June 2, 2022


Save food dollars and resources!

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition’s No Food Left Behind – Corvallis program has released a series of three fun, short videos about preventing wasted food at home.

Narrated, subtitled, and closed-captioned in both English and Spanish, each chapter shines a different upbeat and informative light on the critical intersections between our fresh food supply, our wallets, our health, and the livability of our environment.

The videos feature food chain worker interviews, a virtual tour of Gathering Together Farm, playful Claymation, and easy-to-understand graphics.

NFLB videos_06_02_22.png

Supported by original music and creative lyrics, local teacher and EcoEdutainer, Kjersten Hallin, helps us explore concepts that many food consumers may not often think about, including:

  • Reciprocity – the vital O2/CO2 breath exchange between humans and plants
  • Food production’s carbon footprint (or “food print”)
  • Having an attitude of gratitude for food and the people who grow it

These high quality videos run just 12-17 minutes each. They’re geared for kids, but are entertaining and informative for all ages. Watch during your lunch break – or get together with your friends or family to learn how best to get your food to go the distance!


Video 1 (Chapters 1 & 2):

Brief Intro

  • Breathing with the Trees
  • Gratitude to the Earth & Food Chain Workers
  • Field Trip to the Farm (start @ 5:13)


Video 2 (Chapter 3):

  • Brief Intro
  • Why Wasted Food Matters


Video 3 (Chapter 4):

  • Brief Review of Chapters 1 – 3
  • Getting Our Food to Go the Distance - How to prevent wasted food




For more great resources, visit nofoodleftbehindcorvallis.org

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