OUCH, that's really gotta hurt !!!   In her second public spanking by the top attorney at the Republican National Committee (RNC) in a few short months , longtime RINO leader of the Hawaii GOP Miriam Hellreich got smacked down . . . and good .

The RNC's General Counsel John Ryder -- who answers directly to RNC Chairman Reince Preibus -- intervened in the latest scandal at the dysfunctional state GOP with a calmly-worded letter telling  power-hungry Hellreich and her puppet-du-jour RINO Nathan "The Prophet" Paikai that their hostile and obviously improper actions to deny HIRA president Eric Ryan a guest pass to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month were totally invalid under RNC rules and that their self-righteous opinions about who can or cannot attend the convention mean absolutely nothing .

In addition to being slapped for
concocting phony procedures for trying to prevent conservative Ryan from attending the national convention ("let's use Robert's Rules of Order to banish Ryan and simply pretend national party rules don't exist"), Hellreich was also informed by the RNC's Ryder that she must stop acting as if she is entitled to control all guest passes given to the Hawaii delegation to national conventions .

Yes, Hellreich and her RINO puppets -- Fritz Rohlfing (failed state chairman) and Ted Liu (outgoing national committeeman) -- already get to split a handful of guest passes among themselves by virtue of their official positions at the Hawaii GOP.  But that's all - no more .   Keep your greedy fingers off of everyone else's guest passes, Miriam!!  Those belong to actual convention delegates and alternates so they can invite whomever they see fit.  *** But the corruption of Hellreich and Paikai continues to this day as they try to create locally-invented bureaucratic obstacles to Hawaii's GOP convention goers from simply being issued their guest passes; including a burdensome requirement for 'preregistration' of guests.

The national party's rules are clear to anybody except, it seems, Hawaii's RINO party leaders and their sycophantic followers . . .

RNC Rule 28(c): "The chairman of the Republican National Committee shall ensure that guest passes to the convention are distributed in an equitable fashion.  Each delegate and alternate delegate to the convention shall receive at least one guest pass to each session of the convention."

In the wake of a damning indictment by HIRA's latest study ( chart below ) directly connecting Hellreich's failed leadership of the Republican Party of Hawaii to the loss of seats by elected Republicans in state office over the past twelve years, this new slap in the face to Hellreich by her overlords at the RNC makes it hard for Hellreich and her loyal minions to celebrate her recent re-election to the post of national committeewoman at last month's embarrassing state convention in Waipahu .  As usual, she doesn't know what she's doing, saying or thinking.  It's no wonder we keep losing!

While a few hundred misinformed and e asily duped local Republicans cling tightly to the truly absurd notion that Hellreich is held in 'high esteem' by the RNC and that she has 'lots of clout' accumulated after being Hawaii's national committeewoman since 2001, HIRA has proven the opposite to be true over and over and over again.   Hellreich is a total buffoon in the eyes of the RNC .  The local party members who keep inflicting RINO Hellreich on the party in light of her direct responsibility for GOP decline should be ashamed of themselves.  The progressive social club known as the Oahu League of RINO Women (OLRW) is ground zero for this self-destructive and debilitating disease within our party, decade after miserable decade.  Others responsible know exactly who they are based on having said the following statement:   "Sure Miriam, you can count on me to vote for you at the state convention and to do anything else you want me to do."

You know, it was only a few months ago that the RNC informed Miriam and her pawn Fritz Rohlfing that wasting thousands of dollars donated to the Hawaii GOP by hard-working contributors through hiring a Democrat union lawyer ( formerly a Democrat Governor's attorney general ) to sue the conservative Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) was just plain stupid .  Now, the RNC has let Hellreich know that abusing party resources and making up phony procedures and lying to Hawaii's Republican delegation so she can stop HIRA's president from attending the 2016 national convention in Cleveland is really, really stupid .  Thanks to Hellreich, the Hawaii GOP can kiss any national party money 'goodbye' in 2016.

