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September 16, 2022

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  • VICA Victory! Improved access to behavioral healthcare
  • LA City Council Recommends Ending City-Wide Eviction Moratorium
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"With overwhelming support from the Legislature and stakeholders across California, CARE Court will now become a reality in our state."

California Governor Gavin Newsom

Statement on Enactment of CARE Court 

VICA Victory! Governor Newsom Signs CARE Court Act Into Law

On Wednesday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed VICA-supported Senate Bill 1338 (Umberg) into law, enacting the Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court Act. This bill will provide individuals with severe mental health and substance abuse disorders the care and services they need to get healthy.

The CARE Court program will deliver mental health and substance abuse disorder services to the most severely impaired Californians who too often end up homeless or incarcerated, unable to access the treatment they desperately need. This program is a response to the urgent need for innovative solutions for individuals who are suffering with untreated schizophrenia spectrum and psychotic disorders, often unhoused in our communities, and who face high risks for repeated hospitalization, incarceration, institutionalization, mental health conservatorship, and premature death. 

In California and nationally, comprehensive care, medication, and housing have been clinically proven to successfully treat and stabilize individuals with severe mental illness but are too often available only after arrest or in secure facilities. This program will connect a person in crisis with a court-ordered Care Plan that provides individuals with a clinically appropriate, community-based set of services and supports that are culturally and linguistically competent.

These services - including short-term stabilization medications, wellness and recovery supports, and connection to social services and housing - will help and rehabilitate the most vulnerable members of our communities.

VICA Impactful in Lifting LA City Eviction Moratorium - Will Continue to Lead the Effort

City_Hall_Chambers_ image

VICA showed support at Wednesday's LA City Council Housing Committee meeting to phase out the city's eviction moratorium and rent freeze.

The continuation of the eviction moratoriums put in place two years ago will force small business rental housing providers to remove their buildings from the rental market. Buildings are already being removed from the rental market or being sold to developers and corporate property owners who will turn the City’s naturally occurring affordable housing into condominiums and luxury rental units. The already scarce affordable housing will be gone, a situation that harms everyone. 

The City Council Housing Committee proposal was to end the eviction moratorium by December 31. Councilmember Cedillo proposed an amendment to extend the moratorium by a month. The committee officially will recommend to the full council lifting the eviction moratorium and rent freeze by February 1st.

VICA will continue to monitor the situation and advocate for an earlier end to the city-wide eviction moratorium and rent freeze.

VICA Voices Support for County Recommendation to Phase Out Eviction Moratorium

adobestock_30691356d4e63242-be01-45d2-9f32-59a0da0f8db9 image

VICA showed support at Tuesday's LA County Board of Supervisors meeting to phase out the county’s eviction moratorium and rent freeze.

In 2020, the county took drastic and necessary actions to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, we now living in a very different environment. The improved public health environment, the availability of vaccines, the lack of any shelter-in-place orders, and the much-improved economy are positive developments which warrant a phase out, and eventual full lifting, of the eviction moratorium and rent freeze. 

Since 2020, the county has maintained the residential eviction moratorium and rent freeze, but has taken not action to set clear timelines and criteria for the lifting of these temporary emergency measures. Even more concerning, the county has re-imposed regulations which are being abused and leaving residents with no ability to obtain financial assistance. 

Infection rates are down, vaccinations progress, full employment has returned and the state, as well as the federal government, have injected massive amounts of direct monetary assistance to help residents that were most in need. 

VICA will continue to monitor the situation.

Your Voice is Needed: VICA's High Priority Bills are on Newsom's Desk

The legislative session has officially ended, but Governor Gavin Newsom has until Friday, September 30 to sign or veto any bill that the legislature has passed. 

VICA urges you to express your position. Below are VICA's high-priority bills that are on the Governor's desk. Click on the Take Action buttons to voice your position.

Prevent New Los Angeles Housing Bureaucracy

Senate Bill 679 (Kamlager) would establish the Los Angeles County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency (LACAHSA), which would use local financing tools to fund protections for renters and the production and preservation of housing units, discouraging the production of affordable housing while passing higher costs onto consumers and businesses.

Residents have continually shouldered the burden of housing while waiting for the Legislature to take action on their behalf. Unfortunately, rather than embrace policies that are effective in other states, SB 679 worsens the situation by expanding bureaucracy, encouraging governments to adopt harmful economic policies, and paving the way for higher taxes.

