As we enter the year 2021, many of us are eager to put 2020 behind us. During the past year the Veterans Medical Leadership Council (VMLC) was involved in COVID relief efforts for Navajo and Hopi veterans. Along with MDHelicopters from Mesa, AZ we provided 37 helicopter loads of chainsaws and PPE as well as 24 truckloads of 300 gallon water containers to assist the veterans in these affected communities.
For many veterans the coming year will be one of hardship. Many have lost their jobs due to cuts from the pandemic. Many will eventually be put in a position of losing the roof over their heads when some of the pandemic protections are erased. Many are feeling isolated, feeling anxiety, and depression which may be complicating their Post Traumatic Growth efforts. 
This is why the Veterans Medical Leadership Council (VMLC) is ardently raising funds to help with the tidal wave of challenges that will become evident as pandemic protections are complete. We will be there to help veterans with housing needs, transportation needs, and other financial hardships they may be facing as a result of the pandemic. 
The Veterans Medical Leadership Council (VMLC) is committed to connecting Maricopa County Military Veterans to medical, mental health, and general wellness resources and opportunities to ensure no true need is left unmet and exemplary honor is bestowed where it has been earned. 
Passionately committed to providing a critical financial safety net on an emergency basis for those Veterans and their families needing a hand up, not a hand-out, during their transition back to civilian society and throughout their post-service journey. This timely assistance ensures the necessities to our veterans.
The VMLC supports Veterans of any era who have a verified and bonified need and are supported through the VA’s social workers as well as other charitable entities who have a proven method to validate veteran status. Needs may include but are not limited to, shelter, emergency home or auto repair, utility bills, as well as treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Tom Eisiminger

VMLC welcomes new council members to fill
committees developed in order to provide support
for the veteran community. VMLC is adapting to
current issues and concerns by giving help and
The new members will bring to the table innovative
concepts for this help and encouragement which is
much needed in the veteran community.
Scott Ford

Scott Ford, a Hero celebrated during our November 2020 virtual Patriotic event. He served in the US Army
during the Global War on Terror with the Combined Joint Special Task Force-Afghanistan. Scott was awarded the Silver Star. He will be assisting the Post-Traumatic Growth/TBI committee.
Dr. Karen Gallagher

Karen L. Gallagher, PHD, Senior Researcher, Global
Sports Institute, ASU. She served in the US Army during Desert Storm as a paratrooper. She will play an important role for VMLC serving on four committees including the Post-Traumatic Growth/TBI committee.
Thomas Martin

Thomas J. Martin serves as COO, GlobalMed. He has a broad range of work experience, domestic and international. He served in the Army National Guard managing all aspects of maintenance on nine AH64D Apache helicopters. Mobilized in 2006 and deployed to Afghanistan during 2007-2008. He will be important to the Luncheon & membership committees.
Bill Lamar Ward

Bill Ward, Vietnam Veteran was a celebrated Hero during our Virtual Luncheon 2020. He participated in the 68 Tet Offensive in the Mekong Delta area. Bill has served as a community outreach liaison at the University of Arizona & Northern Arizona University partnership for Native American Research. He will help Identify Heroes for our upcoming Luncheons.

Plan to join us for an in-person experience, once again. Exceptional
Heroes who served our country, each with stories to tell, will be

A VISION.” Great words spoken by our luncheon Guest Speaker, you will
meet on November 10th. Corporal Matthew Bradford has an inspirational
message for all of us. He was injured in Iraq in 2007 when he stepped on
an IED. As a result he lost both of his legs and was blinded. Just wait
until you hear his exceptional story.

The VMLC Returning Warriors Program is the direct recipient of the
funds we receive by way of Sponsorships, Luncheon Donations and
Grants. It gives us the flexibility to give a hand up to those veterans
with immediate needs. This program is ongoing every day, every month
and each year. When the VA social worker determines that help is
needed and cannot be supported according to VA guidelines VMLC is
the next immediate help.

Tracy Robinson - Unsung Hero
She works behind the scenes as the conduit between the VA social worker and the recipient of VMLC help. She writes the checks! Tracy is a teacher’s aide at a charter school in Queen Creek. Even though she has not served in the military she has family that served on active duty and still serves Veterans in Arizona. Tracy has worked on the RW Project for about 12 years. She was raised to give back to her community in any way she could. This is her way of thanking our heroes for all they have done and given up for us.
When the VA social worker determines that help is needed and cannot be supported according the VA guidelines VMLC is the next immediate help. Tracy is the person to secure the proper information from the VA and works with the vendor to give our support by check. A lot of the requests are for rent and utilities.
Tracy has no single story to share but recalls the reasons why veterans need our help. So many Medical issues stemming from their service keeps them from being able to work, even though that is all they want to do. She says “It breaks my heart how hard things are for a lot of our veterans and that they get so little help from the community they vowed to protect.” Tracy

Elderly vet, victim of scam that depleted his bank account and ruined
his credit, VMLC helped with rent and utilities.

Vet with stage 4 cancer, paid rent and utilities, kept veteran from
becoming homeless, when he was going through chemo and CRX.

Grieving vet with loss of multiple family members within short
period of time had medical bills from wife’s care before she died.
Could not afford to have AC fixed. VMLC paid rent, utilities and
car payment allowing Veteran to fix air conditioner and pay off
wife’s medical bills.

From the Navajo project: Yesterday was the best day of this pandemic.
Oljato Veterans Organization got a water tote that can hold 300 gallons.
It was worth the wait. Thank You.