Estate Planning is not about dying...
it is about living beautifully.
"The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.”
- Frank Lloyd Wright
Estate Planing = Love
There are many facets of estate planning. Caring for elderly parents, distributing your assets, organizing your wishes (and papers!), and making your health care choices known so your loved ones won't have to make those same decisions. Estate Planning is not about dying. It is about living your best life responsibly.

As we approach the holiday of love, let's direct those feelings to our families and the ones that will have to step in for us at a moment's notice. We can do so much right now to make things easier for our loved ones.

Another important need for estate planning is for the parent that wants to do "peace of mind" planning. Parenthood, of course, makes estate planning a bit more complicated, as kids cannot inherit over $15k in Florida.

However, a little planning goes a long way. We have many resources available to parents from our online classes to our guardianship package. Or, if you don't want to sweat the details, call us for a free 10 minute design plan.
10 Tips For Choosing A Guardian
For Your Minor Child
4 Layers of Protection for your Kids #LearnWithLori
Learn how to protect your kids on this episode of #LearnWithLori. In our latest installment, we explain our 4 layers of protection.
LLC 101
Learn more about the benefits of an LLC on this new episode of #LearnWithLori.
National Speaking Engagement
"I Wish I'd Known This As A New Trusts And Estates Attorney" Practical Advice From The Pros

Lori will be speaking at a national event for National Business Institute to provide advice and strategy tips to attorneys, financial planners, paralegals, and accountants. It is one of the ways we stay sharp in our legal practice.
Look at what people are saying!
Eduardo Buller
Working with Lori Vella was great, she helped me record some deeds in FL. She was efficient and always responded any questions I had. I would totally recommend.
Steve Cohn
Lori Vella made the process of preparing a will and other final arrangement documents very simple and even... enjoyable. She is very friendly and strives to get to know her clients as people. The process was quick, easy and affordable. I would recommend Lori Vella to all those looking to establish or update their will and other final arrangement documents.
Elaine Fowler
Quick to respond, and helpful too. Accommodating in difficult situations. Professional and respectful attorney and staff. Assisted by helping us work through and understanding challenging issues, and situations we were to face, and have since we met.
Spotlight on Veronica
Veronica has been by Lori's side from the start. She has had many roles such as web designer, bookkeeper, file clerk, reception and more.

She has now landed as an Estate Planning Paralegal and Signing Specialist.

Thank you Veronica for all that you do to make us run more efficiently.
The Law Office of Lori Vella presents:
As Lori is now a “peace of mind” planner, we decided to create a Scholarship that would give two students a little “peace of mind” knowing he/she/they can buy brand new books and focus on the important things.
There Is No Friend As Loyal As A Book.
Infamous words by Ernest Hemingway.  And how true he was! A book is knowledge, power, comfort, and more.  

The “‘Peace of Mind’ Scholarship” offers two students a little “peace of mind” by providing $500 cash to ease book expenses.

The ideal candidates are the two students that share in 300 words how “reading” has impacted their lives. Please feel free to share this with anyone that you know. Just simply forward this e-letter and say "check out the book scholarship inside!"
We love our clients. Thank you for believing in us. 
Too busy to get your plan?
Check out our Fast Track Plan
Here is how it works:
Step 1: Reply here to tell us a little bit about your family and needs.

Step 2: We will suggest a plan (we have three) for you and tell you the fees/costs.

Step 3: Reply with "APPROVED."

Step 4: Receive your finished documents!

If you want to do your planning, but just cannot find the time, let us help you out by getting on the FAST TRACK!
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