Top 18 for 2018
Top 18 for 2018!!!
Happy New Year from Visual Impact!
Thank you for letting us help you brighten up 2017.
In 2018, we want to make your job a little "lighter"...
There are SO many options in the lighting world. All of us at VIL got together and picked our top 18 products for 2018. This is our "go to" list when designing projects and making recommendations. So we thought why not share it with you!
Here we have highlighted and linked each one. Even better, we created a printable list, a cheat-sheet if you will.
Here is to a bright, and profitable 2018!

#1 LSI Alliance High Bay

For versatility in applications from gyms to industrial facilities, the Alliance is configurable with multiple lumen packages, distributions, lenses and control options.
This compact, innovative, attractive luminaire is Manufactured in U.S.A. and is competitively priced.
#2 LSI Mirada Family
The sleek and attractive Mirada design makes it perfectly-suited for
architectural applications, while its cost-effective die-cast
aluminum housing makes its acquisition cost very competitive.
Manufactured in U.S.A.
#3 Atlantic Lighting Downlights  

Large inventories and rapid manufacturing make many of Atlantic's spec grade downlights available for shipping in 24-72 hours
Manufactured in U.S.A.
#4 MaxLite Trimax Vapor Tight

  Much more attractive than a traditional vapor tight, this waterproof, dustproof and corrosion proof fixture can be used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial environments such as warehouses, parking lots, stairwells, and many others.
#5 LSI LPEC Recessed Center Basket Troffer

Best in class configurable lumen packages and efficiencies that target DLC Standard/Premium. This fixture delivers even illumination with excellent, low angle brightness control throughout the space.  Manufactured in U.S.A.
#6 MaxLite Shop Light

The MaxLite Shop Light is designed to replace traditional fluorescent fixtures in both residential and commercial applications. Developed with a built in on/off chain and uniform light distribution, it is ideally suited for workshops, garages, and utility rooms.
#7 Fidelux Stairwell Strip

The FSTR Series LED Stairwell is specifically designed for use in stairwells and surface mount applications where the space is often unoccupied for long periods of time. Available in 2', 4' or 8'. Integral microwave high frequency invisible sensor provides clean look.
#8 Metalumen Linear Lighting RAIL 4

Visual Impact's "go to" for linear lighting. Spec grade, manufactured to order and high end look with a mid-range price tag. Its sleek profile will make a statement in any open space or create interest in your conference rooms, private offices or reception areas. Available in direct and/or indirect lighting. Pendant, surface, wall, or recessed mount.
#9 LSI Wall Packs

LSI LED traditional wall packs utilize glare free LED placement and reflector technology. These fixtures produce a smoother and whiter light resulting in more footcandles on the ground, making it the best choice when replacing traditional HID wall packs.  Typically ship in just 24-72 hours.
Manufactured in U.S.A.
#10 LightAlarms Simplicity
Edgelit Exit Sign
6-UEA-xx 6-UEN-xx

Get a high-end look without the high end price with these edgelit exit signs. Aluminum housing, high grade acrylic faces, and typically ships in 24-72 hours. 
#11 LightAlarms Mini Inverters
LMIU-125 LMIU-250
LMIU-400 LMIU-700

An economical way to provide 90 minutes of emergency back up on a smaller scale than the typical inverter. Best of all, these usually ship in 24-72 hours. 
#12 Nora Prism RGBW

The Nora Prism series of smart LED downlights changes the color of light and color temperature to meet the designer’s or end user’s needs as they change. 
Use the handheld remote or your smart phone to program from 2700K to 4000K when on the white color setting or thousands of RGBW color possibilities. 
More economical than you would think!
#13 ANP RLM/Metal Shade Lighting

Custom look without the wait!
Traditional RLM made to order in just 7 business days from the premier manufacturer of decorative architectural and RLM fixtures.
#14 Litetronics High Bay

10 year warranty, Made in USA and IP65 available, NSF pending , multiple mounting options, great price tag, all things that make this high bay a winner.
#15 Litetronics Flat Panel
FP0xxUF1xxDL  FP0xxUF2xxDL

Available in 2’x4’, 2’x2’ and 1’x4’ sizes, our Flat Panel Fixtures provide even, virtually glare free illumination, a 10-year warranty and they offer up to 125 lumens/watt. 
#16 Solas Ray Sentry

Explosion-Proof LED Light Fixture designed for use in several Hazardous Locations for applications.
Class I Div 2, Class II Div 1, Class II Div 2, Class III

#17 MaxLite J-Box Downlight

The J-Box Downlight is the easy and economical way to add high quality recessed lighting. The downlight is built with an integral junction box that eliminates the need for a traditional recessed housing during installation in new construction and retrofit projects. The fixture simply gets wired to a wall switch and placed into the ceiling - no can, bulb or extra labor required!
#18 LSI Steel Poles

Poles in 5-7 working days? No problem!
LSI is making standard size round and square poles that can ship in a week or two out of Ohio. Quantity restrictions apply. Order your entire lighting system from LSI to guarantee a continuous color match on the fixture, brackets and pole.
Manufactured in U.S.A.
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