February 23, 2021 | E-Newsletter
Exploration ICE AGE Exhibit
Extinctions are not just historical events, they are also happening right now. This includes the loss of animals found in North America at the end of the Ice Age. See Collection's items and enjoy a virtual breakout room via a QR code.

Date: Open Daily through April 11
Included in Museum Admission
Run with us!
Join our Dino on the Run for the One City Marathon - Nautical Mile on the Museum's outdoor Trail before the Museum opens the first Friday of March! MUST register with Marathon, then secure your spot with us!

Date: March 5
Time: between 8am- 8:45pm
Homeschool Program: Flower Power 
Dissect a flower to get a
closer look at the various parts while learning why pollination and plants are so important to our ecosystem.

Date: Mar 3
Time: 10am, noon and 2pm
Naturally Speaking Webinar
Researcher and Professor
Dr. Jessica Labonte will talk about microbial communities and their inhabitation of hydrothermal systems. Registration required.
Date: Mar 18
Time: 6:30pm on Zoom
Homeschool Program: Reasons of the Seasons 
 How does the Earth get its seasonal cycle? The reasons behind our seasons can often be difficult to understand. Join us as we use the planetarium to shed light on this difficult topic.
Date: Mar 17
Time: 10am, noon and 2pm
Dino on the Loose
Join our walking T. rex for a 15 minute parade on the Dinosaur Discovery Trail! Cost is included in Museum admission. Social distancing and face masks required outdoors.
Date: Mar 27
Time: 1:00pm-1:15pm