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May 13, 2022
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  • Leaders Forum with Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso
  • VICA Voter Guide
  • HOT ISSUE: VICA Member Victory
  • VICA Works to Keep Rental Market Affordable
  • VICA PAC Endorsements
  • Annual State Officeholders Dinner Event Report
  • Action Alert: Unfair Work Week
"God bless the nonprofits we have around the City of Los Angeles...The city can't [fix the homelessness crisis] alone."
Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso
Statement during VICA's Leaders Forum
VICA Leaders Forum with
Rick Caruso
At VICA's Leaders Forum with Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso, VICA members gathered to hear from and speak with one of the leading candidate in Los Angeles' mayoral race.

Rick spoke at length about Los Angeles' homelessness crisis and shared his plan to appoint a deputy mayor to focus on services for people experiencing homelessness. "We've got a city of tents on our streets," he said. One of his top priorities as Mayor will be to help fix the crisis. "We need to get people back to living lives that they and we can be proud of," Rick said.

Rick also answered questions relating to housing policies, like Measure H, Measure HHH, and the United to House LA proposed ordinance. He emphasized that tax dollars should be spent intentionally, with clear goals. "If we need the money [to fund an initiative], let's see if we can find the money [that already exists," he said. "We have an $11 billion budget in LA. Let's start asking [if we already have the money] before we make people pay more taxes."
He also addressed the relationship between the City Attorney and the Mayor. Rick expressed that the City Attorney should report to the Mayor and that they should collaborate to serve Angelenos. He shared his frustration at how hard it has been to reach previous mayors of Los Angeles and that, as Mayor, he will pick up the phone when Angelenos call.

VICA thanks our Presenting Sponsors Amazon, Los Angeles Police Protective League, Mesa Pacific, and Onni Group. VICA also thanks Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP, Mission Community Hospital, and Sunhill Properties/Hilton Universal City for co-sponsoring VICA's Leaders Forum with Rick Caruso.
VICA Voter Guide:
Primary Elections
The Los Angeles primary election is on June 7. VICA is here to help inform you of important issues on the ballot. If you are registered to vote in the City of Los Angeles, here's what you'll need to know:

Measure BB: This amendment to the City Charter will add "City of Los Angeles" to the definition of "local," expanding opportunities for the City of Los Angeles to award bid preferences to business located in Los Angeles.

VICA officially supports Measure BB because it would level the playing field for businesses located in the City of Los Angeles by allowing the City to provide an additional scoring preference for those businesses located in the City of Los Angeles. This means that businesses in the City of Los Angeles - paying City of LA wages, rents, insurance, and business tax - receive the same point reference on contracting bids as a business operating in Alhambra, Lancaster, Santa Clarita or Torrance. In advance of large regional and global events like the World Cup and 2028 Olympics, this will help bring local businesses into regional supply chains and create much needed economic growth and jobs.
VICA Works to Keep Housing Market Affordable
VICA strongly opposes the LA City Council Proposal Package: Fair Access for Renters, which would prohibit screening prospective tenants based on their criminal, eviction, or credit histories. Nobody will ever rent out their apartments if they cannot check on something like whether somebody has a history of evictions. It is a security threat, especially for those in the surrounding community.
This package will allow access for renters with eviction histories, criminal backgrounds, and irresponsible credit histories that make for a bad tenant and a bad neighbor, while unjustly punishing renters with clean records. With Fair Access for Renters, rental property owners will be more selective with renters and potentially ask for larger deposits, making properties more difficult to rent.

Analyzing a credit report is not about determining whether a person is high income or low-income. It demonstrates how an individual has managed debt in the past and whether or not they pay their bills. It demonstrates the level of risk the individual poses to a borrower or to a rental property owner. If an individual has a history of making on-time payments and managing debt responsibly, they will likely have good credit.
VICA PAC Announces Endorsements
The VICA PAC has endorsed the following candidates:
Los Angeles County Assessor
Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang

Los Angeles City Council - District 3
Councilmember Bob Blumenfield
Los Angeles City Council - District 7
Councilmember Monica Rodriguez
Los Angeles City Council - District 13
Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell
Los Angeles City Council - District 15
Tim McOsker
The PAC will continue to meet with candidates from other races to determine further endorsements.
Annual State Officeholders Dinner Event Report
More than 350 VICA members attended VICA’s annual State Officeholders Dinner at Stage 29 at Universal Studios Hollywood. Guests enjoyed an evening reception walking through the park, taking photos with Minions and Trolls, and then dinner with elected officials. VICA thanks each of our sponsors, including our Presenting Sponsors Amazon and Comcast NBCUniversal, and the elected officials who were able to join us.

To check out the full event report, please click here.
Sacramento Two-Day
Advocacy Trip
VICA, in partnership with the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce, invite you to an exclusive two-day Sacramento advocacy trip.

Details as follows:
June 1 - June 2

Trip Agenda
Wednesday, June 1
  • CalChamber Capitol Summit (10:00 AM - 1:15 PM)
  • Delegation Meetings
  • Sacramento Host Reception (5:30 - 7:00 PM)
  • The Host Reception is a networking opportunity for California business leaders from all industries to discuss key issues facing our great state with their elected officials.
  • Delegation Dinner (Optional)

Thursday, June 2
  • 96th Annual Host Breakfast with Governor Gavin Newsom (7:30 - 9:00 AM)
  • Delegation Meetings

The cost of the trip is $215, which includes CalChamber Capitol Summit registration, reception, breakfast, lunch, delegation meetings, group dinner, and group transportation between airport and Capitol (if at similar times). Cost of flight and hotel are not included.

