February 11, 2022
President’s Message
All the Right Ingredients

When I audition a new cooking recipe, I measure each ingredient precisely to ensure that the result of my preparations will be a delicious dish. And there are times when I can just make something up in an improvisatory fashion because I know the basics of the food materials I’m working with and how the
constituent parts react to each other.

I use a similar approach when I am working on a piece of music. When I practice my instrument, l listen
for specific elements – or “ingredients” – in my sound.
I strive to create a sound that balances my
instrument’s essential elements – the pitch, the dynamic, the timbre, the duration – but also has the
flexibility to enhance some elements more than others.

I also use this concept in my teaching. I want to
make sure each student is learning the appropriate skills at each level and is then incorporating those
“ingredients” into their performance. One of the most productive ways I know to support my creative process is to be exposed to other musicians and teachers. With today’s accessibility of virtual conferences, these opportunities are plentiful.

One in particular I’m looking forward to is the MTNA virtual conference, scheduled for March 26-30.
Attending it will be a great opportunity for all of us to enhance our teaching and learn new ideas and

Perhaps we’ll even find a new ingredient or two to add to our own books of recipes.

-Laurel Ann Maurer
VMTA Calendar

BBVMTA Recital
February 13
St. Paul's Cathedral

Spring Festival
March 26, 2022
Trinity Baptist Church

MTNA Conference
March 26-30, 2022

Fall Ensemble Festival

2nd Annual Ensemble Festival was a Huge Success!
The 2nd Annual Ensemble Festival was held on November 14th at the Richmond Library. It was a huge success and a fun event as fifteen students performed from four studios of teachers. Dads and daughters, moms and daughters, grandmothers and grandsons, brothers, brothers and sisters, performers and friends were all part of the Festival.  Piano and flute music ruled the day to the delight of the overflowing crowd. 

Participating teachers were Patty Bergeron, Laurel Maurer, Marie Johnson and Ed Darling.

On this crisp autumn day, there were actually two recitals at the Richmond Library on November 14. Preceding the VMTA Ensemble Festival, the BBVMTA presented the Fall Student Recital.  

It was the first time during COVID times that both recitals were held in person.  Very heartwarming.
Please plan to participate in 2022.
Marie Johnson

Mall Playathon

The VMTA held its 7th
Play-a-thon the weekend of January 28-30, 2022 at the
University Mall in South Burlington. Ninety-three students participated this year. Piano solos, duets and trios were performed. A few students were joined by their family members on violin and flute. A couple of students played duets with their mom or dad. It was wonderful to see how we have come together and collaborate to make music together. A good time was had by all!

The Play-a-thon began in 2011 and then again in 2012 and has been held
biannually since then. Each year an organization that helps children has been selected to receive donations collected from the event. Past recipients have been: Kamp-ta-kum-ta, The Ronald McDonald House and the Children’s Oncology Unit at the Medical Center of Vermont. This year $3250 was collected and will be given once again to the Children’s Oncology Unit. It is wonderful that the children participating in this event are able to
give to other children.

A special thank you to Justin Rose and the Piano Gallery of Ferrisburgh for providing the piano used at the event. Another thank you to Josh Merryfield of Northern Piano Movers for getting the instrument to the mall.

Teachers involved in this event were: Patty Bergeron, Marie Johnson, Laurel
Maurer, Emily Mott, Lilly Ramsey, Jina Smith and Lynn Smith. Thank you to Sarah Williams for her help with the donation table on Friday and Saturday.
A huge thank you to Lynn Smith that has organized this event since 2012. We are grateful for her work in putting this event together!

VMTA Board Members
Laurel Maurer

Immediate Past President:
Marie Johnson


Samantha Angstman

Sarah Williams
Conference Chair:
Patty Bergeron (interim)

Non-Competitive Auditions:
Lilly C. Ramsey

Competitive Auditions:
Linda Buermeyer

Jina Smith

Patricia Cleary Bergeron

Web Publicist:
Sarah Williams &
Patty Bergeron

Composer Commissioning:
Michael Sitton

Spring Festival

If you wish to enter students, please email Lilly Ramsey here.
All entries and fees must be submitted by February 18th.
Here is a link to all the details.

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Volunteers are needed to serve on the VMTA board! We currently need to fill the following positions:

President-Elect, Conference Chair, and Certification chair.

Come and join our wonderful group of board members and see how your organization works!
Membership Information

Did you know?
There is a "Find a Teacher" feature on the website to which teachers are welcome to have their name added if you have openings. Please email Sarah Williams if you wish to have your name listed there. sarah5432@gmail.com
Membership changes have been made to the website. Please double check to be sure your listing is to your liking. The VMTA website can be reached at
vermontmta.net . If you would like changes please email them to Patty Bergeron ( pcberg86@gmail.com ).
If you have not renewed your membership please do so now.
If you need help renewing or if you need the password for the members only section, please email Patty.
(Burlington Branch of the Vermont Music Teacher's Association)

On November 14, the Burlington Branch held its first in-person recital in over a year. Twelve students from 5 studios gave a typical BB recital: the ages of the students and their development in playing showed how piano study starts and advances; and the range of composers treated us to the miraculous ways that sound has been used to make music throughout history. (Shortly after the recital you were sent the program.)
For students it was training in playing for people. For families it was a testimony of accomplishment. For us teachers it was a chance to hear pieces both familiar and new. For students, families, and teachers it was a demonstration that the joy of learning to make music is possible. For everyone it was a confirmation that live music fulfills a need deep withiln us, and that piano teachers play a special role in fulfilling that need.
The “laws of covid” were carefully observed, and the students came from the studios of Patty Bergeron, Claire Black, Linda Buermeyer, Ed Darling, and Marie Johnson.
Our next recital will be Sunday, February13th.
Job Opportunity!

Middlebury Community Music Center is hiring!
If you are a skilled music specialist/teaching artist, and/or a coordinator with a background in working with after school programs, check out our job description and apply today!

Member News
Claire Black...

I am thrilled to announce that I will perform works by Clara and Robert Schumann on a series of April recitals in the Burlington area. This program will be the first solo one that I've presented since 2015. The story of the Schumanns is one of mutual devotion and passion--for music, and for each other through music. I hope to convey their beautiful story through this repertoire, much of which is rarely performed.

*Saturday 4/2, 7:30 pm Maybe your place?
Do you have a functional acoustic grand piano that's tuned regularly? How about a house concert for you and a small group of vaccinated and boosted friends? It would be my gift to you. Contact me at pianistclaireblack@gmail.com if you're interested.

Sunday 4/3, 3:00 pm • Richmond Free Library

Friday 4/8, 7:30 pm • Charlotte Congregational Church

Saturday 4/9, 7:30 • First Baptist Church, Burlington

**Sunday 4/10, 3:00 • Livestream via Facebook and YouTube
Facebook link: 
YouTube link:  https://youtu.be/lZdiWGBrqIM

Vaccination and masking are required for in-person concerts. Vaccine cards will be checked at the door.
Donations are greatly appreciated.
Suggested amounts:
Adults $20 / Children $5
Elaine Greenfield...
reports a busy second semester! Students and lessons have increased, both in-person and virtually. Elaine is slated to adjudicate for an on-line piano festival held at a California location in April. Plus, the recording, Ravel Compared, is to be released by Parma Recordings April 1st. Release concerts are being planned for summer and next fall, the first to occur early summer for St. Paul’s Cathedral Arts. Hopefully, the pandemic will allow for an in-person audience. Greenfield Piano Associates continues to meet monthly over Zoom, classes and workshops feature recorded performances by members. It is a time of constant adaptation for all of us! Perhaps in the coming year we can get back to enjoying each other’s company, in groups, in-person! Greetings to all!

Paul Orgel...
Laura Zhou-Hackett was one of four students featured on the Young Musician’s Showcase at St. Paul’s Cathedral. She performed the Prelude from Debussy’s “Suite Bergamasque”. 

I will be performing a solo recital at Burlington’s Temple Ohavi Zedek, Saturday, Feb. 26th at 7:30 PM.
This is the inaugural performance on a new Steinway piano, and will happen both in-person (masks and proof of vaccination required), and as a livestream. 
The program features music of Mozart: Fantasia in C Minor, K. 396, Sonata in F, K. 332, and Schubert: Sonata in C, D. 840, “Unfinished”, and No. 3 from “3 Piano Pieces”, D. 946 
Admission is free. Contact Andie Lowe: 802-338-2381; office@ohavizedek.org

Meeting ID: 873 8367 2764

Please Note:
There is a button on our website to donate! Spread the word to local businesses or individuals who may wish to support our organization.

VMTA Website: vermontmta.net

Allan H. Day, R.P.T. Piano Service
8 Lincoln Road
Williston, VT 05495
(802) 879-4338

Geoghegan Company
Michael Geoghegan, owner
396 Howes Rd.
Moretown, VT 05660

Rose Kinnick Piano Service
Roselyn Kinnick, RPT