VIP Open House Details, Terms and Conditions

*Admission invitation will be emailed to you shortly after we have confirmed your entry.
*Admission only valid for you and one guest, as space is limited. No one else accompanying you will be able to attend.
*The $150 admission fee is per couple (you and a guest) and is non-refundable and paid in full at time of registration.
*The event will consist of 3 parts:

1  st  part -    We will create a wonderful ambiance inside the greenhouse to accommodate all VIP guests. Guests will be enjoying a wholesome breakfast and refreshments or a delightfu  lunch, including beer and wine, as well as   non-alcoholic beverages, surrounded by an abundance of flowers.  
We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions.  Please let us know as soon as you have received a confirmation of your entry.

2nd  part - Following Breakfast or Lunch you would enjoy a performance by our special guest - an award-winning contemporary jazz artist, Brian Culbertson!
You may start shopping immediately after breakfast or lunch if you choose so.

The conclusion of the event will be one hour of shopping!
You and your guest will have access to the best selection of products; some not yet available in stores and as an added bonus you will enjoy no crowds and an expedited check out!
Let us transform your garden!
We look forward to seeing you and hope to surpass all your expectations!
Dutch Heritage Gardens