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July 20, 2018 eBrief
VLB loves our homeless clients
Stephen Bulgarella
Our attorney volunteers go the extra mile for homeless clients and we make it easy to volunteer!

Stephen Bulgarella (Sirote) represented a client recently at Turning Point, held at Boutwell Auditorium, and succeeded in getting the client’s fines waived.

Birmingham Muncipal Presiding Judge Andra Sparks  required that the client organize at least three family outings with his children and save up money for a down payment on a car so he could visit his kids and get to work. Judge Sparks felt that being a good dad was better than requiring the client to perform community service.

“It was great to work with this client and see him reach his goals while improving his life in the process,” Stephen said.
You can make a difference!
This terminally ill client, who worked his whole life as a janitor, wants to draft his will, living will, and a power of attorney so that his family can best help him with his stage 4 cancer.  I Can Help!
This client has been living in an apartment and says her landlord has failed to make adequate repairs to ensure that the apartment is habitable. The health department has condemned the home as uninhabitable. The client would like to sue her landlord for moving expenses.  I Can Help!
Client is appearing in court as a named party on August 3rd relating to an action between a plaintiff bank and his landlord (co-defendant). The bank attempted to foreclose on the property client was renting from his landlord. In a previous motion, the landlord was dismissed with prejudice from the suit leaving the client as the only defendant in the action. Client pays his rent to the landlord and has no obligation to the bank. Client would like an attorney to go to court with him and help get this case dismissed.  I Can Help!
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Madeleine Greskovich, Catherine Prater and Mike Hanle
Homeless Help Desk

Madeleine Greskovich  (Starnes), John Scott (Starnes), Amber Whillock (Starnes), and Mike Hanle (Jaffe Hanle).
Law Students/ Starnes Summer Associates: Catherine Prater , Averie Armstead , and Marky Bingham.
Chris Kimble with a client
Civil Help Desk Volunteers

Amanda Crawford , Lee Gilmer (White Arnold), Priscilla Kelley , Chris Kimble (Balch), De Martenson (Huie), Denzel Okinedo (Bressler Summer Associate), Neena Speer , Amie Vague (Lightfoot), Donnie Winningham (Bressler), and Drew Worley .
Amanda Duncan with a client
Domestic Relations Help Desk

Maggie Cornelius (Maynard), Michal Crowder (Maynard), Amanda Duncan (Kirk Drennan), Sarah Glover (Maynard), John Graves (Law Offices of John P. Graves), John Milledge , Diane Pari s (Dauphin Paris), Jackie Russell (Jackie Russell Law), and Beverly Scruggs (Davis & Scruggs).
Brian Turner and Rick Fernambucq
Pro Se Docket

Rick Fernambucq (Boyd Fernambucq), Susan McAlister , Brian Turner , and Kim Vice (Gathings Law).
Burr Forman is the newest Champion!
Thank you to Burr Forman and all of the great Champions for Justice that contribute to our mission to provide civil legal aid to low-income citizens. Contact Nancy Yarbrough , Executive Director to join these firms today.

Judge John & Susan Carroll

Jim & Julie Goyer
Dawson Law
Matthew Swerdlin, Attorney at Law
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