Key Dates for May 24th General Primary Election
East Point Selected to Join the City Health Dashboard Through Partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine
Through its partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM), the City of East Point, Georgia has been selected as one of 29 US cities to be added to the City Health Dashboard, a nationwide data project sponsored by the NYU Langone Department of Population Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and NYU's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.

The National Center for Primary Care at Morehouse School of Medicine and the City of East Point launched a health equity partnership in February 2022 after MSM was chosen by US Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Minority Health to participate in the Framework to Address Health Disparities Through Collaborative Policy Efforts program.

As part of that collaboration, MSM submitted an application on the City of East Point's behalf in response to the Dashboard’s inaugural "Put Us on the Map Challenge," which sought to include smaller cities with a population between 4,000 and 50,000 residents. Community-level data for the City of East Point is expected to be publicly available on the national City Health Dashboard website in early Summer 2022. 

"Adding the City of East Point to the City Health Dashboard provides a valuable opportunity to support the community in their efforts to improve health," said Megan Douglas, Director of Research and Policy at the National Center for Primary Care. "We look forward to working with city residents, our Community Advisory Board, partner organizations, and city leaders to review the data and develop strategies that will advance health equity."

"We are excited to be the city of choice to lead the way towards becoming a more equitable community," said City of East Point Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham. "Partnering with Morehouse School of Medicine and participating in the City Health Dashboard will help us identify, address, and dismantle health inequities that prevent our residents from accessing affordable, quality, comprehensive services that improve their health and well-being."

According to the City Health Dashboard, more than 80 percent of US residents live in urban areas but until recently, few measures have been available to assess health, the factors that shape health, and the drivers of health equity at the city level. Launched in 2020, the Dashboard currently includes more than 750 cities, providing those communities and their leaders with an array of regularly updated data specific to neighborhood and/or city boundaries, including life expectancy, obesity, and childhood poverty.

The Dashboard's data provides local leaders with a clearer picture of the challenges facing their communities and how to address them. City leaders and partner organizations have used the Dashboard to target public health investments in high-need neighborhoods, to expand support for city budget allocations for health, and to design evidence-based community health improvement efforts. The goal of the Dashboard is to equip cities with a one-stop resources for comprehensive, reliable data to help them build healthier and more equitable communities.

East Point's First Black City Manager Passes Away
East Point's First Black City Manager, Joseph A. Johnson, passed away in late March. Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham shared this message with residents about his contributions to the City of East Point.

"In 1982, Mr. Johnson was appointed as the first black City Manager for the City of East Point," said Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham. "Prior to his appointment, he worked as City treasurer. During his tenure, although he inherited a city with a deficit budget he proposed balanced budgets without tax increases and transformed East Point to a beacon of light. As an innovative manager, he orchestrated the widening of Cleveland Avenue as well as the purchase of key properties on the street and the renovation of several recreation buildings, including the Jefferson Street gym. Several referendums were passed to achieve these goals. He later served, until his passing, as a member of the East Point Business and Industrial Development Authority Board. He was a trailblazer and pioneer for black City Managers in East Point and the state. He was an exceptional leader who worked tirelessly and collaboratively with Mayor, Councilmembers and City staff to transition East Point from stagnation to progressive economic and community development. The works he has done and the legacy he leaves truly speak for him and will continue to inspire many to respond to the call to lead. I and so many others stand on his shoulders. He was a fearless leader who will truly be missed. I have extended my deepest sympathy and condolences to the family on behalf of the City. Please continue to uplift Joe Johnson’s family, friends and colleagues in prayer and pray for strength, peace and comfort during this difficult time."
East Point Water & Sewer Department to Conduct Hydrant Flushing May 2-20
The Water & Sewer Department will conduct hydrant flushing for distribution maintenance during the month of May on the following dates and locations:

May 2- May 6
Pegg Rd., Hardwood Dr. ,Glenway Dr. ,Sylvan Rd. , Randell St. ,Wadley Ave. ,Lyle Ave. and Veterans St. ,Bachelor St. and Walker Ave. ,Main St. and Vesta Ave., East Point St., Dresden Trail. ,Stoneview Ter. ,Castlewood St. ,Ivydale St. ,Calvin Ave. and Ivydale St. ,Norman Berry Dr. and Bobby Brown Pkwy.

