March 19, 2020
VISTA MATTERS: COVID 19 and Our Community
From Bill West and Marty Kleiner (VISTA BoD CEO and VP respectively)

Greetings VISTA Members and Volunteers,

With the advance of COVID 19, we are following state guidance and cancelling all functions and activities until further notice. This includes our student volunteers and community groups.

VISTA Gardens will remain open to those who need to tend to their beds. Remember to practice “social distancing.” while on site.

Volunteers are a cornerstone to our community but we will not to take any chances. If student volunteers arrive on site, they will be sent home.

The loss of our student volunteers leaves a support gap with weeding and mulching. Please do your part to weed your rows and general areas plus ensure a proper level of mulch is maintained.
FYI. The hand sanitizer in the portable toilet is not working. Marty has called the company and they will have it fixed within a couple of days.
NOTE: If you have recently traveled by airplane (especially out of the country) or feel ill, please do not come to the garden for 14 days. Many in our membership are in the vulnerable population and we need to help protect their well being.

Let's all get through this safely. Barb, our resident nutritionist has some great advice, included in the article below.

Bill and Marty
All events and activities are cancelled until further notice
Thoughts on COVID 19 from Barb Mahlmeister...

A primary issue with this virus is that you might not exhibit symptoms or even know you have it. You can be a carrier right now.

The virus can live on surfces for different periods of time, depending on the material. It can survive on one type of surface for a few minutes whereas it lives on others for 1-2 days. 

Heed the advice of medical and government officials and wash your hands freqently and properly. Use wipes and wear gloves if you have them. For those that are immune compromised wear a mask. 

If you have any symptoms, contact your primary care provider and DO NOT come to the garden or any other public place. Reach out to your plot mate or a fellow garden member to tend your bed. If you cannot find support, reply to this newsletter and we will locate help for you.

Recommendations :
Increase your vitamin C intake. While this will not stop the virus, it will coat your healthy cells to prevent it from spreading within your body. I recomment 1000 mg every other hour until your bowels are soft. We call that vitamin C to tolerance. 

Take 10,000 of vitamin D. Contrary to popular belief you will not get your quota of D by being in the sun for a few minutes. Take with a fatty meal.

Zinc 50 mg between meals 1 time per day and additional doses if you are having any symptoms. 

The above 3 are precautionary but also should be continued if you do get sick. 

Hunker down and limit your exposure.  


Questions for Barb? Email her here

Barb Mahlmeister is a registered dietician and a certifiued practitioner with The Institue for Functional Medicine.
Reminder: Please Keep Bringing In Your Leaves!