in the rulebook. Click below for more information on USA Powerlifting Rules and Bylaws.