May 9 - May 13
South meadows ,North commerce ,Phillips Ave. and Pearl, Central Ave. ,Red Wine and N. Desert, Legacy and Parkway Circle ,Center Ave. ,Semmes St. ,Prince George Ave., East Farris Ave. ,Idlewood Rd. Lake Terrace

May 16 - May 20
Savannah Walk- Sub. Division
Savannah Dr. ,Savannah Trail ,Savannah Court ,South Meadow Business Complex

Heritage Park Sub-Division
Heritage Parkway ,Parkway circle ,West Park circle at West Gate Blvd.

Lake Manor Way ,Preservation Circle ,Otter Dam Court ,King Fisher Dr. and Jailette Rd. ,Lake Enclave Way ,Lake Estates Way ,Lakeside Blvd.
East Point Staff Participate in Brookview Elementary School's Career Day
On April 1, various staff members from East Point Public Works, Fire, Police, Parks & Recreation and Power participated in a Career Day hosted by Brookview Elementary School.
Councilman Lance Robertson Hosts Nature Walk at Connally Nature Park
On April 2, Councilman Lance Robertson hosted "A Breath of Fresh Air" Nature Walk at Connally Nature Park. During this event, Councilman Robertson introduced the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Green Communities Educational Outreach Program to #GreenThePoint. The Green Communities Program is a voluntary sustainability certification program that helps local governments reduce their environmental impact through actionable measures. The program fosters a greener, healthier and more livable region by providing a framework for cities and counties on their sustainability journeys.

Group Photo: Councilman Lance Robertson with Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham and residents at Connally Nature Park.
Councilwoman Stephanie Gordon and East Point Police Hosts Workshop on Suicide Prevention
On April 2, Councilwoman Stephanie Gordon partnered with the East Point Police Department to host the "Let's Talk About Suicide" Workshop at the Hampton Inn & Suites. This workshop was facilitated by Keisha P. Buchanan, EDD, LPC, CPCS. This workshop was designed to teach basic suicide prevention skills and how to deliver a message of encouragement, recovery and hope.

Photo: Councilwoman Stephanie Gordon and Keisha P. Buchanan
Community Needs Assessment Survey Underway for East Point Residents
The City of East Point is in the process of completing a Community Needs Assessment with the goal of identifying gaps in accessing services in the South Fulton area. This assessment will help guide leadership of the City of East Point and Service Providers in identifying ways to narrow barriers blocking access to services in the area. The survey will take approximately 9 minutes.
East Point and StandUp Wireless Provide 400 FREE Tablets to East Point Senior Citizens
During the month of April, the City of East Point and StandUp Wireless provided Free tablets to 400 East Point Senior Citizens as part of the Free Connected Device Program administered by the United States Congress Emergency Broadband Benefit Program and the Lifeline Program. A training session was also held to assist Senior Citizens with using the tablets. This initiative was led by Councilwoman Sharon Shropshire.
Free Connected Device Program Video
New Lounge Opens in Downtown East Point
On April 14, Rich Dill, the owner of Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge, cut the ribbon to his new establishment located in the heart of Downtown East Point at 1606 W. Cleveland Avenue. Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge is a sultry destination for live music, exclusive rotating menus curated by Atlanta's finest chefs and uniquely crafted cocktails. Be sure to check them out!

Photo: East Point City Council and Maceo Rogers (Economic Development Director) with Rich Dill, Owner of Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge, and his family.
Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge
Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge
Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge
Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham with Rich Dill, Owner of Rich & Pour Opulence Lounge
East Point Recognizes Employees for Years of Service

On April 15, the City of East Point hosted a recognition ceremony for employees who have served the City for more than five years. Todd Hicks, East Point Power Superintendent, is the longest serving employee with 37 years of service. Please congratulate all of our employees for their commitment, dedication and service to the City of East Point!
Todd Hicks
East Point Power Superintendent
37 Years of Service
Economic Development Department
  • Erin Rodgers- 12 years of service
  • Maceo Rogers- 7 years of service
  • Rhonda Appleby- 20 years of service

