East Point Police Chief's Message to "Think Before You Act"
I am writing this statement in concern for the increased amount of crime involving handguns in our city. When I became Chief, I made a pledge to make this the safest city on the southside of metropolitan Atlanta, and it will happen. Since becoming Chief, this administration has worked diligently to reduce crime, hire more officers, increase patrols, and provide our officers with the best equipment. We are accomplishing all of these goals. We have reduced crime in all areas. However, there is one area that greatly concerns me: Gun violence. This greatly concerns me because all the shootings we have had (apart from two) involved known parties who had a relationship. These include:
●       A boyfriend and girlfriend arguing
●        Two very close friends arguing
●        A roommate dispute
●        A person inviting someone to their residence 
●        A female arguing with a male at her residence
●       Two friends fighting over a girl in a hotel
Tragically, all these shootings became homicides and occurred inside the subjects’ home, hotel room or a recording studio between known parties. From our investigations, every last one of these homicides could have easily been prevented by talking things out or someone just leaving. Even as I write this statement, we unfortunately had another homicide in the parking lot of someone’s residence. These are friends, family members and acquaintances that are being lost at the hands of their own friends, family members and acquaintances. Although we have solved and arrested 85% of these subjects, this does not ease the pain of their loved ones. I am asking you as Chief of Police to put your guns down and talk things out. "Think before you act" is the message we have expressed to our youth, and I am also asking our adult population to do the same. We have installed numerous cameras all over the city to capture crime and act before it occurs, but we cannot install these inside private properties, so it is imperative to use de-escalation techniques when tempers flare. Please think before you act, count to ten, walk away, lower your voice when arguing, which makes the other party lower their voice to hear you and most importantly do not use a gun to resolve a matter.
Chief Shawn C. Buchanan   
East Point Police & Tri-Cities High School PSA #6
Download Neighbors by Ring App for Public Safety Alerts
Use the step by step guide below to download the Neighbors by Ring app. Receive public safety alerts from the East Point Police Department and East Point Fire Department. You can also upload and share crime in real-time and other information with your neighbors. The Neighbors app is available for download on both Google Play and the App Store.
Microwave Oven Safety Tips
Officer Morgan Williams Joins the East Point Police Department
Please congratulate Officer Morgan Williams for graduating from the North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy on June 24, 2022. A pinning ceremony was held for her on June 28 by the East Point Police Department where she was pinned by her great-grandmother. Williams is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you officer Williams for choosing to protect and serve the citizens of East Point.
Officer Morgan Williams is pinned by her great-grandmother
Officer Morgan Williams at the pinning ceremony with her family
East Point's Human Services Division Celebrates Great Success
As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have financially impacted millions of Americans, the City of East Point has created a Human Services initiative to provide essential services to those in need. In September 2021, the city implemented a Human Services Division to address the critical service needs of underserved members of the East Point community. This grant funded initiative, led by Program Coordinator Yolanda Johnson, has provided vital resources to 360 low-to-moderate income-based individuals. Johnson also recently became a certified Bridges Out of Poverty Trainer. She will utilize her credentials to educate and help the community understand the causes of poverty.

The Human Services Division is currently funded by three grants: the Emergency Solutions Grant, American Rescue Plan Act, and the Fulton County Community Development Block Grant. Funds from the Emergency Solutions Grant address four areas: homeless prevention, street outreach, emergency shelter, and rapid rehousing. Funds from the Community Development Block Grant provide rental and mortgage payment assistance. Monies from the American Rescue Plan are used for a more extensive case management initiative called The Empowerment Plan Program. The Empowerment Plan is a six (6) to twelve (12) month program which affords clients the opportunity to establish goals and move toward self-sufficiency. Individuals work with Johnson, who serves as their Support Coach, to move past obstacles that may hinder their success. Participants are required to attend “meetings at least once a month to have a conversation about their goals,” said Johnson. Clients are asked to establish both short-term and long-term goals, and they are provided tools to help complete their goals.

