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Vancouver Boat Show Exhibitor Newsletter
The First-Ever Virtual Vancouver Boat Show - Results & Wrap Release
VIBS Virtual
The 2021 Virtual Vancouver Boat Show has successfully concluded it's four-day Live show. Feedback received to date tells us that most Exhibitors and Consumers embraced a new way of planning, shopping and boat show experience.
The learning curve was very high for the 120+ virtual-exhibiting companies, representing over 400 booth staff; plus thousands of consumers over the four Show days.
Thousands of people learning together, in a very short amount of time; all with different abilities and skill levels in a digital environment, with hundreds of unique computer set-ups, tablets, phones.
Over the next six months, we are also going to gain significant insight, and continue to learn, as we review the show's continued analytics, attendee habits and demographics. We will continue to share statistics with exhibitors in future newsletters.
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Virtual Show Stats:
Registrations by Attendees: 14,103 (# of individual people who Registered to Attend the Show)
Attended Unique: 10,009 (# of individual people who attended the show during the 4 days, counted 1 time, even if they attended multiple days)
Total Attendance: 15,430 (cumulative attendance is counted by number of times each attendee logged-in to the virtual platform during the entirety of the show run from Jan 18 - 24).
Virtual Show – Page Views: 438,701 page views.
Seminar Attendance: Surpassed 7,000! (# of attendees viewing and participating in seminars over the 4-days. Attendees in this statistic are counted each time they attend a unique seminar)
Virtual Platform to Remain Open for 6 Months
Friendly Reminder – the Virtual Vancouver Boat Show platform will remain open for 6 months. The functions of the platform that have a ‘Live’ perception to them are now hidden (Chat, Connect by Video, Schedule a Meeting).
The tab to contact Exhibitors by “Email” will remain active for 6 months. Plus, your business phone # and website remain for attendees to connect with you. All of your content will be accessible and you will continue to have access. If you would like to change or revise products, specials, brochures, videos, descriptions your Virtual Space will continue to direct Boat Show attendees to your business leading into boating season.
The Vancouver Boat Show will continue to promote the Virtual Platform to consumers. We will be communicating direct access to exhibitors and your products for 6 months, through the Spring and peak boating season. The seminars have all been recorded and will be available On Demand for attendee viewing.
Exhibitor Survey - Tell Us Your Feedback
Tell Us About Your Virtual Experience

This being a NEW experience for everyone, we hope you take the time to fill out the Exhibitor Survey.

Your comments combined with consumer feedback play an important role in our planning process as we continually look at ways to improve the show experience.

All exhibitors that complete and submit their survey by March 19, 2021 will be eligible for a random draw. We will award 3 exhibitors, each with a $100 VISA gift card!

Please note that additional feedback is welcome anytime throughout the year, and can be addressed directly to any of our Virtual Boat Show Team members.
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