Armed with the some of the best technology, fine instruction and VME mentors, our university teams are ready for their capstone challenges. Each team has been tasked to design a device that will change the life of someone or a group of people with disabilities. One-semester or one-year:
  • George Washington University - Bio-med project: Hospital Bed Controller innovation
  • Johns Hopkins University - ASME - slated for Joy's Bedside Computer Station & Accessible Closet (freshmen through senior team)
  • Loyola University - Sensory lacrosse ball for blind children
  • Morgan State University - Imani's Voice Activated Treadmill
  • UMD - Ice Hockey Signaling Device for two deaf brothers; Kobe's All-Terrain Walker; plus an E-Bike Kit for future e-bike designs
  • UMBC - Avaleigh's Therapeutic Swing; plus, a specialized "Cause & Effect" Learning Tray for a boy with cognitive challenges
  • USNA- Gilbert's Backyard Therapeutic Swing
Stay tuned for details in future newsletters.