Saturday is your last chance to explore all there is to see at the 2019 Ag Show! Don't miss out on all the fun!
City Traffic Notices
April 18th is the last day to sign up to be a vendor at the 2019 Bermuda Day Parade. Join us on the streets of Hamilton as we celebrate our heritage!
City of Hamilton Walking Tours are BACK!

Join the Town Crier on a meander through the streets of Hamilton and learn all about the history of our capital City. Tell your friends, send your house guests, come and take it yourself!

Monday - Friday
10:30am at City Hall
FREE tour

gratuities graciously accepted
Kite-making at its finest!!
Saturday, April 13th @ BSoA
Reserve your space now to avoid disappointment
Hustlerz Paradise takes place on the beautiful island of Bermuda, where EVERYTHING’S imported & nothing is produced & still it’s listed as one of the most expensive places to live but then there’s the other Bermuda where you’re either one paycheck away from being homeless or a hustle away from being rich, it’s where big dreams exist but nothing ever goes as planned. However there’s (Sincere) an ex-con/single parent who risks everything he loves, to make his dreams manifest and his nightmares disappear.
Episodes 3 &4
Liberty Theatre
Saturday Night
BUEI Screens
Sunday at 5:30pm
For the first time, the incredible story of Mary Magdalene is told through her own eyes. In the first century A.D., the free-spirited Mary (Academy Award Nominee Rooney Mara) flees the marriage her family has arranged for her, finding refuge and a sense of purpose in a radical new movement led by the charismatic, rabble-rousing preacher Jesus (Academy Award Nominee Joaquin Phoenix). The sole woman among his band of disciples, Mary defies the prejudices of a patriarchal society as she undergoes a profound spiritual awakening and finds herself at the center of an earth-shaking historical moment. Boldly challenging received wisdom, Mary Magdalene is a rapturous, moving account of a miraculous woman who risked everything to follow her faith.
Daylesford Theatre
Opens April 17th
A body - which just won't stay dead, it seems - is found in a chest in an abandoned gunpowder factory. This has all the elements of the classic "dark-and-stormy-night" mysteries - a young girl and her two rival boyfriends, stranger-than-strange strangers, a mysterious doctor, a murderer, and that corpse that just won't stay put! Find out which boyfriend Kate decides to marry, who the murderer is, and what happens to the wandering corpse!
One more week to catch our visiting humpbacks with BUEI
Last day is April 2oth
Call 294-0204 for reservations
Don't miss an amazing night with Otis Redding III as he takes to the stage in City Hall
Visit the retailers and restaurants of Hamilton on Sunday, April 28 for a special
Sunday Shopping Festival
in celebration of the MS Amlin World Series Triathlon! Turn your Sunday into a Saturday!
One lucky shopper will win a $1000 shopping spree!
If you're a Hamilton retailer or restaurant and wish to be a part of the Festival by opening your doors on Sunday, April 28th, send us an email and we'll promote your business!
Want the VIP treatment
while you watch the races?
A BIG shout out to the City's Parks Department who have spent the cooler months preparing the lovely hanging baskets dotted around the City, just in time for spring!
If you SEE something, you can anonymously SAY something!
All calls to CrimeStoppers are answered in Miami, your anonymity is guaranteed! You could collect a reward if the information you provide leads to a conviction.
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