Brooklyn, Brunswick, Mentor, North Royalton,
Parma, Rocky River, Strongsville

Ohio Value Voters Winners!

Brooklyn - Rick Cyngier,
Brunswick - Glenn Gilley,
Mentor - Annie Payne or Diane Popelas (tied)
North Royalton - Jeremiah Sawyer & Lisa Shuck,
Parma - Mark Ruda,
Rocky River - Peter Corrigan,
Strongsville - Sharon Kilbane & Hayley Stovcik,

These candidates for School Board in NE Ohio oppose
Critical Race Theory (CRT), Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
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Rick Cyngier - Brooklyn City Schools
Annie Payne - Mentor Schools
Diane Popelas - Mentor Schools

Thank you for your prayers and support.

John Stover, President

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