The Human Services Division works with several organizations located in and around the metropolitan-Atlanta area to offer these services. The East Point program has partnerships with Gateway Center, Hope Atlanta, the Calvary Refuge Center, Nicholas House, Mini City, Harmony Plaza apartments, Family Life Ministries, Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority, and MARTA. These collaborations have successfully helped so many individuals rebuild their life.

The Human Services Division works tirelessly to remove barriers that impede their clients’ success in obtaining housing and financial wellness. This was exemplified when Johnson helped an individual apply for his birth certificate and driver’s license so he could seek employment. “He doesn’t have transportation and has a few barriers that prohibit his ability to move forward. However, we have a pool of resources that are working in his favor,” said Johnson. These resources are saving the lives of individuals, both young and elderly, by providing immediate solutions in dire situations.

Another instance of the Human Services Division providing emergency assistance is when four homeless youth were found living in nearby woods. The Division provided the group with emergency shelter in addition to transportation, clothing, food, and employment. The youth have been placed in an apartment and are currently enrolled in the Empowerment Plan Program. This type of case management has been beneficial in various ways for many applicants. 

Participants of the Empowerment Plan Program are also offered credit repair and financial literacy assistance. This type of aid helps clients understand budgeting and financial wellness, in addition to repairing their credit. The program was particularly useful for an applicant whose rental application was previously denied by several leasing offices due to credit issues. She enrolled in the Empowerment Plan Program’s financial literacy and credit repair courses and within two months she was approved for an apartment. The client is now housed in a safe and stable environment. 

The services provided by the Human Services Division are immensely advantageous, not only to individuals seeking emergency assistance but also to landlords who are rapidly rehousing the homeless. “Landlords are actually applauding the City of East Point for being so fast with the turnaround in funding,” Johnson said. The Human Services Division works diligently to provide rental and mortgage payment assistance for clients and landlords typically receive funding within two months. 

Johnson is moved by the testimonies she has received from her clients and looks forward to continuing to build the Human Services Division and meet the needs of the East Point community. Within the next few months, she intends to meet with her strategic planning committee to discuss partner relations, funding opportunities, and develop a volunteer program. For more information about the Human Services Division, individuals can contact Yolanda Johnson at [email protected] or (404) 559-6386.

(Photos Courtesy of Yolanda Johnson)
Client Services Graphic from September 2021 - June 2022
A screenshot from a client notifying Yolanda Johnson that they've received a key to their new apartment
Yolanda Johnson takes a photo with rehoused youth
An individual applying for a driver's license and birth certificate
East Point's Contracts & Procurement Department Hosts Info Session on How to Do Business with the City of East Point
On June 2, East Point's Contracts & Procurement Director Yolanda Broome and her team hosted an information session for East Point businesses on how to do business with the City of East Point. Traci McCrory with State Farm Insurance served as the guest speaker. Business owners learned about specific insurance requirements, policies on general liability, workers comp and the annual insurance audit. For questions, please contact the Contracts & Procurement Department at [email protected]

