February 12, 2021 | E-Newsletter
NEW Exhibit opens President's Day Weekend!
STARturday Night LIVE
Join us at 7:30pm live for 30 minutes to talk with Dr. Kelly Herbst about what’s going on in the evening sky and how you can identify stars and planets!

Date: Feb 13
Time: 7:30pm
Homeschool Program: Day and Night
How does the Earth get
its day and night cycle?
Join us as we explore this question
and discover how the Earth’s rotation affects what we see in our sky.

Date: Feb 16
Time: 10am and noon

Naturally Speaking Virtual Lecture
 Wildlife Biologist Ela Carpenter will talk about the history of urban wildlife research, why it’s important,
and share her research with
birds and bats in Baltimore.

 Date: Feb 18
Time: 6:30 Webinar
Dino on the Loose
Join our walking T. rex for a 15 minute parade on the Dinosaur Discovery Trail! Cost is included in Museum admission. Social distancing and face masks required outdoors.
Date: Feb 20
Time: 1:00pm-1:15pm
Homeschool Program: Flower Power 
Dissect a flower to get a closer look at the various parts while learning why pollination and plants are so
important to our ecosystem.

Date: Mar 3
Time: 10am and noon
Naturally Speaking Virtual Lecture
Researcher and Professor Dr. Jessica Labonte will talk about microbial communities and their inhabitation of hydrothermal systems.
Date: Mar 18
Time: 6:30pm Webinar