July 17, 2020

VICA continues to fight for the  business community and Valley residents as we face uncertain times.
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"We continue to partner with local businesses and look forward to seeing what we can do together in partnership."

- Assemblymember Luz Rivas speaking about her partnership with Valley manufacturers and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media Mentions

Some L.A. Businesses Struggle to Stay Afloat Amid Another Shutdown Prompted by Surge in COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations
July 15

California Coalition For Safe Re-Opening Presents Solutions For Secure And Expeditious Reopening Of Business
Culver City Observer
July 16


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Hot Issues 

Public Health
Governor Gavin Newsom ordered new statewide closures of bars, zoos, museums, and reinstated the prohibition of indoor dining linked to a growing spike in COVID-19 cases. 

Public Health
Los Angeles County public health officials might consider reinstating stricter Stay at Home measures because of concerns that new COVID-19 cases would overwhelm county hospitals.

Federal Legislation
The U.S. Senate begins fresh debate on what to include in the next Congressional coronavirus relief bill. On the table is the possibility of continuing expanded unemployment benefits, as well as liability protections for schools and businesses in the process of reopening.

Major retail businesses such as Walmart and Kroger now require all customers to wear masks inside their stores nationwide. State officials and business leaders across the country are calling for stricter national policies to address the growing spread of COVID-19.

According to a recent   FilmLA   report, nearly   98 percent of location shoots in the greater Los Angeles region were shutdown   during the second quarter of 2020, in comparison to the same period in 2019.

Governor Gavin Newsom has laid out strict guidelines for schools reopening this fall, including a mandate for all students above 2nd grade and all staff to wear masks. 

On the topic of keeping public health and safety in the upcoming school year, Dr. Anthony Cardillo advised teachers to take all necessary precautions including wearing an N-95 mask, a full face shield, gloves and keeping physical distance.

Metro joins other public transit agencies throughout the country in forming a coalition demanding Congress provide an additional $36 billion in relief transportation funding as they continue to experience severe drops in revenue.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced on Monday that it will not strengthen federal ozone standards regarding smog, a decision criticized by California air quality agencies for failing to protect Californians from unhealthy air quality levels.

Assemblymember Luz Rivas Addresses California's Toughest Issues at VICA After Dark

On Thursday evening, VICA members gathered virtually to mix and mingle during a VICA After Dark event with guest speaker Assemblymember Luz Rivas. Assemblymember Rivas spoke about the Legislature's priorities and how they would tackle a variety of issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rivas also answered several questions posed by event participants. 

Rivas began with a reflection on her first term in the State Assembly. She described how she has used her diverse background as an engineer and a founder of a non-profit to inform her actions and priorities in the Legislature. Among these priorities is the need to provide relief for small businesses and non-profits who have been impacted by the pandemic. She credits her engineering background in working with the manufacturing sector to create much-needed supplies. "We repurposed a manufacturing facility that made bags locally," she recounted. Now, they produce "much-needed gowns that we donated to skilled nursing facilities." The Assemblymember also noted the importance of manufacturing in the Valley, continuing to support this critical sector.

Homelessness continues to be a top priority for the Assemblymember. Rivas spoke about Assembly Bill 1845, which VICA supports, and how it would centralize all state agencies that address homelessness under one office. "There are seven different state agencies that run thirty different programs to address homelessness," she said, "and they are not talking to each other." Rivas noted this legislation would make these programs more effective and ensure greater state support for local initiatives to addressing homelessness.

Thank you Assemblymember Luz Rivas for joining our After Dark event and thank you to the event sponsor Pacific Federal.


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VICA delegation with State Treasurer Fiona Ma during VICA's June Virtual Advocacy Day.

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Advocacy Day will be on a first pay, first served basis. 

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Support Bill Which Will Create Increase in Housing Construction 
VICA supports Senate Bill 995 (Atkins), which   would extend AB 900 (Buchanan, 2011) until 2025 and   expand it to allow certain housing projects to be certified as Environmental Leadership Development Projects  (ELDPs) .  As the housing crisis continues to loom over California, nearly 1.8 million new housing units must be built by 2025 to meet population growth demands. AB 900 already provides the tools to streamline the environmental review process for ELDPs through an expedited judicial review. This has allowed 20 ELDP projects to be quickly approved since 2011, with 10 containing a housing element. These projects have also spurred massive investments and job creation, providing a massive economic boost for the state. Expanding these procedures for certain housing projects, lowering the minimum investment requirement from $100 million to $15 million, and streamlining the steps for preparing a master EIR would go a long way in increasing housing construction and revitalizing California's workforce in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support Expanding Density Bonus Law to Create More Workforce Housing
VICA supports   Senate Bill 1 085  ( Skinner ) , which would expand State   D ensity  B onus  L aw to provide additional benefits to housing development projects that include moderate-income rental housing units State Density Bonus Law is a unique tool that incentivizes developers to build more affordable housing units in Californi a.  However, the program's current incentives are often not financially attractive enough for many developers, unfortunately leaving this tool underutilized.   SB 1085 improves and clarifies the Density Bonus Law to expand its use to increase affordable housing production and make constructing middle-income housing units more viable for developers. Additionally, SB 1085 would  disallow reliance on a project's specific significant adverse impact on the physical environment (a CEQA finding) from the list of reasons that a local government can use to deny a concession or incentive to a housing project using Density Bonus Law.  This would mean cities, where NIMBY groups are strong, would be given the tools to make housing projects economically viable. The bill's focus on moderate-income housing would also make housing, particularly workforce housing, easier to build and more accessible.

10 to 11:30 AM
via Online Video Conference

Kathryn Barger
Chair, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

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Committee Meetings
Transportation Committee (7/14)
Sponsored by
The Garland
  • Commissioner Hilary Norton presented on the outlook for the California Transportation Commission and provided updates on current priorities.
  • Jeffrey Dunn and Alex Davis updated the committee on Metrolink's operations and services.
  • Stephen Corona presented on the latest updates for Metro's Orange Line BRT Improvements.
  • The committee recommended to support SB 757 (Allen / Atkins), CEQA: Twenty Eight by '28 Pillar Projects.
Government Affairs Committee (7/15)
Sponsored by Dolphin Group and Rodriguez Strategies
  • Dr. Marc Hoffman led a presentation on Kaiser Permanente's "Back to Work Playbook."
  • The committee recommended to oppose Proposition 15, the Split Roll Ballot Measure.
  • The committee recommended to support Proposition 16, the Affirmative Action Amendment.
  • The committee recommended to support Proposition 17, the Voting Rights Restoration for Persons on Parole Amendment.
  • The committee recommended to oppose Proposition 23, the Dialysis Clinic Requirements Initiative.
  • The committee recommended to oppose Proposition 24, the Consumer Personal Information Law and Agency Initiative.

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