5 minutes of your time need to help defeat Amnesty....

Step 1: Click on this link to watch and consider the video from this morning at 6:15am on Fox and Friends....

Teddy Bear & Grenade: Dream Act Amnesty to Displace and Replace Americans

Step 2: If you have a Youtube account, make a supportive comment beneath the video, then click on the 'thumbs up' symbol, then click on "Add to +" and add it to your Favorites. This will help the video reach more online viewers on Youtube.

Step 3: Forward a copy of this email or just the video title and link to all of your e-mail contacts. You can also post it on your Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace accounts if you have them. If you run a blog or website, please add this video.

Step 4: Send copies of this video to your members of Congress and your local media and favorite national media sources. Utilize this video in your activism and distribute as many copies or links as possible.

Most activists can accomplish all of these simple steps in just a few minutes.

Please do all you can to drive up the number of views online for this video!


PS: New activist instructions will be sent to you in a few hours. Until then, please work on getting this video out and yesterday's action alert found at this link...