Take Action

Prevent Employees From Walking Off the Job Without Consequence

Senate Bill 1044 (Durazo) would prohibit an employer in the event of an emergency condition, from taking or threatening action against any employee who refuses to report to or leave a workplace if the employee feels unsafe.

SB 1044 ignores protections that are already provided under CalOSHA and allows workers to walk away regardless of how distant certain emergencies are. An employer who disciplines an employee will be subject to a lawsuit and penalties under the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA).

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Prevent the Publicization of Company Pay Data

Senate Bill 1162 (Limon) would encourage new, burdensome litigation against employers based on the publication of broad, unreliable data collected by the state.

SB 1162  undermines employers’ ability to hire, imposes administrative and record keeping requirements that are impossible to implement, and subjects’ employers to private right of action and penalties under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).  

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Veto Energy Sector Job Killer 

Senate Bill 1137 (Gonzalez) would result in a loss of thousands of blue-collar jobs and vital revenue to local communities by instituting a 3200-foot setback requirement from various structure and community regions, undermining the Governor's three-year regulatory process for health and safety rules around oil and gas extraction facilities.

SB 1137 would limit in-state production and ignore the realities associated with increasing waterborne imports, lead to the loss of high wage jobs, and the loss of millions of dollars in revenue for local and State governments.

Take Action

Support Streamlined Affordable Housing

Assembly Bill 2011 (Wicks) gives Californians the opportunity to work toward a shared goal of building more affordable housing for struggling Californians while also growing a thriving, high-wage construction workforce. AB 2011 would rapidly accelerate the production of affordable housing, expanding housing opportunities to struggling families, seniors, workers, and veterans.

AB 2011 would open the door to job opportunities and an increase in the housing supply which is needed to help overcome the state’s current deficit of 2.5 million housing units.

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Support Lifting Development Parking Requirements

Assembly Bill 2097 (Freidman) would prohibit a public agency from imposing a minimum automobile parking requirement, or enforcing a minimum automobile parking requirement, on residential, commercial, or other development if the development is located on a parcel that is within one-half mile of public transit.

By reducing the overbuilding of parking, this bill would reduce traffic, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, reduce the cost of housing to renters and homeowners, and improve the prospects of small neighborhood businesses fighting to survive during the pandemic.

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Support Aviation Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Assembly Bill 1322 (Rivas) would establish a framework for the aviation industry to reduce its carbon footprint by creating a plan to incentivize the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). AB 1322 will help significantly expand the SAF industry, contributing to the green economy, creating local jobs, and solidifying California’s status as a world leader in SAF production and climate protection.

AB 1322 offers incentives comparable to policy incentives provided to renewable diesel and other on-road fuels, like tax credits and rebates. Expanding California’s leadership through the goals and motivations in AB 1322 will significantly improve air quality in our communities, create local jobs, stimulate the state economy, and make progress toward achieving the state’s environmental goals.

Take Action

Support Ending Retail Crime

Assembly Bill 1613 (Blakeslee) would expand the Attorney General's reach to prosecute theft offenses and associated offenses with organized retail crime.

AB 1613 would give any District Attorney's office the authority over cases that cross county lines and would support law enforcement and prosecutors with the tools to address sophisticated retail theft that hurt businesses, workers, and their customers.

Take Action

Support Small Business Improvements

Assembly Bill 2164 (Lee) would provide funds for small businesses to make their business accessible to those with disabilities.

Owners will be able to improve their stores, resulting in fewer ADA lawsuits, and allowing businesses to focus on their customers.

Take Action

Support Early Childhood Education

Senate Bill 70 (Rubio) would require a child to have completed one year of kindergarten before that child may be admitted to the first grade.

SB 70 would ensure children receive critical instructions that help them develop necessary social skills, problem-solving, and long-term academic readiness and also provides economic benefits for disadvantaged families.

Take Action

Support Research for Drinking Water Standards

Senate Bill 230 (Portantino) would establish, maintain, and direct an ongoing and dedicated Constituents of Emerging Concern Program to assess, study, review, and provide recommendations on the occurrence of Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs) in drinking water sources.

SB 230 is imperative to understand the long-term impacts of CECs on California's water supply. By establishing a dedicated CEC program to prioritize the monitoring and produce drinking water standards accordingly, SB 230 would proactively fill the gaps in our knowledge and provide a funding source for future research.

Take Action

Support Ending Online Sale of Stolen Goods

Senate Bill 301 (Skinner) would provide much needed transparency to online marketplaces, providing consumers with the real, verified business contact information for high volume, third-party sellers. The bill will also provide retailers and law enforcement information to investigate the source of possible stolen or counterfeit items when discovered.

