Extracting the Truth About Permanent New Property Tax Hikes for Rail

Aloha, Republicans:

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Get to know this power player .  Nine years ago, before he sold his soul to the Democrat Rail Cartel, professional politician Donovan Dela Cruz was the only city councilman to get city transportation director Wayne Yoshioka, one of Mufi's clowns -- sorry, one of Mufi's cronies -- to ADMIT (very reluctantly) that HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES would become the permanent source of funding to subsidize the endless annual operations and maintenance for the money-losing TheTrain.

That was back when the pricetag for rail was a mere $3 billion to build a system running from Kapolei to UH Manoa.  This extraction of this truth about permanent property tax increases came back when folks ONLY ever talked about rail's INITIAL COSTS for construction, as most still do today.

Ironically and tragically, thanks to a big promotion at work, this same politician (now a powerful state senator) might be the very guy responsible for cutting the deal to push through a massive tax increase during a forthcoming special session of the state legislature.

You see, Senator Dela Cruz was just appointed as chairman of the Senate Ways & Means Committee while the 2017 session of the legislature came to a hilarious and stumbling close earlier in May. Perhaps you remember when Senator Jill Tokuda famously got fired from that position a few weeks ago for not being able to broker a rail tax deal with the State House. Now, all eyes are on Donovan Dela Cruz.

You see, as HIRA's video shows, politicians start off so innocently in Hawaii. A guy like Dela Cruz could still see the light; even endorsing anti-rail candidate Ann Kobayashi for mayor.  But once they get their foot in the door and a real taste of power (such as really high-paying side jobs they'd never be offered unless they were in office), everything changes. The Democrat Rail Cartel tells you what to do, what to say, what to wear.  In fact, Civil Beat
just published an eye-opening story about Senator Dela Cruz .

DAMN, IF YOU THOUGHT DEMOCRAT MAYOR KIRK CALDWELL'S OUTSIDE JOB AT A BANK PAID A LOT:  Check out this new article exposing how well Democrat Rail Cartel puppet politician Donovan Dela Cruz is doing on the side. Whew!!  And, like HIRA is warning, he's probably the guy who'll cut the deal to push through a big tax increase to pay for Honolulu's rail construction. Those Democrats can sure pick 'em. Auwe!!

So enjoy HIRA's video flashback down memory lane as Donovan Dela Cruz conducts the infamous 8-minute interrogation to unmask the dark secret of higher property taxes FOREVER for TheRail.

Get a load of the arrogant level of misguided confidence about the 'budgeted costs' by Mufi's crony Wayne Yoshioka.  What a joke!!

Just to think, today's puppet politicians are just as determined as they ever were to keep the truth about rail hidden from us while socking it to us with new taxes. And they want us to take them seriously as elected officials.  Auwe!!

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After yesterday's major HIRA exposé of impostor Boyd Ready pretending to be a party officer -- the same Boyd Ready who endorsed Shirlene Ostrov to be Hawaii GOP state chair -- the HRP website was abruptly shut down and taken offline.  With Fritz Rohlfing's cheerleaders RINO Miriam Hellreich and Pat "Abortion Barbie" Saiki now controlling their new puppet Shirlene Ostrov, the website is now in "under construction" mode.  Without having to wait a year or even a month, we've learned exactly how Ostrov responds to a simple request to follow her own party rules which are posted on her own party's website:  TAKE DOWN THE WEBSITE RIGHT AWAY!!!

Yes, the coverup is under way.  Clearly, sneaky manipulations are underway to preserve the fake officership of Boyd Ready, one of the most notorious RINO puppet officers in recent HRP historyThe wagons are being circled.

Many have observed in recent months that it would be hard to beat the politically suicidal combination of corruption and incompetence achieved by Fritz Rohlfing.  But with Hellreich and Saiki's help, Shirlene Ostrov is on her way to being even more corrupt and even more incompetent.

Stay tuned for the 'verdict' on Boyd Ready's situation.  Reportedly, Boyd Not-So-Ready is still calling for another do-over of the vote he lost twice now by holding yet another county convention.  For crooked party leaders like Void Ready, are we supposed to believe that the third time is a charm?  LMAO.
Even though Ostrov ordered the website to be taken down, and even though corrupt party leaders do NOT want you to see the very rules which prove our case, HIRA has learned that the original links to the published party rules still work.  And these rules still prove that impostor Boyd Ready the phony "Vice-Chair" is still out of a job if the rules are followed.


Fellow Republicans, you DESERVE to know why the Hawaii GOP is losing.  It's not because Hawaii voters LOVE Democrats.  It's not because GOP leaders have done everything possible to win, but come up short.  It's because corrupt and incompetent people have hijacked the state party and they have no intention of giving up control . . . or any intention of beating Democrat candidates or Democrat policies.  That's why our party is silent, neutral, disorganized and in financial shambles.

So, join HIRA today so we can push our party and our state in a better direction.  Let's expose Democrat failings and offer voters an informed, superior choice so we can fix what's wrong with Hawaii for current and future generations of island residents.  We've got a LOT of work to do.  Mahalo!

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