Q1.1 Webinar 
The purpose of this presentation is to review and discuss the hierarchy of Plans, Specifications and other project documents, the role and responsibilities of contractors, Owners and designers, and how responsibilities may shift in different contexts. The presenters will explore: (1) understanding the design responsibility in various delivery methods; (2) how to deal with ambiguities in Plans and Specs; (3) the Contractor’s duty to investigate; (4) the role of submittals, shop drawings and RFI’s; (5) Surety defenses; and (6) considerations for a Completing Surety.
CE accredited webinar for adjusters in Florida and Texas; CLE accredited webinar for attorneys in Illinois. VERTEX will provide attorneys with the materials to self-submit for additional states following the webinar. 
Diana Minchella
Executive Vice President
Chicago, IL

As an Executive Vice President for VERTEX, Ms. Minchella manages the surety claims consulting division nationwide. Ms. Minchella has a strong background in investigating and analyzing construction claims for contractors, owners, sureties and insurance carriers on a variety of projects including commercial, municipal, healthcare, transportation, wastewater treatment and solar facilities. Ms. Minchella has the experience and capabilities to review and defend against construction claims as well as to prepare affirmative claims. Her claims experience has involved construction delays, design defects, owner-initiated changes, unanticipated weather, differing site conditions, disruption, and defective work. As a claims consultant, Ms. Minchella has experience in analyzing schedules and calculating damages.

Jeff Katz
Division Manager
Long Island City, NY

Mr. Katz has been involved as a consultant or expert on large claims across North America, spanning various project types, from a mine capping project in Manitoba; water treatment plant in Iowa; new academic building in Pennsylvania; parking structure in Texas; high school in Staten Island; mid-rise apartment building in New York City; condominium developments in New Jersey, and many others. He has opined on delays / delay damages, differing site conditions, construction costs, overpayments, construction defects, and more