We hear it all the time; "I sure wish you guys were closer to me!" While we do custom tuning for cars all over the world and we sell and ship thousands of parts internationally every year, for some folks there's simply nothing like having us calibrate and mod their cars in person.  Well, with our 2017 schedule you may be in luck.  

The NMRA/NMCA All Star Nats in Commerce, GA is just a little over a week away, so NOW is the time to call us and book your mods and tuning on our Dynojet Mobile Dyno.  Call is now so we can bring your parts and schedule your work.  Just think, free shipping...event pricing...and Team VMP doing the work while you watch!  (321) 206-9369 is our number and we're waiting for your call today!  

Here's a look at where we'll be in the next few weeks.  We'll see you on the road! 
March 29-April 1
Ponies in the Smokies  Sevierville, TN.  Meet Justin and Rebecca Starkey and see Track Attack, our award winning 2017 SEMA Custom Mustang GT

April 6-9  
NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals in Commerce, GA
VMP Performance mobile dyno.  The VMP Mobile Mod Shop is ready to rock.  Call (321) 206-9369 to set up your appointment for custom tuning and on the spot mods.  

April 7-9
Street Car Takeover Orlando SpeedWorld
Rebecca Starkey Racing's VMP Powered 8 second Coyote and Christine's Resurrection, our 2007 GT500 with a fresh build and over 900 flywheel hp! 

May 4-7
11th Annual Shelbyfest in Jefferson City, MO
Call VMP now to schedule mods, dyno tuning and more.  (321) 206-9369.  Track Attack will be there ripping up the autocross!  
VMP Garage
    "Ask your tuner"
Sound familiar?  If you're trying to make a plan to mod your car, resources like Facebook and forums are fun to read and everyone has an opinion, but here's the truth:  Ask your tuner BEFORE you buy anything.  There's nothing worse than thinking you picked up a great deal only to find that it's the last thing you need to make your power plans come true. This is the case whether it's us tuning your car or someone else is doing it. 

We're available every day on the website at  VMP Performance and our Customer Service area.  Log on and ask us to help you plan your mods.  We'll tell you what works, what doesn't and how to best bring your plans to life.  Sometimes we're not the best answer and we'll be honest with you about that.  But when we see everything from used blowers to throttle bodies to Acme fuel injectors, trust us when we tell you that you're wasting time and money in many cases.  

So, before you fall victim to the "I was reading on the forums" trap, call us.  Or contact us on the Customer Service tab on the website.  We'll save you a lot of headaches, money and we'll appreciate the fact that you've done your homework.  It's worth the call. You'll probably find a wealth of knowledge, parts that actually work toward your goals and minimize the hassles of more datalogging that should be necessary. We're here for you. (321) 206-9369. 


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