East Point Power
  • Shawn Dowe- 5 years of service
  • Thomas Manghram- 5 years of service
  • Alejandro Laguna, Jr.- 6 years of service
  • Alejandro Laguna Medellin- 20 years of service
  • Andrew Johnson- 6 years of service
  • Benjamin Johnson- 21 years of service
  • Bruce Carter- 15 years of service
  • Edward Hall- 22 years of service
  • Jeffrey Watts- 10 years of service
  • Juan Gallegos- 22 years of service
  • Maurice Carter, Jr. - 11 years of service
  • Norris Bridges- 10 years of service
  • Terrance Miller- 10 years of service
  • Todd Hicks- 37 years of service
  • Cassandra Sims-Isaac- 15 years of service
  • Frederick Wilson- 22 years of service
  • Michael Thomas- 7 years of service

Finance Department
  • Francis Harley- 10 years of service
  • Melissa Turner- 21 years of service
  • Windy Harvey- 16 years of service

East Point Fire
  • Chandra Brooks- 17 years of service
  • Amos Williams- 15 years of service
  • Anthony Lee- 15 years of service
  • Brandon Ervin- 29 years of service
  • Cedric Chaney- 28 years of service
  • Coleman Lynn- 5 years of service
  • Corey Lumpkin- 5 years of service
  • Chief Corey Thornton- 26 years of service
  • Damien Jones- 15 years of service
  • Earnest Talps II- 26 years of service
  • George Sheffield- 11 years of service
  • Gerrell Lilly- 11 years of service
  • Jason Turner- 16 years of service
  • Kadeem Capers- 5 years of service
  • Kelwin Lockhart- 20 years of service
  • Kenneth Rucker- 17 years of service
  • Kenneth Jones- 17 years of service
  • Kyle Cooper- 12 years of service
  • Marcus Anderson- 5 years of service
  • Quintavius Hill- 16 years of service
  • Renita Shelton- 15 years of service
  • Richard Turner- 32 years of service
  • Robert Paulus II- 16 years of service
  • Ryan Dublin- 5 years of service
  • Sammie Cole- 11 years of service
  • Scott Zoebisch- 16 years of service
  • Sidney Gooden- 10 years of service
  • Steven Lawing- 21 years of service
  • Timothy Evans- 28 years of service
  • Victor Taylor- 5 years of service
  • Deputy Chief William Tate- 22 years of service
  • Wyndra Carter- 10 years of service

Public Works Department
  • Patricia Toussaint- 5 years of service
  • Brian Robinson- 10 years of service
  • Cecelia Raglin- 22 years of service
  • Jerrod Barber- 5 years of service

Solid Waste Department
  • Anthony Cole- 28 years of service
  • Anthony Shuler- 25 years of service
  • Arthur Lawrence- 20 years of service
  • Derrick Mathis- 22 years of service
  • Gary Russell- 16 years of service
  • Horace Adams- 17 years of service
  • Jamerson Carthan- 20 years of service
  • Jorge Valdovinos- 15 years of service
  • Paul Henry- 25 years of service
  • Reginald Vinson- 25 years of service
  • Yolander Boston- 5 years of service

Storm Water Division
  • James Keen, Jr.- 6 years of service

Water & Sewer Department
  • Rainy Frazer- 7 years of service
  • Reza Aral- 11 years of service
  • Adolphus Lee- 11 years of service
  • Alfred Byron- 20 years of service
  • Daryl Finney- 5 years of service
  • Douglas Perry- 13 years of service
  • Earnest Hutchinson- 15 years of service
  • Mac Mattox- 10 years of service
  • Michael Russell- 20 years of service
  • Nathaniel Boyd, Jr.- 10 years of service
  • Phillip Bass- 22 years of service
  • Rickey Lindsey- 7 years of service
  • Ricky Sharpe- 16 years of service
  • Robert Jones- 33 years of service
  • Roel Torres- 15 years of service
  • Tanya Kebe- 6 years of service
  • Tyrone Powell- 17 years of service
  • Warren Sheppard, Sr. - 16 years of service
  • William Horton- 10 years of service
50 Worst Properties Division
  • Brandon Smith- 11 years of service
  • Prez Moore- 10 years of service

