Gloves are an essential element of any good gardeners toolbox. However, what should you do with them once they have developed the inevitable hole and it's time for replacement?

Bring them to VISTA! We have an increasing number of volunteers who can use these gloves during the limited time they are on site. Please wash the gloves before you bring them, and place them in the glove box in the shed.

Once gloves are no longer useful to VISTA, Laura S. has offered to then take them to the First Ladies Farm and Sanctuary in Riverview and donate them to help care for the sanctuary chickens.

One last request... when it's time for you to purchase new gloves, please consider buying a second pair to donate to the VISTA. This also will help keep our glove box well supplied and we do need a good number of gloves for our larger volunteer groups. Simply add your donation to the glove box in the shed and let us know if you would like a receipt. Thank you for thinking of VISTA while you shop!