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Vancouver Boat Show Exhibitor Newsletter
Virtual Show Live Link Now Available
VIBS Virtual
The Live Virtual Link is Operational
The next 2-days prior to the official show opening are meant for you to see the platform outside of your space, test, and get familiar with the show in preparation for your customers on Wednesday.
You will find that some of the feature pages will not have content on them. Some will be populated over the next few days, and some will not appear until Wednesday February 24th, such as VIBS TV.
Click here to launch the Live Virtual Show
Please only share this link with those working your space.
Starting TODAY throughout all show days, "live tech support" will be available for you to ask technical questions; you will find this as a 'black button' in the bottom right hand corner of the Virtual Show site. If you have a non-technical question, you will be directed back to a show team member, or you can go direct to VancouverInfo@canadianboatshows.com
Note: Yesterday, consumers began having access to the Virtual Show to "preview" exhibits, products, seminar schedule, navigate the site, and to plan their Virtual Show visit beginning on Wednesday, February 24th.
The site will remain in Preview Mode until Wednesday/24th, so the email and chat functions will be turned off. The public will not be able to interact with you until then.
The show officially "opens" on Wednesday, February 24th at 11am.

The show dates/hours when Exhibitors need to be working their spaces (plus hours of seminars and VIBS TV programming) are:

Virtual Show Dates: February 24 - 27
Show Hours:
Wednesday - Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
NEW - In Booth Ad Functionality
We are always working to improve the platform!

There is a NEW 'in-booth' function that allows ALL Tier 1,2 & 3 exhibitors to insert their own 'digital ad' within their spaces. (Ad placement is under your company address details.)

In your BoothBuilder, select the tab "AD" and follow the instructions.

Ad Details:
  • jpg/png/gif file type
  • less than 75kb
  • dimensions 225x185

We have updated the Booth Overview VIDEO for instructions on how to load your ad. Please CLICK HERE to watch (Booth Ad feature is at the 1:40 mark)

More screen shots below:
Exhibitor Booth Overview Video
Please watch this short Booth Overview Video
We've created a short video to help walk you through the tabs and functionality of exhibitor booths.

Watching this video will help you log in, set your profile preferences, manage 'Chat', find and download your 'leads', and more.
Display and Social Ads Available For Exhibitor Use
2021 Digital
Tell Your Customers where you will be!
As you prepare for this year's Virtual Show please take advantage of the online promotional tools available to Exhibitors.   
Simple instructions make it easy to incorporate these banners into your digital newsletters, websites and social media platforms.
Answers To Some Common Questions
When can I upload my staff image?
You can load staff photos starting today. Your photo/image should be square (even sides) - for example: width and height 250x250. If you need help cropping, here is a free image cropper
My product will not save?
·        Ensure you have added one primary image and a URL
·        Make sure your images are within 500x333 pixels and less than 250kb
·        Make sure you hit save
How do I change my main ‘contact us’ email address?
Contact Eric Nicholl: enicholl@canadianboatshows.com

I’ve registered as an ‘attendee’ but should have been an exhibitor?
Contact Eric Nicholl: enicholl@canadianboatshows.com
I made changes in my boothbuilder; why are they not showing on the live show site?
Changes made in your booth builder will take two hours to reflect on the show site as part of the caching process
What is the Virtual Show’s URL?
I can’t see my company logo?
You logo must be:           
·        Smaller than 300pixels wide
·        Be less than 1MB in size
·        Be a file type of jpg/png/gif
My product image is distorted
·        You must resize your image to jpg file under 250kb and 500x333 pixels
Can I log in as an exhibitor and attendee?
·        You must register as an Exhibitor and an Attendee using a separate/unique email address for each. One for ‘being an attendee’ and one for ‘being a staff/booth worker’
In the bottom right hand corner of the virtual show there is a black button "live tech support" available for you to ask technical questions, if asking a non-technical question you will be directed back to a show team member, or go direct to Vancouverinfo@canadianboatshows.com

After the show closes each day what happens?
The site is live 24/7 for 6 months. The live features and exhibitors at their spaces will only be available during show hours. The public can continue to send emails outside of show hours.
Information Booth
Attendees will have many questions throughout the Show Days! Some related to general navigation of the Virtual Show, how to search for boats, products & accessories and specific product information.

There is an Info Booth on the homepage where attendees can ask questions and receive personal answers right away.

The Info Booth is sponsored by Boating BC, your industry's Association!
Helpful Information & Reminders
Exhibitors may not display any product or advertisements without the endorsement or approval of the manufacturer. Exhibitor represents that it has full authority and all approvals necessary to display and/or advertise for sale its products and/or services on the Platform.
With the main goal of connecting Consumers to Exhibitors and to sell inventory, you have the opportunity to list new AND used boats. The platform categories allow consumers to search between new and used boats, so exhibitors are encouraged to list their products based on their inventory.
Registration link on VancouverBoatShow.ca is for Attendees ONLY not for Exhibitors.
If you register as an attendee to see your consumer experience you will need to use a different email than the one you register as an exhibitor. You can't use the same email for both.
Registering Staff:
Reminder, all booth staff must be registered with a unique email address (their own work email account), under the Company name. You will be able to upload a personal photo when the site is live for 'virtual move in' beginning on Wednesday, Feb 17th and only takes a few minutes. Register your staff HERE.
Soft Opening / Site Live Date:
The show IS NOW Live for Exhibitors. You will not be expected to be in your space. These days prior to the show dates are meant for you to see the platform outside of your space, test, and minimize questions during the Live Show with your customers starting on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 24th
Note: Beginning on Sunday, February 21st, Consumers will begin having access to the Virtual Show to Preview Exhibits, Products, Research and plan their seminar schedule.
The show officially "opens" on Wednesday, February 24th at 11am, for interacting with Exhibitors, watching VIBS TV, attending seminars, interacting in Boating Community Discussions etc.
To ensure you are ready, it is best if you have your Virtual Space finalized and ready before the platform is available for attendees to preview on Sunday, February 21st.
Exhibitor Newsletter
Exhibitor newsletters are our primary communication method. They provide important information about the Vancouver Boat Show to assist and contribute to a successful experience.
Click here to sign up any additional staff to receive Exhibitor News.
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