The Newly-Elected Conservative Chairman of the Honolulu County GOP 

Aloha Republicans:

Great news!
   If you felt an earthquake coming from East Honolulu Monday night, that's because a conservative with years of local political campaign management and GOP organizational experience got elected as the new chairman of the Honolulu County Republican Party.
Ewa Beach resident Brett Kulbis , a 26-year U.S. Navy veteran who now works for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, took on liberal party insiders and got elected to serve as the Oahu GOP's county chair for the next two years.

Kulbis is the new county chair that Oahu Republicans have been waiting for.  Working with the party's grassroots rank and file and other newly elected party leaders on Oahu, Kulbis intends to begin  the long overdue transformation of the local GOP from a weak and frightened liberal social club into the Democrats' worst nightmare .
Delegates representing all 35 state house districts from across Oahu gave their support to straight-talking Kulbis whose 'tell it like it is' speech made it clear why our party is in trouble . . . and made it even clearer how to fix it[More about his speech below.]
As the best and most qualified candidate for the post, Chairman Kulbis' task is to rebuild from the ground up a robust county party organization which has been allowed to atrophy for decades by RINO state party leaders obsessed with decades-long control of the Hawaii GOP's five bank accounts, maintenance of a neutral platform, allowing Democrats to remain unchallenged, and the pursuit of an obsession with purchasing an overpriced luxury suite of offices currently used as the party's largely unutilized headquarters.
Oahu is home to 66% of our state's population and to all five currently elected Republicans in office today.  It's also the base of power for Hawaii's Democrat Party, which controls the entire state government, the entire congressional delegation to D.C., and all four Democrat-controlled county governments ( which merely pretend to be 'nonpartisan') . . . not to mention control of the liberal news media, which was on hand to record and report Kulbis' stunning upset Monday night.

The county convention was run from start to finish by professional politician and GOP national committeeman Gene Ward, with the help of veteran convention parliamentarian Robert Camilleri and GOP veteran Mike Palcic as elections officer.  Also in attendance to witness and acknowledge conservative Kulbis' undisputed victory in the 3-way race were a variety of veteran party VIP's including GOP national committeewoman Pat Saiki, current GOP state chair Fritz Rohlfing, past GOP state chair Pat Saiki, professional politician Bob McDermott, and four-year member of the Hawaii GOP's executive committee Boyd Ready.

Also in attendance were rival candidates for state chair in 2017 -- Shirlene Ostrov ( the handpicked candidate of super-RINO Miriam Hellreich and abortion rights champion and avowed Trump-hater Pat Saiki and who also serves as vice president of the Oahu League of Republican Women which has controlled and micromanaged the Hawaii GOP and its sad fate for decades now ) and Rep. Andria Tupola ( from the increasingly weakened Rohlfing faction and who now serves as Beth Fukumoto's nearly invisible replacement as minority leader two long months ago at the State Capitol where Democrats are getting no fight from Republicans ).  Both Ostrov and Tupola have been criss-crossing the state in recent weeks as part of a proxy war between factions sharply and bitterly divided over a SINGLE ISSUE -- whether the party's costly HQ should be sold off or retained.  Sadly, that's the only issue which divides these factions, which have otherwise been united for decades about keeping the Hawaii GOP on a downward trajectory through keeping our party silent, ineffective, neutral, and dysfunctional.
Heading in the complete opposite direction is dedicated conservative and GOP reformer  Brett Kulbis.  Unless you were one of the nearly 200 convention delegates and guests who attended ( including the many HIRA members and supporters on hand), you missed a really great speech which included a powerful and ringing endorsement introduction from Ewa Beach state house candidate Bryan Jeremiah, whose very strong campaign for the state house of representatives in HD41 was managed by Kulbis himself.
Kulbis' speech is must reading, which is why HIRA has transcribed every word for you ( CLICK HERE).
Brett Kulbis represents the new and improved direction of the Honolulu County Republican Party.  HIRA urges all Republicans to join together in support of Brett Kulbis and the new county GOP organization.  We believe Democrats will quickly come to hate and fear Oahu's Republican Party as much as they hate and fear HIRA.
HIRA's congratulations go out to Chairman Brett Kulbis (and other newly-elected party leaders thus far in 2017).  Real Republicans and Conservatives across the state support your planned resurrection of the GOP on Oahu.

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