The transformation of British actor, Christian Bale into Dick Cheney in the upcoming film, 'Vice' is nothing short of amazing. Bale, better known for becoming super lean for 'American Psycho' and for getting shredded abs to play Batman reportedly gained 60 lbs for this role. His sizeable paunch apparently did not come from the film's formidable makeup department.

Described as a "comedic biopic", one will reflexively laugh at the dopey portrayals of Dubya and Rummy in this trailer and marvel at the incredible prostheses that almost remind one of the 1980s British political comedy puppet show , 'Spitting Image'.

But really, there is nothing funny about members of the Bush Administration and I'm not sure what purpose is served by making a comedy out of the most criminal and bloodthirsty series of geopolitical travesties and corruption of the 21st century. If there was any justice in this world, most of these people would be publicly hanged.

Running Time: 2 min

We’ve all grown up believing that fruit and vegetables are good for us.

We are told “An apple a day keep the doctor away.”

But unfortunately, unless that apple is organic…it’s filled with pesticides… and it can make us sick.

These are the 12 fruits and vegetables they found to have the highest pesticide residue. (Apples are on this list.)

The pesticide is designed to kill the insects that feast on the crops. But even if you thoroughly wash members of the Dirty Dozen… it doesn’t matter. The pesticide is absorbed into the flesh as the fruit or vegetable grows.

The best way to avoid the pesticides is to either eat organic or stop eating these foods altogether (more about this in a moment).
But these foods are just the tip of the toxic iceberg!

My friend Ty Bollinger, from The Truth About Cancer , has written a comprehensive book about 22 Ways To Cancer-Proof Your Life Today . And it’s filled with information about the Dirty Dozen and other health-saving tips.

I was shocked at how many untested and harmful toxins we expose ourselves to before we leave our home each and every day.
Ty has lost too many loved ones to cancer and is determined to make sure other people don’t have to experience the pain of loss he has.

He wants as many people as possible to know this information, so he’s made 22 Ways To Cancer-Proof Your Life Today free to download.

And the information you’ll receive may literally be the difference between life and death for yourself and your loved ones.

To Your Health!


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what the Dirty Dozen are! I won’t tell you them all (that will spoil the “fun”), but the ones that stunned me were… apples, tomatoes, celery, strawberries, spinach, and potatoes. The other 6 are just as equally shocking!