For more information or to register, please email or call 818.817.0545.
No Refunds after May 20, 2022.
ACTION ALERT: Unfair Work Week Ordinance Will Return to the City Council
The Los Angeles City Council is threatening to bring the so-called "Fair Work Week" Ordinance back to the Economic Development and Jobs Committee, which will restrict employee schedules and increase business payroll expenses. Though we do not have an exact date for when this will be revived, we are urging our members to call committee members and express opposition, as they gave less than 48 hours notice when the ordinance was brought forward in February.

The Ordinance would require Los Angeles employers to provide employees with more stable and foreseeable hours. However, this ordinance is actually restrictive scheduling, imposing a one-size-fits-all system that threatens the flexibility of employees and employers.

Although the proposal currently lacks detail, we understand that the proposed ordinance would require retail employers to provide two weeks' advanced notice of employees' schedules, and be penalized for any changes made after the schedule is posted. The proposal is applicable to retail businesses with over 300 employees worldwide.

Many employers already provide schedules in advance, but we remain concerned at the possibility of harsh penalties when unforeseen circumstances come up, such as employees calling out sick or a sudden business need for additional employees. Harsh penalties hurt employees, too: studies have found that most employees value the flexibility that employers are currently able to provide so they can pursue their studies or creative opportunities.

To express your opposition, call the Economic Development and Jobs Committee members:





Click the images to learn more and apply today!
VICA Thanks Our Renewing Members
Renewing Members:
VICA SFV Business Hall of Fame
Friday, June 10 | 5:30 PM
Sheraton Universal Hotel

VICA invites you to the San Fernando Valley Hall of Fame Dinner.
Join VICA members, business leaders and officeholders, as we celebrate recognized businesses during a reception, program, dinner and dessert.
VICA After Dark: LAFD Chief Kristen Crowley
Thursday, June 23 | 5:30 PM
FIVE on the Hill

VICA After Dark is a regular evening reception designed to give VICA members and guests the opportunity to hear updates about policies impacting the business community from a featured opinion leader and network with other prominent business leaders from the community.
This Week Ahead
May Sacramento Advocacy Day
Tuesday, May 17
All Day
Sacramento, CA
Government Affairs Committee
Wednesday, May 18
12:00 - 2:00 PM
VICA Office
Save the Date
VICA Ambassador Committee Meeting
Wednesday, June 1
9:00 - 10:30 AM
VICA Office
Sponsored by the Verdugo Hills Council Boy Scouts of America
Healthcare Committee Meeting
Thursday, June 9
12:00 - 1:30 PM
VICA Office
Sponsored by Hospital Association of Southern California & Heritage Sierra
SETH Committee Meeting
Thursday, June 9
8:30 - 10:00 AM
Hosted by The Garland
Land Use Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 14
8:30 - 10:30 AM
Hosted at The Garland
VICA in the News
Hot News
Granada Hills Charter School
VICA congratulates Granada Hills Charter School in their National Championship in the 2022 National Academic Decathlon. This marks the school's 9th win in the last 12 years. Granada Hills Charter School is one of the few schools in the nation to have secured so many victories. Congratulations, Granada Hills Charter School!

Baby Formula Shortage
CVS and Walgreens are among the retailers limiting sales of baby formula amid the ongoing, nationwide shortage.
Citing challenges with supply, both chains are capping purchases to three baby formula products per transaction.
Parents around the U.S. hoping to buy baby formula are being met with empty shelves due to the shortage, which only got worse in February when a major baby food manufacturer, Abbott Nutrition, recalled powdered baby formula products manufactured at a Michigan plant. The recall, which affected the Similac, Alimentum and EleCare brands, was issued after four babies were hospitalized with bacterial infections, and two died after taking powdered baby formula, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The recall exacerbated already existing baby formula supply issues caused by pandemic-snarled supply chains and shortages of ingredients.
Minimum Wage
California’s minimum wage for all employers will rise to $15.50 an hour in January, advisors to Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday, the first time that rising inflation has triggered a provision of a 6-year-old state law governing automatic pay increases. The announcement came one day before Newsom unveils a revised state budget plan, a new spending proposal for state government that relies on an updated economic forecast and one that will offer rental assistance and cash rebates to struggling Californians.
Keely Martin Bosler, the governor’s budget director, said the wage increase will help low-income families struggling with the rapid rise in prices for a wide variety of items. “They have a huge impact to those families that are living off of those lower wages and their ability to cover the cost of goods,” she said. The state’s minimum wage for large employers is currently $15 an hour, with employers that have fewer than 26 workers paying $14 an hour.

Though stronger than expected, the rate of inflation in April slowed for the first time in eight months, but experts still aren’t sure how long it will take for prices to return to normal levels—even if the worst has finally passed. Overall prices rose 0.3% from March—higher than the 0.2% economists were expecting but much lower than the previous month’s increase of 1.2%, according to data released by the Labor Department on Wednesday.
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