January 5, 2018

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"We look for every opportunity to make sure that the interests of the people in our state are not infringed upon, and that would mean if the federal government tries to do something it shouldn't and can't, that we're ready to protect those interests and work with other states along the way," Becerra said.  

-  California Attorney General Becerra
Media Highlights 

California Regulators Shift Views On Housing Near Freeways
December 27

Regulators Warned Against Housing near Freeways Due To Health Risks. Now They're Warming To It. 
December 27

Stuart Waldman In-Depth Interview On Building Within 500 ft Of Freeways.
December 29

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Transportation Committee
Tue., Jan. 9
8 to 10 am
The Garland
4222 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood
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Government Affairs Committee
Wed., Jan 17
Noon to 1:30 pm
Providence Tarzana Hospital
18321 Clark St.
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Sacramento Advocacy Trip
Wed., Jan 24
All Day
Sacramento, CA
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Ambassador Committee
Wed., Jan 24
8:30 to 10 am
VICA Office
16600 Sherman Way, Suite 170, Van Nuys
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Hot Issues 
Tax Reform
A recently introduced California bill would allow taxpayers to make a charitable donation to the California Excellence Fund instead of paying certain state taxes. They could then deduct that contribution from their federal taxable income, skirting the new tax law.

Natural Resources
The White House unveiled a plan to open vast new stretches of federal waters to oil and gas drilling, setting up a conflict with state governments fearful about the risk of spills.

Federal Budget
Congressional leaders emerged from closed-door talks with White House officials claiming progress toward a budget deal but without any breakthroughs to announce, less than three weeks before another government funding deadline.

Ballot Measures
This year Californians will vote on ballot measures regarding affordable housing and park funding, how to divvy up cap-and-trade money, how to spend the state's new gas tax money, among others. VICA will soon be taking positions on these measures. 

Zero-Emission Vehicles
A new bill in the state Legislature would  prohibit
the sale of any gasoline-powered car in California after 2040.

Public Safety
Homicides and gun violence were  down   in Los Angeles in 2017, but violent crime was up for the fourth year in a row and property crime also ticked higher for the third year in a row.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week rescinded Obama-era protections for marijuana businesses. The news had some wondering what might happen to an industry that is expected to grow to $23 billion nationally by 2020 and create more than 280,000 jobs.



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