Here's what's happening around the observatory these days!
Vatican Observatory Seminar
Forum Hall in Palmer Commons
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Saturday, October 14th - 9 AM to NOON
No registration necessary. Seating may be limited in the main hall but a nearby area with simulcast will be available.
David Levy
Audra Baleisis
Dan Davis
Richard D'Souza, S.J.
Cassini shouts HELP as it plunges into Saturn - A drawing produced by a young child at Deirdre's Spectacular Cassini workshop.
Read the article by Deirdre Kelleghan on The Catholic Astronomer blog.

Read about the emotions of the people who brought Cassini to life and followed "her" until the last moments, including long time VOF friend, Jonathan Lunine.

Another Cassini "Heartfelt Goodbye" on the blog - this time by Bob Trembley.
Good News from Puerto Rico where Br. Guy spoke just a few months ago. We are so pleased to know that our colleague, Luisa Zambrano-Marin of the Arecibo Observatory, is well. Dr. Zambrano-Marin worked with Richard Boyle, S.J. of the Vatican Observatory and is the Program Coordinator for the Space Academy and a data analyst for the Planetary Radar Group both at Arecibo.
The new VOF Assistant to the President, Justin Whittington, S.J., is pictured with Alan Fogarty, S.J., President of the Gregorian University Foundation at the welcome reception given for that foundation at the Nunciature in Washington DC after moving their offices there from New York City.
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Our prayers are with all the people impacted recently by hurricanes and earthquakes, including these wonderful people I visited with recently in Puerto Rico.
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