The testimonial below came from the Phoenix Veterans Administration Medical Center Social Works department. It highlights the challenges that veterans are currently facing in today’s housing market. We expect through no fault of their own, that veterans will continue to have these types of issues in the coming months. 
“Due to the hot housing market in Phoenix, a Veteran’s lease was not renewed, and he was given a 30-day notice to vacate. Veteran and his mother were able to locate an affordable apartment but had to make adjustments within their budget to accommodate moving expenses, transferring utilities, and paying first and last month’s rent. This caused the Veteran financial strain and negatively impacted his ability to pay his monthly phone bill and car note – both of which are needed for employment.
VMLC was able to provide financial assistance for the phone bill and car note. Looking at this situation, VMLC prevented the Veteran from becoming homeless (as Veteran moved his earned income toward unexpected housing expenses) and the possibility of losing his job, if his car had been repossessed. “
Veteran is very appreciative of VMLC!
Ciara Targonski, LCSW
CBOC PACT Social Work Supervisor
When the veteran finds themselves on the verge of being jobless, or homeless, the Veterans Medical Leadership Council (VMLC) helps them “bridge” the gap and prevents the veteran, and in this case also the veteran’s mother, from falling into a chasm.

Hope to see you at our upcoming Heroes Patriotic Luncheon on November 10, 2021. We are honoring six veterans from six different conflicts going back to WWII. We also have a very motivational Marine veteran who lost both legs and his eyesight in a roadside bombing, but hasn’t let it interfere with his life – he is living a life of resiliency!

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Joel Barthelemy, our three time Presenting Sponsor, is a family man, a patriot, a business man and a Marine. He travels the world and comes back to us in support of the Veterans Medical Leadership Council Returning Warrior Program giving a huge “hand up.”

Who is this remarkable man and how did he find the VMLC? Joel has become a perfect fit for the VMLC and a stellar partner with our continuing help for veterans in need.

Step into the world of Joel Bartlelemy with a few questions
How did you originally find out about VMLC?
Knowing that I had served as a Marine, a dear family friend invited my wife, Shannon, and me to attend the luncheon as her guest.
Was it a special invitation by someone who introduced
you to VMLC & the Returning Warrior Program?
Yes, that friend was Susie Wesley. After attending that first time, we knew we would want to be a participant in the future. Susie later invited us to become ambassadors for the event.
Ambassador to Presenting Sponsor---what inspired you
as an Ambassador to become Presenting Sponsor?
The VMLC is an organization that truly puts the money where their mouth is. Close to 100% of proceeds directly reach military veterans in life changing ways. It was natural to move from an ambassador to a presenting sponsor for the privilege of supporting those veterans who have served us all.
Our Heroes Patriotic Luncheon takes place on the
Anniversary of the U. S. Marine Corps. What do you
remember often about your service?
My father served in the Army, deployed in the Korean War and World War II. He instilled in me the desire to serve my country and to not to grow wondering what it would have been like to do so. What I remember often is how challenging it
was from the moment I stepped off the bus. The Marine Corps pushed me never to quit, to respect others, to succeed as a team, to find a way no matter what the situation, and to do so with honor and integrity.
Did your military service contribute to your vision
for a worldwide medical business?
Not initially, but at the age of 42 I knew I had to do something more important than just making a living in the high-tech world. I wanted to make a difference. I
wanted significance and impact rather than merely monetary success. When I saw families separated during the initial years after 9-11 the doors were opened for our
technology to connect service members with loved ones at home. This technology grew to provide connected healthcare for veterans serving in the US and around the world. Today, it is an honor for GlobalMed to provide our warfighters and veterans with the same opportunity for healthcare as that of the President of the United States and regardless of where that help may be.

Sponsors and Donors with the action of VMLC volunteers have helped many Veterans “See the Light at the End of the Tunnel.” Feel proud that in some way you can be part/or have been part of this worthy group.

Thank You.    
Never tell Corporal Matthew Bradford, US Marine Corps retired, he cannot do it! That sets in motion his in steel determination to do it! Our guest speaker for the 19th Annual Heroes Patriotic Luncheon on November 10th at the Arizona Biltmore will tell his story, which is not only inspiring but filled with a Patriots view of a life well lived.
Matthew at 20 years old joined the Marine Corps because of 9-11. Like so many young people of the time he realized that attacks to the United States threatened the lives of his family and friends.
Deployed to Iraq in September of 2006 his station was Haditha in the western area of the country. Bagdad is situated about 150 miles away. Haditha is on the Euphrates River and is a farming town, predominately Sunni Muslim Arabs. Not knowing that far away from his homeland a tragic event was in the offing for
the young Corporal Bradford.
Matthews ability to adapt to the personal tests and trials he learned as a Marine guided him through those tragic times. He said “much of what I learned as a Marine Corps Infantry-man helped me through rehab” then “adapt and overcome, lead by example---attitude is everything.”
Semper fi

The traditional medley of service songs is the first step in recognizing all branches of the military during the Patriotic Luncheon. The songs bind all who served through music which Patriots all know and love.
Honorees from each era of war and conflict are presented to all with personal stories regarding their service. This year we present six Heroes each with personal “in country” stories, each with their own interpretation of being there. They are:
US Marine Corps, WWII

US Navy, Korea

US Army, Vietnam

US Air Force, Desert Storm/Cold War

US Marine Corps Reserve, Operation Iraqi Freedom

US Navy/US Army, Operation Enduring Freedom
With gratitude
In 2002 the Council elected to present an Annual Luncheon and invited the community to join them in thanking all US military and veterans for their service.

Following several years of successful luncheon presentations the VMLC added a raffle as an enhancement for all attendees in the welcome area as they arrived before the luncheon. Thank you Rita Brock-Perini, for developing the package content that would entice all attendees, they included; vacation, sports,
patriotic and Americana packages/baskets.

All of the packages include a variety of items such as golf outings and recreational passes, tickets for air flights and some area events. The most sought after package is the quilt package. Quilters Anonymous has continued to donate a military quilt each year, with the exception of 2020 due to COVID, for the Americana package.

Given overall success of both the luncheon and raffle a new chairman, George Bliss assumed the duties of the luncheon and its committee in 2017, Rita Brock-Perini relinquished the raffle chairmanship to Thom Meaker in 2018.

The Cowgirls will direct you to the raffle on Luncheon day.
Check it out

Prior to receiving assistance, Veteran was ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ time and time again. Veteran was living month-to-month and could not get ahead. Veteran explained that this assistance has, “taken a huge weight off of my shoulders.

VMLC was a huge contribution to my Veteran’s ability to maintain his housing. In addition to experiencing hardship due to the 2020 pandemic, this Veteran also went through personal hardships that deterred him from being able to maintain his housing. Without the help of VMLC, this Veteran would not be able to still reside in his current apartment. With the help of this program, the Veteran is able to continue to meet his goals and excel.

Please join us Wednesday November 10th at 10:45am MST
For more information about this year's luncheon
Send check to:
VMLC Charities, 16930 E. Palisades Blvd., #103-A, Fountain Hill, AZ 85268