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Spring 2023 Newsletter


After several years of virtual interaction, we were finally together in person for the 32nd Anniversary of our time in Desert Storm. The troops began to arrive on Thursday and the Reunion started with a Social Hour. Getting reacquainted, our members enjoyed friends old and new.

Friday brought a bus trip to the dedication of the VII Corps Unit Tribute plaque at the Museum of the US Army, an informative tour of the museum, a visit to the future sight of the Desert Shield/Storm Memorial and time to explore the Lincoln, Vietnam, and nearby Memorials. After a short bus ride back to the hotel and we were ready for our official opening reception.

Saturday was jam packed with our Annual Meeting, Gulf War Veterans Forum, Lunch, Memorial Service and finally, our Annual Dinner.

Highlights of Saturday included remarks at the Memorial Service from LTG Donna Martin, who served in VII Corps during Desert Storm and remarks at our dinner from GEN James McConville, the Chief of Staff of the Army. During the dinner, our Scholarship Announcement was made for the $15,000 awarded to deserving VII Corps veterans and their family members pursuing higher education in 2023.

On Sunday, we said our goodbyes and started making plans for next year! We will again schedule a Thursday arrival day for 2024 since so many people enjoyed the all-day Friday activities.

Please mark your calendars for 22-25 February 2024!


A recording of the Gulf War Veterans Forum presented by experts from the VA may be found on our FB page.


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Save the Date for the Golf Tournament:

Friday, September 29, 2023, Check In Begins at 0800

Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club

Gainesville, Virginia

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Scholarship Corner

Our 2023 Scholarship Committee reviewed a large number of highly qualified applications from nearly every unit to serve with us in Desert Storm. This year, due to a decrease in fundraising during COVID, the committee was given a budget of $15,000 to award. The selection process was very competitive. All proceeds of the golf tournament each year are earmarked for distribution as scholarships. With a strong golf event in 2023, we hope to raise that amount significantly for the 2024 selection process.


$2,000-M. ARIAIL, Her father served in 2-67 AR, 3 AD. //$1,500-A. THOMSON, Her father was a member of the OSJA, VII Corps. & V. BROWN, Her father served with D Co, 16th EN Bn, 1AD. //$1,000 - A. ANDERSON, Her grandfather served in 1-37 AR, 3AD.  J. ANDERSON, His grandfather served in 1-37 AR, 3AD.  K. ANDERSON, Her grandfather served in 1-37 AR, 3AD. M. CORREIA, Her father served with 4-82 FA. E. DOOLEY, Her father served with 2d Squadron, 2d ACR. M. DOOLEY, Her father served with 2d Squadron, 2d ACR. J. FRY, His father served with 2ACR. B. JACKSON, Her father was a member of the 527th EN BN from the Louisiana National Guard. T. OWENS, Her father served with the 204th MP Co. C. PIERSON- A veteran who served HHB VII Corps Artillery.

Visit our Website  after June 1 for the 2024 Scholarship Application