Buildings & Grounds Division
  • Caron Taylor- 7 years of service
  • Demetrius Dupree- 14 years of service
  • Jacqueline Brown- 6 years of service
  • Thomas Rice- 7 years of service
  • Chauncey Jordan- 11 years of service
  • John Jackson- 10 years of service

City Manager's Office
  • Deron King- 7 years of service
  • Geneasa Elias- 16 years of service
  • Christopher Swain- 22 years of service
  • Felicia Warner- 21 years of service

Contracts & Procurement Department
  • Carlton Hall- 6 years of service
  • Derrick Corbin- 5 years of service
  • Tron Jones- 6 years of service

East Point Municipal Court
  • Chaconia Cheeter- 6 years of service
  • Judge Rashida Oliver- 22 years of service

Customer Care
  • Mayra Deleon- 11 years of service
  • Michael Johnson- 11 years of service
  • Michelle Adams- 6 years of service
  • Tiffany Flemister- 5 years of service
  • Angela Champion- 5 years of service
  • Cynthia Sloan- 15 years of service
  • Evelyn Hawes- 10 years of service
  • Keisha Jones- 10 years of service
  • Patricia Reed-Clift- 16 years of service
  • Sonia Price- 20 years of service
East Point Fleet
  • Alphonso Linsey- 12 years of service
  • Bryant Richardson- 23 years of service
  • Gladston Clarke- 10 years of service

Human Resources
  • Andrea Austin- 6 years of service
  • Jacquelyn Richards- 5 years of service

Information Technology
  • Ashley Peck- 5 years of service
  • Christopher Faraday- 13 years of service
  • William Shen- 6 years of service
  • Oliver Brown- 6 years of service
  • Rusi Patel- 5 years of service

City Attorney's Office
  • Alyssa Edmonds- 12 years of service

Parks & Recreation Department
  • Daryl Broadus- 11 years of service
  • Deborah Shelton- 20 years of service
  • Gregory Hart- 17 years of service
  • Shellord Pinkett III- 11 years of service

Planning & Community Development Department
  • Timothy Scott- 15 years of service
  • Angela Blatch- 15 years of service
  • Santo Bowles- 5 years of service
  • Terrance Harris- 7 years of service

East Point Police
  • Alencia Carter- 8 years of service
  • Alicia Jackson- 17 years of service
  • Andrea Warner- 7 years of service
  • Andrew Hall- 20 years of service
  • Andrian Harris- 6 years of service
  • Audrey Dunlap- 20 years of service
  • Avis Walters- 32 years of service
  • Bobbie Echols- 26 years of service
  • Carlos Leary- 7 years of service
  • Carmon Dixon-Rollins- 7 years of service
  • Christal McGuire- 6 years of service
  • Cory Neighbors- 11 years of service
  • Curry Walker, Jr.- 7 years of service
  • Cynthia Parks- 21 years of service
  • Daryl McCullough- 23 years of service
  • Derek Bryan- 21 years of service
  • Deron Amey- 6 years of service
  • Donna Bridges- 20 years of service
  • Emmanuel Young- 8 years of service
  • Gary Booker- 15 years of service
  • James Crisp- 18 years of service
  • Joyce Jordan Sanders- 15 years of service
  • Kelli Morris- 9 years of service
  • Kimberly Davis- 12 years of service
  • Lakeisha Watts- 8 years of service
  • Leslie Robinson- 7 years of service
  • Maleeka Wise- 6 years of service
  • Manuel Fragoso, Jr.- 9 years of service
  • Marcia Greenlee Redford- 6 years of service
  • Michael Woodley- 12 years of service
  • Nicholas Broussard- 17 years of service
  • Penny Cavin- 18 years of service
  • Ramon Frazier- 7 years of service
  • Richard Robinson- 10 years of service
  • Deputy Chief Russell Popham- 30 years of service
  • Russell Walters- 32 years of service
  • Selena Andrews- 27 years of service
  • Shametha Bess- 6 years of service
  • Shaune Winder- 21 years of service
  • Chief Shawn Buchanan- 23 years of service
  • Sheena Hurt- 12 years of service
  • Sheri Duhart- 6 years of service
  • Sumpter Bettis- 7 years of service
  • Sylvia Smith- 26 years of service
  • Taryn Moreland- 20 years of service
  • Tonya Drake- 14 years of service
  • Torrey Moore- 21 years of service
  • Victor Copeland- 16 years of service
  • William Bullock- 10 years of service
  • William McNeil III- 16 years of service
Years of Service Recognition Ceremony Video
East Point's Contract & Procurement Director Obtains American Purchasing Society Certification
Congratulations to East Point's Contracts & Procurement Director Yolanda Broome on receiving the American Purchasing Society award of certification. To receive this certification, she received high scores on the Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM) Exam which indicates her knowledge and understanding of purchasing management. The American Purchasing Society award of certification provides general management a high degree of confidence in the ability and integrity of the people who have been or will be selected to do the job.
East Point Power Attend Storm Assessor Training
On April 18, staff in the East Point Power Department attended storm assessor training at East Point City Hall. This certified training provided staff with the tools and knowledge on how to stay safe when working in inclement weather.
East Point Police Hosts Job Fair
On April 22, nearly 60 people were in attendance for the East Point Police Department's job fair at the Jefferson Park Recreation Center. The department is recruiting a new generation of heroes to serve as Police Officers (new and lateral transfers), Jailers, Crime Scene Technicians and 911 Communication Operators. They are aggressively working through applications from the job fair to fill positions.