Registration is now open for their upcoming info sessions at East Point City Hall:
  • July 21, 2022: How to Register as A Vendor
  • August 17, 2022: Proposal Writing 101
Traci McCrory, State Farm Insurance
Traci McCrory speaking to East Point business owners about proper insurance requirements
EPA Workforce Development Students Participate in Downtown Commons Preliminary Site Work
On June 6, Cardno, INC. began preliminary site work in the Downtown Commons to remove underground storage tanks. Students in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Workforce Development Program in partnership with the City of East Point observed and participated in the work. This grant program advances environmental justice by providing an opportunity for residents historically impacted by brownfield sites to gain training and employment as a result of cleanup activities taking place in their communities. The 12-week program includes a 40-hour HAZWOPER training, fundamentals for implementing best management practices on construction sites and accurately inspecting land disturbance areas for compliance with state erosion and sedimentation laws, Distribution Systems Operation and Maintenance, and Professional Development.
East Point City Councilmembers Cummings & Cook Invite Residents to Ward C Community Meeting
On June 7, Ward C Councilmembers T. Starr Cummings and Myron B. Cook invited residents to attend their Ward C Community Meeting at St. Stephens Missionary Baptist Church. They provided residents with a demonstration on how to use the Neighbors by Ring app to receive crime alerts in real time and share other information with their neighbors. Other councilmembers and City staff were also in attendance to address questions and concerns from residents.
Councilwoman T. Starr Cummings shows a resident how to use the Neighbors by Ring App
Councilmembers Myron B. Cook, Joshua B. Butler, IV, and Stephanie Gordon address questions and concerns from residents
East Point Police Chief Shawn Buchanan gives crime updates to residents
East Point Fire Chief Corey Thornton provides fire safety updates to residents
East Point City Manager's Office Hosts Round Table Talk with Employees
On June 17, the City Manager's Office kicked off their first City Manager's Round Table Talk under the leadership of City Manager Deron King and Deputy City Manager Geneasa Elias. Select employees from each department were invited to have lunch and an open dialogue with the City Manager and Deputy City Manager to ask questions and express any concerns that they have. The City Manager's Office plans to host these roundtable discussions with employees monthly.
Geneasa Elias, Deputy City Manager
Select East Point employees at the City Manager's Round Table Talk
Select East Point employees at the City Manager's Round Table Talk
Atlanta NAACP Partners with the City of East Point to Host 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom
On June 18, the Atlanta NAACP partnered with the City of East Point to host the 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom in Downtown East Point. U.S. Senators Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff led the parade around Downtown East Point. Actor Louis Gossett, Jr., restaurateur Robbie Montgomery from "Sweetie Pies" and Congresswoman Nikema Williams served as Grand Marshals of the parade. Over 50 organizations marched in the parade including dignitaries, dance teams, service organizations, ATL Jeep Life, Unique Corvettes of Atlanta, Inc., Black Porsche Club of Atlanta, fire trucks and more! Following the parade, attendees enjoyed live entertainment from the William H. Bryant Blues Band, Question ATL, Regina Belle, Melvin Riley & Ready for the World, and Blues legends Wilson Meadows and Lattimore. To watch the parade and performances, click the video below.

(Photos and Video Courtesy of Vince Bailey Productions and Daryl McCullough)
Councilwoman Karen Rene, representing the Atlanta NAACP as their Second Vice President, along with Councilwoman Sharon Shropshire and Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham
U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock with East Point Police
U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff with East Point Police
Attendees enjoying the 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom
Attendees enjoying the 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom
Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose speaking to the crowd about the importance of Juneteenth
Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom Parade
East Point Councilmembers Robertson, Butler & Gordon Support Small Businesses with "Show Me The Money" Lunch & Learn
On June 20, Councilmembers Lance Robertson, Stephanie Gordon and Joshua B. Butler, IV, hosted the "Show Me The Money" Lunch & Learn at First Baptist Church for small businesses in East Point. They were assisted by the East Point Contracts & Procurement Department and the City Manager's Office. Small business owners learned how to apply for City of East Point Small Business Grants, how to become a Georgia Municipal Association vendor, Fulton County vendor and City of East Point vendor. East Point's Contracts & Procurement Department also showed vendors how to register and do business with the City of East Point using Ion Wave Technologies.

(Photos courtesy of Lance Robertson and Yolanda Broome)
East Point Councilmembers and City Staff pose with attendees at the "Show Me The Money" Lunch & Learn
Councilwoman Stephanie Gordon and Taffini Guffie, East Point's Senior Management Analyst, provide information to small business owners on how to receive funding to support their business
Councilman Joshua B. Butler, IV, provides information to small business owners about the variety of resources to support their business
Small Business Owners attending the "Show Me The Money" Lunch & Learn
Opening Night at the Kennedy Center Opera House
Reframing the Narrative_Ballethnic Dance Company in Waverly T. Lucas II’s Sanctity_Ahmad Hill in middle with Maurissa Powell (left), Nailah Imani (middle), and Saabirah Christopher (right)_Photo by Shoccara Marcus - @shocphoto
Reframing the Narrative_Ballethnic Dance Company in Waverly T. Lucas II’s Sanctity_ Imani Nailah (middle) with Maurissa Powell (left), Beatrice Polini, Ahmad Hill, Demetrius Tucker, and on right - Saabirah Christopher, Karla Tyson, and Jamal White. Photo by Shoccara Marcus - @shocphoto
Ballethnic Dance Company Returns to East Point After Week Long Performance at the Kennedy Center
Congratulations to East Point's Ballethnic Dance Company for completing their performances as part of a weeklong celebration highlighting and recognizing the contributions of Black voices in ballet. In mid-June, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts presented Reframing the Narrative with Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ballethnic Dance Company and Collage Dance Collective in the Kennedy Center Opera House. To view Ballethnic's performance of "Sanctity", click the video below.

