October 9, 2020

VICA continues to fight for the business community and Valley residents as we face uncertain times.
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"[I have a] deep reverence, not just respect and admiration, not just intellectual, but deeply emotional reverence for entrepreneurs [. . .] marking a different frame of reference and stretching the imagination of what is possible.This spirit defines the best of California."

California Governor Gavin Newsom

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Saybrook Insights with President Nathan Long
October 4

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Land Use Committee
Sponsored by The Garland
Tuesday, October 13th
8 to 10 a.m.
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Leaders Forum with Congressman Mike Garcia
Presented by Southern California Gas Company 
Tuesday, October 13th
11 to 12:15 p.m.
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Government Affairs Committee
Sponsored by Dolphin Group & Rodriguez Strategies
Wednesday, October 21st
9 to 11 a.m.
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Not For Profit Committee
Sponsored by Pacific Federal
Thursday, October 22nd
8:30 to 10 a.m.
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First Sip with VICA
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Friday, October 23rd
9 to 10 a.m.
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2020 Business Forecast Conference
Thursday - Friday, 
October 29th - 30th
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Hot Issues 

LA County has officially eased its COVID-19 health order, allowing breweries and wineries that don't have a kitchen to provide outdoor dining if they partner with a food truck or caterer

The CDC has updated its COVID-19 guidance to say that the virus can spread through airborne transmission, though rarely. The general public does not need to take any further precautions, but medical professionals should.

LA county reported the highest number of COVID-19 cases in 6 weeks on Wednesday. The 7 day average positivity rate, 2.8%, would put LA into the next lowest Tier for reopening if not for the one day of high case numbers.

Solar Power
The French luxury label, Chanel, announced a $35 million project to bring solar panels to low income multi-family housing units in California, making about 30,000 residents' electric bills free for the next 20-plus years.

The new California unemployment benefits system, implemented last Thursday, is experiencing long wait times and delays. Many unemployed Californians are stuck in a backlog that won't be resolved until 2021.

Governor Newsom has signed an executive order to preserve 30% of California's land and coastline.

California Wildfires
The August Complex Fire, the largest wildfire in California's history, has become California's first ever 'gigafire', or million acre fire. The wildfire has burned more acreage than all of the fires between 1932 and 1999 combined.

Real Estate
Despite the pandemic, housing prices in Southern California keep breaking records, now up 12.1% from last year with a median price of $600,000.

VICA opposes Proposition 21, which will expand local authority to enact rent control on all forms of housing, effectively freezing new housing supply.

Rent control creates winners and losers - the lucky few who are able to get a rent controlled unit, and the vast majority of renters who are simply shut out of the market as investors get out of the residential market. Many cities have taken significant steps towards incentivizing affordable housing, but the cost of housing is directly related to the supply of housing. Advocates that truly care about making rent affordable for families should be focusing their attention on building more housing. Proposition 21 would have the opposite effect, as investors would be driven away from California.

California already has the strongest rent control laws in the nation. Proposition 21 would expand these, creating fewer housing opportunities for middle income Californian's and making our housing crisis worse. Vote NO on Proposition 21.
VICA supports San Fernando Measure SF, which will generate additional revenue and keep tax dollars in the City through a 0.25% sales and use tax increase.

Measure SF would provide an opportunity for city officials to further invest in San Fernando and the people in it. The additional $1,100,000 that the sales and use tax could generate will continue to fund a wide variety of city services, including street repairs, economic development, recreation programs, long-term debt reduction, and a restoration of San Fernando's emergency "rainy day" fund.

Further, as the maximum tax rate is 10.25%, and the San Fernando tax rate is currently at 10%, Measure SF ensures that the extra allowable 0.25% would go towards the city, rather than the county or state. Measure SF is the only way to ensure that San Fernando tax dollars stay in San Fernando.

COVID-19 has impacted every local government's budget significantly. Measure SF allows for the City of San Fernando to place itself in a more financially stable situation in the event of another economic crisis. Vote YES on San Fernando Measure SF.

Andrew Sisolak has served as an Executive for the Western Los Angeles County Council, Boy Scouts of America since 2008 and is co-chair of VICA's Ambassadors Committee and serves on the VICA Board of Directors. Sisolak is currently the Director of Field Services and manages Scouting operations for roughly 65 percent of Los Angeles County, which provides service to nearly 7,500 families. Sisolak is an Eagle Scout and grew up with the Scouting programs in Ventura County. When not working on renovation projects on his home in Simi Valley, Andrew enjoys being outdoors camping and cooking for his family. 

When asked a few questions about VICA and his experiences he shared these thoughts with us:

  1. Tell us about your experience with VICA, how has VICA been valuable for you? 
    • VICA is an amazing asset. It allows me to develop relationships with key business leaders in the local community, which in turn helps our local non-profit grow and thrive. Additionally, being aware of business developments and the legislative landscape empowers me to make strategic choices for our organization and advocate for our needs. Significant to me personally is that VICA is composed of thoughtful, caring, and compassionate human beings, many of whom I have developed real friendships with.  
  2. If you were to tell a peer or friend about VICA, what would be your sales pitch? 
    • Our communities are constantly growing, changing, and evolving. VICA is the only organization that I have interacted with that helps educate me on the tone, strengths, challenges, and passions of our local business community. VICA helps to enhance my understanding of business, political, and cultural landscape of the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles. VICA membership provides dozens of opportunities to connect with local business leaders, political figures, philanthropists, and great people. VICA is where great conversations happen, relationships are built, business gets done, and learning happens. 
  3. What is your favorite experience or memory with VICA?
    • Attending the VICA State Officeholders Gala with my wife at Universal Studios. We walked the red carpet, sipped champagne, walked through the park, and enjoyed a great evening of fellowship, cocktails, and laughs. 
  4. How has your company made commitments or adjustments to support employees and/or the community during the COVID-19 pandemic? 
    • We have fundamentally changed how we do business moving to an almost entirely virtual program delivery mechanism. With the support of thousands of local volunteers we have continuously delivered virtual programming to thousands of children across Los Angeles County. We provided relief to busy parents, create family learning and growth opportunities during the safer at home orders, hosted virtual camp ins, classes (cooking, knots and lashings, first aid, merit badges of every kind), day camp, summer camp, adult leader training, etc. All while struggling to generate revenue, balance our budget, and maintain services and program delivery. 

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