Special PFLAG Alamance Monthly Meeting 

It's our annual Holiday Pot Luck Dinner

Remember Last Year's Event?

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

6:00 p.m.
We are especially inviting some of you who are former members, families, friends and allies to join in with us for this evening for shared food, good conversations, and information on who and what PFLAG is all about these days. It's been too long since we have seen some of you who have been loyal supporters of PFLAG

Much has been hapening in our nation and around the world that affects our LGBTQ+ population, some of it posiitive and some of it distressing. One thing all of us can do is to recommit ourselves to love our own and labor for those who need encouragment and support. Plan on joining us next week.

There will be plenty of space, good food to share and your presence will make all the difference!

Elon Community Church
271 N. Williamson Ave.
Park and Enter from the rear. Plenty of parking there

From NBC Out . . .

10 LGBTQ Indigenous trailblazers who are making history

Rep. Sharice Davids of Kansas, drag artist Lady Shug and designer Scott Wabano are among the LGBTQ Indigenous leaders you should know.

Nov. 25, 2022, 4:04 PM EST
By Jay Valle

From the halls of Congress to popular films and TV shows, Indigenous queer people have long made historic contributions to politics, art and advocacy — and they continue to do so.
November marks Native American Heritage Month, and the following 10 LGBTQ+ Indigenous trailblazers are bringing important representation to TV, challenging traditional gender expectations at powwows and elevating issues affecting Indigenous people, such as the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

From PFLAG National . . .

Parents: Quick Tips for Supporting Your LGBTQ Kids--and YOURSELF--During the Coming-Out Process

When a loved one comes out, reactions vary, from “Now that I know, what can I do to support my child?” to “How will I ever handle this?” For some people, it’s a combination of these two reactions…and more. There is no doubt that people have different and potentially complex responses and feelings to a loved one coming out...and this is absolutely normal

Here, then, are some tips from PFLAG on how to support your child or loved one, while making sure that you also get the support you need.

Read this helpful article . . . it could change your life, and that of your son or daughter.
Something to Think About . . .
by Cindy Davis
New Years Resolutions

Oh no, not those again! Any minute now, start counting ads about joining a health club, or trying a new diet, or learning how to meditate. Why do we pressure ourselves to make these silly things just so we can feel guilty when we don’t follow through? I’m a terrible nonconformist and I will deliberately eat pizza for a week while I binge watch “Will and Grace”, just so I can say “so there”. I am a firm believer that after-the-holiday blues are related to the stress we put on ourselves to change for the better, all at once. OK, so maybe we tend to spend too much on Christmas stuff and feel unhappy about that, but it’s not as if we indulge in that kind of expenditure on a regular basis. Besides, it’s fun and great for the economy.
 It seems that whenever I write these days, I cannot help but reflect on how challenging the last few years have been. The pandemic continues to dictate how we live our lives. Some of our favorite restaurants have closed, masks are now back in style, and it has been difficult, if not impossible, to see our families. Now you are going to pressure me into New Year’s Resolutions?
I know that I may seem like a rebel when I say this, but if I attempt to commit to all kinds of new behaviors under the guise of self-improvement in the New Year, I become defiantly opposed to sticking to any of it. And I quietly applaud myself for being independent and wise - you know, for being so grown up and mature.
So, I signed up for activities that I love. Volunteering my time is a huge priority and I choose an organization that aligns with my values and beliefs. Once a month, I try a new dinner recipe, which is fun because my partner really likes my cooking! When I am in the mood to spruce up my clothing closet, I visit thrift stores in the community, with the hopes of finding hidden treasures, for a bargain. Weekly, before going to the grocery store, I ask my neighbor if she needs anything. Resolutions do not need to be grand gestures. They need to be fulfilling. Simple acts of kindness qualify – towards others and towards yourself.  

 Cindy Davis is a retired Licensed Professional Counselor. 
She was an advice columnist for the Times-News, and is also a PFLAG Board Member.

Cindy can be contacted at cbdpflag@gmail.com

Watch for Cindy's column each month on our Newsletter

A New Service of PFLAG Alamance
Free Resouce Material . . .


Through the generosity of PFLAG Alamance suporters, we can now send you these excellent publications from PFLAG National without charge:

Our Sons and Daughters
Questions and Answers for Paremts amd families of LGBTQ+ people

Our Trans Loved Ones
Questions and Answers related to Transgender and Gender Expansive persons

Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Grandchild
Your relationship can grow even closer as your work to embrace your grandchid's identity

Just contact us and we will secure the material and send it as soon as possible (allow two weeks):

Email: infopflagalamance@gmail.com
Phone: (336) 584-8722
Mail: PFLAG Alamane
PO Box 623 Elon, NC 27244

PFLAG National's New Year begins in October
Annual Dues are just $25.00

WILL YOU JOIN PFLAG 2023? Membership is never a requirement for attending and participating in our Chapter meetings and activities. Your $25 dues do help us with our local materials and is a measure of your involvement in our goal to be a force for LGBTQIA issues in Alamance County. A portion of that is also sent as your membership in PFLAG National to support the work that you can read about at their pflag.org website. Check it out!

  • Bring or send your $25 check (payable to PFLAG Alamance) to PO Box 623, Elon, NC 27244.
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By acting now you will save us the cost of postage to send out invitations.

A word to some of you we haven't seen in a while . . .
If you dont feel you need PFLAG any longer, PFLAG needs you! Your experience can make a difference.

P.O. Box 623,
Elon, NC 27244
Phone Number: