March 23, 2021 | E-Newsletter
Date: Wednesday, March 31
Time: 8pm
Cost: $30 - VLM Receives $15
NEW: Animal EGG-richment Building Workshop
Create and decorate paper mache eggs for our animals in a 60 minute class and meet a VLM ambassador animal!
Classes are limited.

Date: Saturday, April 3
Time: 10am or 1pm
Cost: $15 members, $35 non-members
(includes Museum admission)
LIVE Natural Education-Asteroids
Learn all about Asteroids from resident astronomy expert Dr. Kelly Herbst.
How are they formed?
Be ready to ask your questions in this 15 minute Facebook LIVE event.

Date: March 24
Time: 2pm
Double Dino on the Loose!
Join our walking T. rex at 11am or 1pm for 15 minutes of a dino parade in the great outdoors! Then stay to enjoy the
Dinosaur DiscoveryTrail! Social distancing and face masks required.
Date: March 27
Time: 11am and 1:00pm
(15 minutes appearances)

fall plant sale
LIVE Natural Education- Native Plants
Get set for our Native Plant sale online
and onsite in April. Let our horticulture team help answer your questions about spring planting and get set to plan your native garden. Join us on Facebook LIVE!

Date: March 31
Time: 2pm
Stargazing: LIVE on STARdurday Night!
 Join us at 7:30pm live for 30 minutes to talk with Dr. Kelly Herbst about what’s going on in the evening sky and how you can identify planets and constellations yourself! Join us on Facebook LIVE!

Date: April 10
Time: 7:30pm
Thank You! Military Families
 We honor those member and non-member families with special discounts this weekend! Sponsored by:
Mason and Associates
Obtain discounts with military id at the front desk and Wild Things Museum Store.

Date: April 10-11
Naturally Speaking Webinar:
Weather on Other Worlds
Munazza Alam, a National Geographic Young Explorer, speaks on the search for other Earth-like planets!
Must register for this free webinar.

Date: April 15
Time: 6:30pm
Stay connected to nature... and to us!