Current and incoming officers at EPPD now have some of the highest salaries on the southside of metro-Atlanta. Uncertified Police officers now receive a starting salary of $52,000 and $55,000 for Certified Police Officers. In addition to new salaries, officers will also receive educational pay incentives of $1500 for obtaining their associate degree and $2500 for a bachelor’s degree. Incentives will also be given to officers with Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.) certifications. Current and incoming police officers will receive new vehicles, Panasonic Toughbook laptops, bulletproof vests and more. To apply, visit

Photo ( L to R): Deputy Police Chief Russell Popham and Police Chief Shawn Buchanan

Men of Intelligence Association Partners with Councilmembers Stephanie Gordon and Joshua B. Butler, IV, for Earth Day Cleanup
On April 23, the Men of Intelligence Association hosted an Earth Day Cleanup in partnership with Councilmembers Stephanie Gordon and Joshua B. Butler, IV. Volunteers cleaned up near the Dollar General along Washington Road.
Councilman Joshua B. Butler, IV cleaning up along Washington Road
Dornelius Mayes, President of Men of Intelligence Association, cleaning up along Washington Road
Councilwoman Stephanie Gordon cleaning up along Washington Road
Earth Day Clean Up Video
Better Block Foundation and Microsoft Hosts Two-Day East Point Better Block Initiative in Downtown East Point
The Better Block Foundation, a Dallas-based urban design nonprofit, partnered with the City of East Point, dozens of community leaders and Microsoft to bring to life a community vision for a more vibrant White Way in downtown East Point through a two-day placemaking demonstration called the East Point Better Block on April 23 & 24. In preparation for this two-day event, volunteers transformed streets, sidewalks and parking lots into an arts-filled district with vibrant sidewalk life. This pop-up event featured public art, live music, performances, local vendors, community workshops, a farmer's market, dining parklets, a road diet and more.
East Point Celebrates Georgia Cities Week
During the week of April 24-30, cities across Georgia celebrated Georgia Cities Week, sponsored by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), to showcase and celebrate cities and the many services they provide. The City of East Point hosted a variety of events throughout the week, including "What In The Point" Trivia, a government center tour with East Point Schools, "Movies In The Meadows" Movie Night and a Citywide Clean up day. This year's theme for Georgia Cities Week is "Shaping the Future."
"What In The Point" Trivia Contest Winners
Miss O'Neal
Ramara Beasley
Linda Myrick
East Point Government Center Tour + Meet and Greet
with East Point Schools
Parklane Elementary School
Conley Hills Elementary School
Hamilton E. Holmes Elementary School
Woodland Middle School
Student Government Association Students from Tri-Cities High School
Government Center Tour Video
"Movies In The Meadows" Movie Night Featuring Sing 2
Citywide Clean Up Day
Councilman Butler Hosts Senior Summit
On April 30, Councilman Joshua B. Butler, IV, hosted a Senior Summit at the City Annex Auditorium. The summit focused on issues affecting senior citizens such as senior cybersecurity and senior healthcare.
East Point Staff Complete Spring Into Motion Wellness Program
Congratulations to the following East Point employees who successfully participated and engaged in a variety of health activities during the Spring Into Motion Wellness Program by Health Enhancement Systems. The program was open to City of East Point employees and household members ages 13 and up from March 21- April 24, 2022. Participants received daily tips to relieve stress and healthy recipes. The winners will be awarded gift cards from the Human Resources Department. Here are the following winners:

