November 27, 2019
VISTA MATTERS: Giving Thanks To Our Community
Generations Gathering
contributed by Roberta Owens
A misty morning dampened no one's enthusiasm as VISTA welcomed Little Villagers and their families to the gardens on Saturday, November 16th.

Lori Vella gathered and greeted everyone, Mary Ellen Dallman encouraged children to dramatize "The Turnip", a classic Russian folktale and sent home a copy of the book with each family, Tiffani Martin led a terrific scavenger hunt while Ann Wallace helped children create scare crows.

Garden docents Angela Kaloger, Corinna Edwards, Hugh and Marilyn Copeland, Jennifer Grebenschikoff, and Rolfe Evenson engaged children and parents in weeding, watering, fertilizing, harvesting, planting and composting activities respectively, and Laurie Kleiner presented a wonderful array of fruits for tasting and snacking.

Steinbrenner High School volunteers, Vivian Rao and Madeline Gardner, kindly navigated small groups of children from one garden docent to another, and the morning activities ended with slices of pizza for everyone generously donated by Jet's Pizza. 

We are grateful to everyone who volunteered for this "Generations Gather" event and making it a great garden experience for children from and beyond Carrollwood Village.  

Community events will resume in January

Reminder to Harvest Your Vegetables!

Tomatoes, especially large varietals, should be picked when they begin to color. If you wait until it’s vine ripened you stand a good chance of having some varmint take a nibble. If this happens, the fruit is still by simply cutting out the 'pre-tasted' area .. and now you have what's called an 'ugly tomato'!
Ripe vegetables left in beds will quickly roth and attract insects and the aforemention varmints. This affects not only your bed, but those of your community members. so please pick your produce and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

If your away and can’t harvest, please ask a VISTA neighbor or can contact Karen, who will help arrange coverage.


This time of year is good for planting lettuce, sugar snap peas and root vegetables. 

House of Rising seeds sells individual packets of these items. Contact Karen if you are interested in purchsasing seeds

Welcome New Members

A warm welcome to our community's newest members who are joining us from AARP Tampa Bay. Please greet them, lend a helping hand or advice as they become familiar withour community.

Thank you to VISTA President, Bill West, for showing them the ropes on a rainy morning.
A Pair of Thanks

Thank you to Becca, Don, Barb and Roberta who kindly washed and paired the VISTA garden gloves that protect the helping hands of our volunteers.

Thank you to Rolfe and Mary Ellen who purchased and dinated new gloves for VISTA Gardens. When you purchase a new pair for yourself, consider buying a second pair to donate to VISTA. 
Giving Thanks

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." -Marcel Proust

Wishing you, your family and friends a Thanksgiving filled with the bounty of love, companionship and good harvest. We are grateful to have you as a member of our little spot on this earth. - The VISTA Gardens Board of Directors