With retail theft skyrocketing with cities and counties seeing a 700% increase in crime and online platforms being used to facilitate a mainstream black market, SB 301 will make online marketplaces transparent by rooting out bad actors, and connecting consumers and verified businesses.

Take Action

Support Clean Transit Projects

Senate Bill 922 (Wiener) would accelerate bike, pedestrian, light rail, and rapid bus projects. 

SB 922 will ensure California invests in equitable transportation projects, builds sustainable transportation, and addresses climate concerns while providing infrastructure and an economy that doesn't come at the expense of our environment.

Take Action

Support Tackling California's Housing Crisis

Senate Bill 6 (Caballero) would allow residential development on existing lots currently zoned for commercial office and retail spaces, such as strip malls or large ‘big box’ retail spaces, and urge you to sign it into Law

California is facing a severe housing crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn. With Governor Newsom stating that 3.5 million new homes are needed to meet the state’s population growth, it is critical to approve legislation like SB 6, which will help get housing units built

Take Action

What are Your Legislative Priorities? Tell VICA!

As legislative sessions draw to a close, it's always important to ask what the next legislative session's agenda might look like and how that affects your business and the greater San Fernando Valley- Los Angeles business community.

VICA committees will begin discussing legislative priorities for 2023 this month, and we want to know what you think will be important for 2023. Click the Notify Now button below to communicate your ideas to our Legislative Affairs Manager, Victor Reyes, or email at

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VICA After Dark: Supervisor Kathryn Barger

Thursday, October 27 | 5:30 PM


Supervisor Kathryn Barger serves the residents of the 5th District — Los Angeles County’s largest — spanning over 2,785 square miles, which includes 20 cities and 83 unincorporated communities in the Antelope, San Gabriel, San Fernando, Crescenta, and Santa Clarita Valleys.

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Hot News

Inflation Slowed Again in August

Lower gas costs slowed U.S. inflation for a second straight month in August, but most other prices across the economy kept rising — evidence that inflation remains a heavy burden for American households. Consumer prices rose 8.3% from a year earlier and 0.1% from July. But the jump in “core” prices, which exclude volatile food and energy costs, was especially worrisome. It outpaced expectations and ignited fear that the Federal Reserve will boost interest rates more aggressively and raise the risk of a recession. Fueled by high rents, medical care and new cars, core prices leaped 6.3% for the year that ended in August and 0.6% from July to August, the government said Tuesday.

Mosquito Fire Burns Over 63,000 Acres 

A wildfire west of Lake Tahoe continued to burn through historically dry vegetation Wednesday, roaring past 60,000 acres to become California’s largest fire of the year as firefighters battled to protect mountain communities. The Mosquito fire, which is burning in Placer and El Dorado counties, grew by nearly 10,000 acres overnight, from 50,330 acres to 58,544 acres by Wednesday morning, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. By Wednesday night, the fire, which is 20% contained, had grown to 63,776 acres. Although wind is most often a major concern in the growth of wildfires, the Mosquito fire has largely been driven by historically dry vegetation, exacerbated by last week’s historic heat wave, said Scott McLean, spokesman for the fire’s joint command.

Newsom Opposes Prop 30 On Air

The governor cut his first ballot initiative television spot of the cycle to help defeat Proposition 30, an electric-vehicle-funding tax hike on top earners that Newsom denounces in the newly unveiled ad as “one company’s cynical scheme to grab a huge taxpayer-funded subsidy.” The $15 million supplied to date by ride-for-hire company Lyft constitutes the vast bulk of Prop 30’s funding; Lyft faces a mandate to electrify its California fleet and has spent years lobbying Sacramento for more EV funding. While Newsom never names the company itself, the ad’s text does — leaving little doubt who Newsom is talking about.

Big Wins at The 2022 Emmys

In an industry that has seen its share of intriguing shake-ups and merger drama over the last year, TV’s buzziest satire of the media landscape, “Succession” — HBO's chronicling of the high-stakes saga of an American global-media family — won the prize for drama at the 74th Emmy Awards on Monday, beating out an eclectic mix of competitors that ranged from bloody worldwide sensation “Squid Game” and electrifying Gen-Z drama “Euphoria” to social media water cooler breakout “Yellowjackets” and recently concluded critical favorite “Better Call Saul.” HBO stars and creators paved a path to the stage, winning 11 of the televised awards. Combined with the Creative Arts Emmys given out last week, HBO and HBO Max totaled 38 Emmys, topping the 26 pulled in this year by Netflix. 

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