Very Important Update From Fr. Robert
Sadly, difficult times demand difficult decisions. I have been ill since Sunday night and Fr. Paul began feeling ill last evening. We are both running a temperature and are in the process of trying to get tested for COVID. I will let the parish know our results as soon as we can get them. 

Because things are just uncertain right now, we will have to postpone both our First Communions and Confirmations. When we scheduled these important moments in the life of our parish back in April, we were convinced that the worst of the pandemic would be behind us and that things would be getting back to the “new normal." We all know that this is not the case. We will keep you posted as things develop. I’m so very sorry to disappoint our little ones and our 7th graders but alas there is no other prudent course of action for the moment. 

Fr. Bob has already moved and Fr. Manny and Fr. Noel will be moving to Our Lady of Lourdes for the time-being until we get test results and know where we stand. In the case of emergencies Fr. Manny can still be reached - just follow the prompts when you call the parish office.

I will keep the parish posted if the Mass schedule or liturgical life of the parish is affected by these challenging moments.