 As most political observers acknowledge, the hostility of the beleaguered and downward-spiraling Hawaii GOP toward conservatives like HIRA leader Eric Ryan and Ryan's predecessor Tito Montes , along with the RINO-controlled party's refusal to embrace and advocate conservative solutions and reforms, are at the heart of why the Hawaii GOP has become irrelevant and why Republican candidates keep losing .  The tragic legacy of a sorry, self-centered woman like Miriam Hellreich and her attempt to pathetically cling to power by undercutting conservatives is sadly exceeded by the tragedy of having fewer Republicans in office due to her insistence on turning the emasculated Hawaii GOP into a clone of the Democrat Party.  It's not just that the state party is liberal, silent, neutral, dysfunctional, and useless.  But taxes keep getting higher, our roads and schools still suck, government waste gets worse, social problems are out of control, family values are under attack, and folks can barely make ends meet.   Hellreich's mismanagement of the party actually has enormous costs to the people of Hawaii.
The depth and breadth of Hellreich's hatred for conservative leader Ryan reportedly goes back to the 1980's.  But Ryan's recent public succession as HIRA president following the retirement of Tito Montes has arguably renewed and multiplied that hatred.  Long before forming HIRA in 2009, Ryan has been fighting liberals and liberal ideology inside Hawaii's beleaguered Republican Party.   "No matter which faction one belongs to at the Hawaii GOP, all readily agree that Miriam Hellreich has ruled over every aspect of the party for decades," says Ryan.  It's a point that Ryan has pointed out for a long time.   "Making sure the GOP remains weak, silent, neutral, and disorganized under her control so that our party never really takes on the Democrats is Hellreich's entire identity," added Ryan.

With RINO Hellreich still running the Hawaii GOP in 2016 while RINO Paikai is still running Hawaii's Trump campaign , 2016 is unfortunately bound to be a tragic election year for Republicans in our islands.  It wasn't hard to predict in 2008 that Obama would be a lousy president.  Likewise, it's easy to predict that Hellreich and Paikai and Rohlfing will lead the RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP to ruin between now and November.   When you combine liberalism with incompetence, there's only one possible outcome -- a really BAD outcome .

Speaking of 'predictions', HIRA wonders why Nathan "The Prophet" Paikai proceeded to waste the time of several dozen delegates and alternates during a late night meeting in which he and Hellreich led these Republicans down the road of breaking RNC rules for no reason except to help progressive RINO Hellreich express her hatred for conservative Eric Ryan and conservative HIRA.  Indeed, if Nathan Paikai really IS a 'prophet' like he tells people , then he really should have seen the RNC smackdown of their actions coming from a mile away .  But, like Hellreich, Paikai is just a false prophet who will soon be remembered as a guy who blew it for Republicans in 2016 by being the wrong person for the job.  Paikai's next prophecy -- if he really were a prophet -- should be a vision of his own resignation as the head the STILL non-existent effort to get Republicans elected in Hawaii . . . not the least of which is Donald Trump, whose campaign Paikai still 'runs'.

While HIRA's president Ryan is now free to use the guest pass to the Cleveland convention provided by the Ted Cruz campaign's delegation, the improper and malicious actions of Hellreich and Paikai to ban Ryan in the first place might prove to be a very expensive mistake.  As HIRA previously reported, a major donor to HIRA's superpac had been lined up to sponsor Ryan's trip to Cleveland.  Upon learning of the action taken by Hellreich and Paikai to block Ryan's credentials from being issued, the sponsorship was immediately canceled.  The clear-cut legal determination by the RNC's general counsel that the malicious pair of RINOs Hellreich and Paikai (and their helpful stooges in red below) acted improperly to block Ryan from attending is soon heading to court, unless perhaps the Hawaii GOP steps in to amicably settle the matter.  Stay tuned for more news about the Hellreich-controlled Republican Party's war on conservatives and conservatism.
Yes, Hellreich really knows how to make a mess of things .  Tragically, the bigger picture of Republican losses every two years at the hands of Hellreich is even more problematic; especially when you consider how she directs the diversion of donor funds away from state and local Republican messaging in favor of financing the party's needlessly expensive overhead to purchase and maintain a luxury suite of barely-utilized offices.  BOTTOM LINE:  Voters in Hawaii still have no idea why they should vote Republican in 2016 because Miriam Hellreich still has no idea how to run a political party, except to keep killing it.

In the wake of being smacked down hard TWICE by the top lawyer on behalf of the top Republican Party official in the whole country, this chart tells the story why Miriam Hellreich is universally regarded as a liberal powermonger across the nation while only a few fawning Hellreich worshippers in Hawaii manage to keep her in power.   Yes, the definition of insanity is keeping Miriam Hellreich in charge and expecting DIFFERENT results.  And thanks to delegates at last month's state convention, Hellreich will be running our party in 2016, 2018, and 2020.  If you were thinking of investing in the Hawaii GOP, you're probably better off buying junk bonds.


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