(Photos Courtesy of Shoccara Marcus)
Ballethnic Dance Company's performance of "Sanctity"
East Point's Public Art Coordinator Attends Dak'Art Festival in Africa and the What is Left Unspoken, Love Exhibition at the High Museum
East Point's Public Art Coordinator Christopher Swain recently traveled to Dakar, Senegal in West Africa to attend the Dak’Art 22 Festival. After a four-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is considered to be one of the most prominent events in the world of contemporary African art. The 14th edition of the Dakar Biennale NDAFFA (Forger/Out of the Fire) features the work of hundreds of artists from around the world, ranging from immersive installations to costumed performances. The official 2022 biennale selection includes 59 artists from some 30 countries, but hundreds of other spaces, both in Dakar and throughout Senegal, are showcasing art. Even restaurants and hotels converted their walls into miniature museums.

This trip afforded Christopher Swain the opportunity to network with artists of multiple disciplines and discuss possible future partnerships with the City of East Point. Swain says one of the major highlights of his journey was meeting and spending quality time with the most highly regarded artist in Senegal, Kalidou Kasse.

(Photos Courtesy of Christopher Swain)
Swain recently visited the High Museum of Atlanta to experience the What is Left Unspoken, Love exhibition. This group exhibition features top artists of various disciplines including paintings, sculpture, photography, video, etc. Swain says one of the pieces that excited him the most was the work of Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu. He was captivated by her sculpture Water Woman. A fluke-tailed, mermaid-like creature, Water Woman, has fins for hands, a stylized African face, and a spiked hairdo. Mutu created her while thinking of the mythical sea nymph, the nguva, from the pantheon of traditional Kenyan cultures. The nguva traces to the real-life dugong, an endangered giant sea cow that lives off the coast of East Africa. The dugong spawned the lore of the mermaid and the nguva, long a cultural force among coastal Kenyan peoples. Like the nguva, Water Woman speaks to the elemental power of the human/animal hybrid and to the ocean as a life source. Mutu also has another piece in the exhibition, “Sisters” which is equally as stunning. The exhibition What Is Left Unspoken, Love is currently on view at the High Museum through August 14, 2022. Don’t miss it!

(Photos Courtesy of Christopher Swain)
East Point Commemorates the Stonewall Riots During Pride Month
June 28, 2022, marked the 53rd anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. In commemoration of the riots, the City of East Point lit City Hall in honor of Pride month.
History of the Stonewall Uprising:
"The Stonewall Riots began in the early hours of June 28, 1969 when New York City police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club located in Greenwich Village in New York City.

The raid sparked a riot among bar patrons and neighborhood residents as police roughly hauled employees and patrons out of the bar, leading to six days of protests and violent clashes with law enforcement outside the bar on Christopher Street, in neighboring streets and in nearby Christopher Park.

The Stonewall Riots served as a catalyst for the gay rights movement in the United States and around the world.
Virtual 4th of July Fireworks
To celebrate the 4th of July, the City of East Point has partnered with holopundits to bring you a FREE virtual fireworks celebration using their Total AR app. Simply download this free app on your smartphone or tablet and, on July 4th between 9pm-midnight, hold the device at face-level while pointing it towards the sky to witness a stunning fireworks show using augmented reality! The show will last approximately 10-12 minutes and users can watch the show as many times as they want during that time frame by simply re-opening the app. For more information, see the flyer attached and visit .
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