Honolulu County GOP Chair
Brett Kulbis is on a Mission 

Aloha Republicans:

If you heard Brett Kulbis on the air with KHVH News Radio's Rick Hamada this past Friday, you know that there's a new GOP sheriff in town for the island of Oahu and its 35 state house districts.  If you missed the show, HIRA has the the six-minute highlight reel for you in the video below.

Yes, the newly-elected chairman of the Honolulu County Republican Party has a clearly defined mission . . . and you can tell Brett Kulbis is going to complete it.  Beloved East Oahu Republican statesman Sam Slom called into the show saying that Brett "a breath of fresh air" and "the right man for the job".

As Chairman Kulbis pointed out on KHVH, "the arguments are all on our side, they have all the failed policies they've got to defend . . . at least for the past 62 years!"

Kulbis continue:   "We've got to be able to stand toe to toe with them and not be afraid to espouse our beliefs and our values and our principles and how our solutions would be bett er for the state."
Slom explained succinctly what the Hawaii GOP needs and what he believes Chairman Kulbis brings to the equation:
"We need a party that focuses on candidates locally and issues locally and has the guts to stand up and do things."

Amen to that, Sam.  If we'd been following that formula over the past two decades instead of effectively being held hostage by closet Democrats and RINO's like Miriam Hellreich and her endless handpicked parade of windowdressing RINO state chair puppets ( David Chang, Beth Fukumoto, Pat Saiki, Fritz Rohlfing, and whomever Hellreich has personally chosen in 2017 ), Republicans would be the majority party today .

In order for naive party newcomers like Mark Blackburn (photographed below with Hellreich and Saiki) to arrive at the clearest possible understanding of the wrongheadedness of RINO's who control the Hawaii GOP, easily starstruck people like Blackburn should watch this video of Pat Saiki demanding that the Hawaii Republican Party NEVER advocate for or against issues, no matter how much the people of Hawaii are suffering at the hands of Democrats. If Miriam Hellreich and Pat Saiki ran Donald Trump's campaign, Hillary Clinton would be president. Instead, their decades-long RINO stranglehold of the Hawaii GOP has given island Democrats their strongest political stranglehold of Hawaii since Statehood. That's the price of silence, neutrality, dysfunction, and puppet party officers controlled by RINOs.

Finally, it's clear from Brett Kulbis' recent county newsletter to Republicans that he greatly values teamwork because he knows it will take time, energy, and years of coordination with Republican activists across Oahu to move the pendulum in the direction of the GOP.

Long before any brave GOP candidates commit to running, Kulbis promises to provide the tools needed at the grassroots level which allow Republican activists to educate and persuade voters across the island of Oahu to understand the sharp contrast between the two parties.  Asked to summarize his top two goals for the Honolulu County Republican Party, Brett Kulbis gave this succinct answer: "Revitalizing the grassroots effort and getting people energized while simultaneously providing a message which shows our deep compare and contrast to what we'd do as Republicans and what we believe in to what the Democrats believe in."
the sorry record of failed Democrat policies is a long and tragic list affecting hundreds of thousands of island residents .  After years and years of silence from the Hawaii GOP, conservatives and Republicans at HIRA are hopeful that our party will finally have the courage to speak out. Indeed, after being all alone in consistently challenging the policies of Democrats, it will be exciting for us at HIRA to observe which Democrat failures (and GOP solutions) Kulbis and his county committee decide to focus on first.

However, if HIRA has been correct all along in assessing that the Hawaii GOP is still overwhelmingly controlled by liberals and closet Democrats , these RINO's must regard the election of a conservative like Brett Kulbis to a top party post as a serious threat to their control and domination of the long-hijacked Republican Party.

Mark HIRA's words :   Don't be surprised if RINO's act just like unhinged Hillary supporters who still can't believe that Donald Trump won .  In fact, don't put it past RINO snowflakes to attempt to overturn the election of newly-elected conservative GOP leader Brett Kulbis .  HIRA hopes otherwise and wants the highly competent and very committed Kulbis and his new county team to be successful.  Look, 148 days since the last general election have already been wasted.  And the Hawaii GOP only has 580 days left until the 2018 election.  On Election Day, ask any losing GOP candidate in Hawaii if he or she wished there could have been 148 more days to campaign.

But RINO's and Democrats never want to see our party get its act together .  Just look at the unbroken trend of decline, despite the unbroken trend of Democrat failures.   Liberals inside the Hawaii GOP are surely displeased with Brett Kulbis' statements to Rick Hamada on the radio .  And, just like rust and mold and bacteria and viruses, liberals never sleep.  They will try to find a way to undermine the first non-puppet GOP leader elected in many years.   Watch your back, Brett Kulbis .   RINO's at the party and at the State Capitol are probably already gunning for you.  Before you can help fix Honolulu Hale and the State Capitol, the swamp must be drained much closer to home.


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