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I'm sure you are all aware of the update sent yesterday regarding the state-wide stay at home order.
The Third Updated Public Health Order 20-24 that was issued in conjunction with the Stay at Home order does not consider in-person showings and open houses to be a critical business/service. According to the Attorney General’s office, only real estate transactions that actually transfer real property ownership (Closings) are permissible and even they must comply with the Social Distancing Requirements set forth in the Health Order. Please also note that photographers are not considered essential service according to these orders.
In light of this update , the VMLS will temporarily disable the ability to schedule Open Houses in the MLS. We want to ensure the health and safety of our members and community and feel this step is prudent way to ensure the MLS's compliance with the updated stay-at-home order.
Rapattoni just released an update to allow Virtual Open Houses to be scheduled in the MLS and this function will not be impacted, below you will find the information on scheduling a Virtual Open House in the MLS.
The Open House Broadcast Email List will remain active for the promotion of Virtual Open Houses only.
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For more information regarding the CAR update, please click the button below or view the video from CAR attorney Scott Peterson
New Virtual Open House &
Broker Tour Options Now Available
MLS users can now enter, search, and view Virtual Open Houses for listings in the Rapattoni MLS! See below for some highlights of the new options available with this update.
  • New “Type” & Link Fields – A new Type field has been added to searches, search results, and “Enter/Revise Dates” pages for both Open Houses and Broker Tours, making it quick and easy for users to set up and search for Virtual showing options in the Desktop MLS and Edge Mobile MLS. When the Virtual option is selected, the system will provide new Link Text and Link URL fields for users to add the URL link for their live events and customize the link text that displays on their listings.

Please note that if your association has deactivated “In Person” Open Houses and Broker Tours for your MLS, you will only see the Virtual Type option.

  • Supported Platforms – The new Virtual Open House and Broker Tours options are supported on all popular URL-based platforms, including Facebook Live, Zoom, and GoToMeeting.
  • Updated Public, IDX, and Client Portal Interfaces – The Public, IDX, and Client Portal search results have been updated with the new Type and Link Text/URL fields, allowing public users and clients to view results for listings with Virtual Open House information and attend Virtual Open House live events.

  • New Report Options – The Type and Link Text/URL fields with corresponding data are available for inclusion in Standard Reports and new reports created in the Custom Report Writer.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with updating your Custom Report Writer reports to use the new Open House fields, please contact the Help Desk at 866-730-7114.
Watch the CAR COVID-19 Virtual Panel that was on April 6, 2020 if you weren't able to attend or wish to re-watch it.

Scott Peterson, Damian Cox, and Elizabeth Peetz provide an update on the COVID-19 virus and its implications on real estate transactions, the Colorado legislative session, federal initiatives to support REALTORS®, and the wide variety of risk management considerations that every REALTOR® needs to consider.
The VBR team is committed to our members. The VBR offices are temporarily closed and staff is working remotely. Please contact us for assistance in the below email links or calling us.  Thank you!

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