February, 2021

This month we are featuring work of the International Organization (IO).

The current President, Beatrice LeBlanc from France, explains the focus the IO has on FORMATION for our laity. It is time we step into our role of creating programs that meet the specific needs of our Laity.

We need substantive and flexible content with multiple options for delivery. And we seek committed Marianist Laity, as well as our vowed religious Brothers and Sisters, to guide and mentor new communities and individuals.

Beatrice explains all this in her Opening Article. She gives us context for the emphasis on Formation which emerged from the Korean Lay Assembly in 2018.

Then with a one minute video announcement, she introduces the first Circular of her Presidency entitled, Transformed and Transformers. With a focus on Formation, you can access the entire document with the link we provide.

Finally, we end with a prayer and reflection recommended for the Patronal Feast of the Marianist Family on March 25, The Annunciation. It commemorates the day that Mary said "yes!" to becoming the mother of Jesus.

Growing more responsible in the Marianist Family,

Marceta Fleming Reilly