July 21, 2020 | E-Newsletter
BIG NEWS: Escape to the Great Outdoors!
Dinosaur Discovery Trail now open to foot traffic!
Museum OPEN DAILY 9-5 with safety precautions
for all guests. Click for museum status.
Discover dinosaur eggs and babies extended through September 7, 2020!
The remarkable exhibit offers an array of authentic dinosaur eggs and nests
from all over the globe.
Don't miss Baby Louie, the nearly complete skeleton of a dino embryo !
Explore the great outdoors on our boardwalk trail! See all our native animals including otter, eagle, bobcat, fox, coastal birds and more!
Step into a natural world and enjoy your 3/4 of a mile walk among the animals!

Register NOW for Virtual VLM Adventures and/or Full day Camps (beginning in July) or Half Day Camps (PreK only).
Join us for a summer of fun and learning.
Let the Adventure Begin!
Do all animals have tails? What do they use them for? Let’s look at some of our live animals and put on animal tails to find answers. To book your virtual experience Call:  757-595-9135,
The  luna moth  undergoes complete metamorphosis
with four life stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
After mating, the female luna moth oviposits on leaves of the host plant
and may produce as many as 200 eggs in total.
now open in the lower level | World of Darkness Gallery!