  • Gloria Bonelli
  • Nia Rodriguez
  • Patricia Toussaint
  • Jaszmine Moorehead
  • Cynthia Hammond
  • Joseph Smith
  • Deron King
  • Maurice Robertson
  • Andrea Austin
  • Saasha Demps
  • Taffini Guffie
  • Iris Jessie
  • Yolanda Broome
  • Sylvia Smith
  • Carlton Hall
  • Sarah Mitchell
  • Calvin Ponder
  • Anthon Slaughter
  • Lakeisha Watts
  • Manual Fragoso, Jr.
  • Michelle Hebert
  • Daryl McCullough
Tri-Cities High School Theatre Students Receive Top Honors at Shuler Awards Ceremony
The City of East Point congratulates Tri-Cities High School on the honors bestowed upon them during the 2022 Georgia High School Musical Theatre- Shuler Awards Ceremony where they received top honors in three categories for their staging of FELA! Everybody say YEAH YEAH! Here are there award winning categories:

  • Choreography: Jade Lambert- Smith & Briana Bunkley
  • Direction: Jade Lambert-Smith
  • Leading Actor: Nicholas Alexander Wilkinson II
Monthly Downtown Business Meeting
May 4, 2022
Come join us for the next Monthly Downtown Business Meeting! You will learn about upcoming programs and events that might be beneficial to your business, as well as, hear the latest public safety information from a representative from the Police Department. The May meeting lands during Small Business Week, Wednesday, May 4th from 8:30-10am at Kupcakerie, 2781 Main Street. The meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month, same place, same time. Admission is Free - Be sure to bring your business cards! This is a great way to learn more about what is going on in the City and network with other local businesses. This program is an initiative of the Department of Economic Development, in partnership with the East Point Police Department. We hope to see you there! 
East Point Free Community Shred Day
May 7, 2022
City Manager's Spring Budget Open House Meetings
May 11 & 12, 2022
East Point Historical Society May Mixer
May 14, 2022
College Scholarship Seminar to be held at Impact Church
May 14, 2022
On May 14, 2022 at 11:30 am Operation Chit Chat Foundation. INC and Impact Church Divine 9 Scholarship Team will be hosting the first annual College Scholarship Seminar at Impact Church in East Point, GA. When thinking about higher education most of the attention is given to high school students about the immediate preparatory steps needed to enroll and pay for post-secondary educational endeavors. On rare occasions college discussions may begin while a student is in middle school, but it is seldom that any proactive steps are taken until high school. However, for a student to be truly prepared for college, parents and children need to begin discussing and reflecting potential post-secondary goals as early as primary school or elementary school. To learn more about this event, click the button below.
Commissioner Arrington to Host Public Safety Forum
May 14, 2022
Wednesday Wind Down In The Point Returns May 25, 2022
Local Singers Wanted to Open for Wednesday Wind Down Acts
The Healthy Point Classes & Events
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Important Dates
May 2: City Council Meeting @ 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

May 4: Downtown Business Meeting @ 8:30 a.m. Kupcakerie

May 7: Free Community Shred Day 2 from 9am-1pm @ JenCare Senior Medical Center

May 9: City Council Work Session @ 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

May 11 & 12: City Manager's Spring Budget Open House Meetings @ 6:00 pm

May 16: City Council Meeting @ 6:30 p.m. via Zoom

May 19: Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting @ 7:00 p.m. via Zoom

May 25: Wednesday Wind Down In The Point from 5pm-9pm @ Downtown Commons

May 30: City Offices Closed in Observance of Memorial Day
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